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Defending Breezepelt and Crowfeather by Fernmist

Art by meow286

Fernmist defends Breezepelt and Crowfeather

Why do people hate this father and son so much? That’s what I’d like to know. I’m Fernmist, and today I will be defending Crowfeather and Breezepelt.


I don’t see why people dislike Crowfeather. Well, let me rephrase: I understand most of it, part of it being he was a horrible father. I do not deny this, because yeah, he was. But it was not his fault! He lost his first love, Feathertail, at a very young age (it was anything BUT a ‘cute first crush’). Then, he fell in love with Leafpool, the young ThunderClan medicine cat. He was mad at himself for falling in love so quickly, and he literally says that he hates himself for loving her. (Or something like that, I’m too lazy to do quotes anymore lol.) So then, he runs away with her. But then they run into Midnight, the badger who speaks cat, and she tells them that her kin are going to attack the Clans. Leafpool decides to go back to her Clan, but she is already expecting Crowfeather’s kits. After Cinderpelt dies, Crowfeather goes back to WindClan and asks Nightcloud to be his mate. Then, Nightcloud gives birth to Breezepelt and his two littermates, who we know nothing of, not their genders, or their names. In Crowfeather’s Trial, it is revealed that Crowfeather tried to play with his son when he was a kit, and was either “too rough with him or he was too strict”. He also wants to love Nightcloud and Breezepelt, but he feels awkward and sad around them. After the battle with the stoats, Breezepelt and Crowfeather forgive each other, and so does Nightcloud with Crowfeather. Now, that doesn’t mean there’s absolutely no more tension between Breezepelt and Crowfeather, of course. I mean, there’s definitely less, but there’s still some. So that basically sums up his life for us.
All his losses are why Crowfeather is so prickly. This also explains why he is so defensive. He’s afraid of loving, because he’s afraid of getting hurt or hurting others. Even if he has a funny way of showing it, he really does care about his son (but probably not Nightcloud). And, yes, while he made some awful decisions by taking Nightcloud as a mate, he made some good decisions, too. In general, he is an easily flustered, good-at-heart, strong, loyal warrior.
Crowfeather is prickly for a few reasons. He’s a naturally shy and sensitive cat, and loses so many loved ones: first his father (Deadfoot, somehow this doesn’t surprise me), at some point his littermates (Downkit and Hillkit), his mentor (Mudclaw), Feathertail, Leafpool, his mother (Ashfoot), and then he messes things up with Nightcloud and Breezepelt. So many things go wrong for poor, poor Crowfeather. And it’s just not fair that he’s one of the most hated cats in Warriors! (He at least makes the top twenty.) I know that I’ll probably get yelled at for calling him sensitive and shy, but it literally says in the Ultimate Guide on his page that he is “shy, sensitive, awkward Crowpaw” and then it goes on about his love for Feathertail or something. Another thing on his page in the UG: He is depicted in a TREE. A WINDclan cat in a TREE. *Inhales* That’s all I have to say about Crowfeather.

So, are we here at Breezepelt already? Splendid. First of all, HE NEEDS A SUPER EDITION!!!!! But, before we get into that, we have to examine him. He did awful, horrible, almost-unforgivable things. Here are a few.
A) He trained in the Dark Forest and fought beside them in the Great Battle.
B) He tried to kill first Leafpool, and then Lionblaze.
C) He tries to kill defenseless Jayfeather (which is worse, because he can’t even see!).
But this is an article to defend Breezepelt, so I’m going to try and work around these things (I would try and justify these things, but, you can’t really… do that :/ ).
Here are a few reasons why he is a good personcat.
A) After OotS, he cares deeply for his Clan.
B) He gave WindClan four loyal warriors (Brindlewing, Appleshine, Woodsong, Smokehaze)
C) He is a colorful character and has a rich personality.
Now, I know you might say that the cons outweigh the pros. But, deep down, Breezepelt is exactly like his father, but for different reasons. After all, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree (call me old if you must). He is aloof, shy, and protective. This results from having an abusive mother and a neglectful father. Many people say that Nightcloud cared deeply for her son, Breezepelt, but is this really true? My theory is that she had a hard time forgiving Crowfeather for what he did, and only loved Breezepelt to spite him. The reason Nightcloud is abusive is that she fed and nurtured her son’s hate for his father. Nightcloud was using her son as a guilt weapon for her own purposes and revenge against Crowfeather! From my experiences, people say so many things about Nightcloud loving her son more than anything, but she doesn’t. She doesn’t really care for him at all. That said, Breezepelt is a fairly likeable personcat. He is also pretty much a standard warrior now, which makes me kinda mad. I mean, I’m glad he’s happy, but really. HE NEEDS A SUPER EDITION FOR SO MANY REASONS!!!! Here are a few:
Even in OotS, he’s still kind of unimportant (key words: kind of). He needs more insight and development (many may argue with this). I want an inside look at how he views his family and what his kithood was like.
So, there’s why he needs a SE. Maybe if he did get one, people wouldn’t hate him as much. That’s why I’m bringing this issue up. People dislike him because they haven’t yet seen the real Breezepelt.

