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Why I like The Prophecies Begin Series the most by Thunder’s Roar

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Thunder’s Roar explains why TPB is their favourite series!

Hey, I’m Thunder’s Roar/Thunderheart. Welcome to my first ever blog! Please don’t be offended in any way if I screw this up or if you disagree with me, but feel free to tell me what you think in the comments. That’s enough of me talking and let’s get into why I like “The Prophecies Begin” series the most.

First of all, I just want to say I love all the other series out there like “The Power of Three” & “Omen of the Stars”. But unlike “The Prophecies Begin” series, they all have 2 or 3 main characters, and the stories themselves are good but they aren’t as focused as “The Prophecies Begin” series because they have so many characters to cover. In a lot of films as well as books many of the powerful material have less characters to cover on, which can lead to full focus on our one character. Our focus on our one character wraps us into the adventure and we can feel what the character feels. We would be better connected if we had one character to connect to with more material that helps us really see into our character’s problems. I can proudly say I had this connection with Firestar throughout “The Prophecies Begins”. If I can remember correctly, (it’s been so long since I read it), it focus on our one character; Firestar. I felt his loss and his heartbreak throughout the story and I can say that he is one of my favorite characters in the Warriors books. Readers love to see characters overcome obstacles and achieve the unthinkable. Some of you guys may have read “Harry Potter” as well, and I think this is one of the books that have the same structure and plan for the series. Like “The Prophecies Begins”, “Harry Potter” has one focused main character and some sides; Harry would be the main, and Hermione and Ron would be the sides because we don’t go into their perspectives very often. I’m getting off topic here but what I meant to say is that some of the greatest books of all time use this strategy to hook readers into the story and allow the readers to get a connection with characters. “The Prophecies Begin” is one of these types of series. Again, all of the other series are really good too, but I’m the type of person that what’s to feel the connection with the characters, I want to feel what they feel. This is what I love about “The Prophecies Begin”, it’s just so deep. You have real emotions in this series, especially when Bluestar dies at the beginning of the darkest hour.

This was everything I wanted to put out there in this article, please leave a comment down below on how I did, or if you have an suggestions on what I should change about my future articles or what I should have in one of my future articles. If I decide to pick from one of the comments below for an idea on what to do next, I’ll include a shoutout and their name in my article. Feel free to also ask me questions, I just might include them in my next article ;). Thanks for listening! – Thunder’s Roar/Thunderheart (He/Him) 😀

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