My Top Favorite Clan And WHY by Dawnkit

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Dawnkit argues that RiverClan is the best Clan!

I love RiverClan.

Why? Here are some reasons:

1. Their leaders

My favorite leader is Leopardstar. Yes, she added in Tigerstar, yes, she agreed to kill Stonefur, yes, she destroyed RiverClan.
Yes, she regretted her mistake.
After Tigerstar was killed, she entered the ThunderClan camp and asked Featherpaw, Stormpaw, and Mistyfoot to rejoin RiverClan. She even offered to make Mistyfoot her deputy, even though Leopardstar killed her brother and practically drove her out. She gave Featherpaw and Stormpaw warrior names, which were Feathertail and Stormfur.
She let in a rogue cat named Sasha and her two kits, and tried to give Sasha a warrior name but Sasha refused, but she gave Sasha’s kits, Hawk and Moth, apprentice names, and then gave Hawkpaw a warrior name, Hawkfrost, and Mothpaw got a medicine cat name instead, Mothwing.

The fact that she let Feathertail, Stormfur, and Mistyfoot back into RiverClan proves she changed her mind about getting rid of the half-clan cats.
She also let Sasha and her kits into RiverClan, which means she changed enough to let rogues into her camp.
She didn’t even banish Hawkfrost and Mothwing when she found out Tigerstar was their father.

This proves Leopardstar was a nice cat deep inside, but sometimes she just let her ambition get the best of her.

2. Their activities

Well, I just love swimming.

In the summer of 2021, my parents installed a pool in our backyard- an in-ground pool, unlike the above-ground pool we had for the previous years.
Almost every day, I swam in it(which is bad please don’t do that) and I really enjoyed it. I never wanted to leave(which is also very bad don’t do that either) because I really liked it.

3. Their food

Fish isn’t my favorite, but if I had to chose between rabbits from the moor or fish from the river, I would pick the river food.
If you were stranded in the woods for a week and all you had was a fishing line, bait, and a fish-packed river, would you find rabbits? The fish would leave the stream, wouldn’t they? Maybe, but let’s say you had a full ocean of fish. What would you try to catch? Fish!

Fish is more common than rabbits on an ocean island. Sure, there might be a lot of mice, but how would you catch them? If you did have a trap, where is your bait on a stranded island in the middle of nowhere?
You could make a fishing line by taking a long stick and using string that might wash up on shore, and you could dig up worms and use that as bait.

So RiverClan has easy food.

These are the reasons RiverClan is my favorite. Which clan is your favorite?

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