My Favorite Warrior Cats by Mistystream

Art by climbdraws (tumblr: climbdraws)

Mistystream lists 4 of their favourite characters – what do you think?

1. Cinderpelt

When Cinderpelt starts out she is always so enthusiastic and energetic, trying to be the best warrior that any clan will ever know. At first she is just another apprentice trying to prove she can do everything. This seems to be very common in young kits. But she stands out from the others, with her hard headed nature, and being a cat that acts before she thinks. She won’t let anyone stop her. This leads to an accident where she is injured. She is then sad that she will never become a warrior. It is at that point that she starts thinking through her decisions. She becomes Yellowfang’s apprentice. The reason she is my favorite character is because of her character development(her personality too!”, and I also like her relationship with Fireheart. She fell in love with Fireheart, but when she saw that he and Sandstorm were sweet on each other, she let go of the idea of her and Fireheart being together. She became a medicine cat. And I really like the fact that she loved Fireheart so much she was willing to let him be with Sandstorm, because she knew he loved her and was happy with her.

2. Sandstorm
Okay I’ll admit she was a jerk at first. But after she was saved by Fireheart she got over her prejudice against kittypets, and then fell in love with him. But besides that, I love how sassy she is, and she always stands up for herself, and she’s not taking crap from anyone, even Fireheart.

3. Yellowfang
I love how grumpy she is, and I don’t know why I like her so much, but I do. I don’t need a reason for everything.

4. Fireheart
Yes, I hated when he kept butting his nose into Silverstream’s and Graystripe’s relationship, but his heart was in the right place. I like that he always thinks of what’s best for everyone. He is limited to what others think, but tried to follow the warrior code, and r3ally only breaks it when helping others. Yes he makes some bad mistakes(and not always learns from them), but I love that he puts others before himself.

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