Well, that concludes the article. Let me know if I changed your minds about Crowfeather and Breezepelt (I know I did a bad-ish job on Crowfeather’s section, sorry).
Fernmist out!

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    • It’s not really being a hypocrite, more so the Erins decided to give Breezepelt a completely new personality in Crowfeather’s Trial..

      I prefer Breezepelt as an antagonist, but of course his whole character went and got retconned.

    • Ya I don’t like Breezepelt either. He was cruel and terrible in OotS, and I personally don’t like his redemption at all in Crowfeather’s Trial, I feel like in one chapter he’s disrespectful, rude and annoying, and then in the next chapter of the SE, he’s suddenly a good kid. I just really don’t like Breezepelt or his character development haha… But I do like Crowfeather! I feel like the only reason Crow was bitter and everything was because he lost many loved ones. And he only treated Leafpool not that well after the secret of her kits came out because he missed her and felt bitter that they couldn’t have had a life together or raised those kits together. Plus, Crow said he didn’t regret anything to Leaf, meaning that he didn’t regret falling in love with her (proof on the warriors fandom!). Plus he still loves Leaf, *SPOILERS!* according to ALitM and looks like he’ll choose her in StarClan!! Yes!!! (my dream come true)
      (did I just write about LeafXCrow in this comment?)
      (my thoughts: yes Moonseeker, you did 😛 )
      Lol anyways, nice article Fernmist! I agree about Crowfeather, but not Breezepelt haha… just my opinion though 😀

  • I never exactly “hated” Crowfeather and Breezepelt, but what you said made sense! A SE for Breezepelt would be interesting too! Fantastic article!

  • I agree with you about Crowfeather, but not about Breezepelt. Those actions could never be forgiven by some, but the reason I like Breezepelt is because he at least tried to make up for them. And Nightcloud was a good mother, just overprotective in the first moons. It’s stated multiple times in Crowfeather’s Trial that Breezepelt would never hurt his mother and that they had a stronger connection than any others did. And while Breezepelt can be a hypocrite sometimes, I like him too. Great article!

  • Great article! I agree; Crowfeather doesn’t deserve the hate he gets and Breezepelt doesn’t either after he gets redeemed. You explained everything so well, awesome job! <3
    I personally like Breezepelt because deep down he's actually pretty kind ans thoughtful, like comforting Swallowkit when she's scared, and helping out Daisy, Alderheart, Smoky and the kits. I also find it interesting how he's afraid of the dark when he makes himself out so tough and strong and scary.
    Also, he was so amazing in A Light in the Mist, instantly offering to take his father's place to go to the Dark Forest, and crying when he's leaving- yet he doesn't look away when others are watching him. And I love his interaction with Tree in that book too.
    And Crowfeather might be prickly and mean on the outside but he's really kind and smart on the inside. I especially love him after Crowfeather's Trial!
    Awesome article once again! I'm looking forward to reading more from you! ^^

  • Breezepelt does get too much hate. His actions are a bit out of control but he doesn’t deserve that much hate he gets. Unfortunately, I can’t say a lot about him, because I didn’t read Crowfeather’s Trial but I’ll make sure one day I’ll read it! Great article and defending move, tho!

  • I totally agree with everything about Crowfeather! I seriously don’t get why everyone hates him so much??? He actually probably makes my top ten favorite list. He’s got such a complex personality and he’s just been through so much! I disagree with Breezepelt though… he’s just a nasty cat. I truly dislike him. I think you did a wonderful job on the article though 🙂

  • rlly nice article! everything is written well 😀 i personally dont like breezepelts “redemption arc” imo itd be more fun if he was evil until the end, but i like breezepelt a lot
    also crowfeather is one of my favorite catssssssss

  • Great article! I never thought people would hate Crowfeather and Breezepelt so much.. They’re my favourite characters! And I totally agree with a SE for Breezepelt (although I thought Breezepelt was pretty much covered in Crowfeather’s trial..)!

  • I like Crowfeather and love Breezepelt, because I think he is a good cat who made some bad mistakes.

  • Cool article, it was really strong, but even if night cloud at first used breeze as a weapon against crow, then she shouldve cared less when her conflict with crow was resolved

  • Why did he try to kill lion? Jealousy? Desperation? That’s a lame excuse the authors made-noghtcloud was there Did breeze a lot so he doesn’t really hang an excuse. and I loved how she was so kind to lionpaw and breezepaw both when they almost died in a warriors cat “festival” firestar held to celebrate Then being at the lake

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