Spottedleaf vs Sandstorm: Who is better? by Mistystream

Mistystream compares Spottedleaf and Sandstorm

Okay, before the comparison, we will take a look at their stories. Before I go on, this is only the first series, and I will not be writing about anything after ‘The Prophecies Begin’ series

Sandstorm: Sandstorm starts off as Sandpaw. Like every other apprentice, Sandstorm wants to prove she can be a warrior. But when Fireheart joins, she and her brother hate him for being a kitty pet. Sandstorm bullies Fireheart throughout the first few books, and her hatred intensifies whenever Fireheart and Graystripe become warriors. Sandstorm had been an apprentice for much longer than Vireheart, and is extremely jealous and angry whoever he becomes a warrior and she doesn’t. But she starts to like him after he saves her from falling off a cliff during a skirmish with RiverClan. She eventually becomes friends with him, and after a while she starts falling in love with him. But she is furious with Fireheart whenever he becomes deputy and refuses to give her an apprentice in an attempt to protect her. After a while Fireheart apologizes and their relationship is mended. In the end of the series they are extremely close, which leads to them becoming mates.

Spottedleaf: Spottedleaf is a medicine cat of ThunderClan. Medicine cats are forbidden from mating. Before Fireheart and Spottedleaf get to know each other well, Spottedleaf is murdered. But Spottedleaf starts visiting Fireheart in his dreams, and they fall in love. Whenever Fireheart becomes Firestar, Spottedleaf grants him a life of love.

Who is better (in my opinion)?
Sandstorm just has so much more character growth, and she has more personality. She is sassy and stands up for herself, even with Fireheart. Spottedleaf is a bitnunlikeabke in my opinion. She can’t let Fireheart go, and continuously visits him in his dreams. She is quite bland, and I personally do not like SpottedleafxFireheart. Sandstorm has a lot more flaws than Spottedleaf, and I feel like that is what makes her much more relatable. Sandstorm has a personality a bit similar to mine so I really relate to her. But that is just me. So when it comes down to Sandstorm vs Spottedleaf, Sandstorm is a fiery young she cat that has character development, but Spottedleaf is a cat that can’t let go of Fireheart, and has little to no character development. She is very bland and a bit to perfect(I know she has flaws but she is still kinda flawless).

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  • (LOL I like just made an article bout this-) So sure, Sandstorm has more character development. But you kinda just shared 2 or 3 things about her. Sure she’s forbidden from mating, but so was Leafpool. Spottedleaf loved Fireheart, and just like Cinderpelt, she was able to hide it. And honestly, Spottedleaf was alive for 1 book in the main series, plus she was a young warrior. She didn’t have much charecter growth because she never had time to. And Spottedleaf can, and DID let go of Firestar. This is what she said during Fireheart’s leader ceremony: “With this life I give you love. Use it well, for all cats in your care – and especially for Sandstorm.” This and Spottedleaf’s Honest Answer (Warriors short story By: Victoria Holmes) Both go to show that Spottedleaf approves of Firestar and Sandstorm’s relationship. Spottedleaf only visits Firestars dreams when she’s giving him a prophecy or omen. So really, Sandstorm held on hard to. Very hard. So really, Spottedleaf’s smarter, less protective, kind, and prettier then Sandstorm. (In my opinion)

    • Every time Firestar sees spottedleaf he comments on her beauty and good smell, and sometimes thats she kind. It wasn’t the best relationship, and so what if she doesn’t have development? ANother reason why Sandstorm is better. ALso there really isn’t anything to develop Spottedleaf on, she basically a pretty, good smelling cat. Sandtsorm has so much personality and her and Firestar are actually shown as friends before they want to become mates, they have a developed relationship.

  • Interesting article!
    In terms of who’s the better mate for Firestar, I’d go with Sandstorm! I personally like their relationship better. In terms of who’s the better cat, I could never decide! They’re both awesome in their own special ways <3

  • * clears throat * Right, so as a mate for Firestar, definitely Sandstorm. I think that one of the reasons that Spottedleaf has no character growth is that she has so little time to grow. I think her character serves many purposes in the first ever warriors book, one of them being helping the readers learn about firestar.(paw? heart? idk) First, she helps his character growth deeply by showing how he loves, and how he grieves. Another way she helps start the story is by setting the foundation of forbidden romances in the Clans. Anyway, just my opinion, and I personally just like Spottedleaf a little bit more! Close call though! And Great article!

  • I agree! Sandstorm has so much character and even though the enemies to lovers trope that Sandstorm and Firestar have is kind of cliche, it is much more interesting than SpottedFire. Spottedleaf was much older than Firepaw and the fact that they loved each other is kind of weird tbh. Especially when Spottedleaf kept visiting him not only after she died but also after he had a mate and kits

  • “she and her brother hate him for being a kittypet.” I thought Dustpelt is just her best friend and not her brother..

  • Ivyfern 🌿🌿 is in a relationship with Fallen Leafves.. Has 4 kits!!!! 🍂🍃 (I named them Poppykit🌸, Foxkit🦊, Birdkit🐦, and Butterfly kit🦋) supporting Ukraine!!🇺🇦 says:

    I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv ya Queen!!! Wow first person to hate Spottedeaf in my life (wowwowoowowwo) :). ;3. OwO. UwU

  • Spottedleaf is a kind beautiful and sweet smelling medicine cat while Firepaw arrives.(AKA Fireheart or Firestar.)Firestar fell in love with Spottedleaf when he was an apprentice. Later when the just met Brokenstar leader of ShadowClan attacked them and a ShadowClan warrior killed Spottedleaf and Yellowfang became the new medicine cat. Spottedleaf visited Firestar through dreams and gave him the life of love. Sandstorm(AKA Sandpaw.) bullied Firestar I. apprenticehood. Sooner or later she found no use in doing that anymore, so she became friends with him and soon became mates in the second series. Sandstorm gave birth to Firestar’s kits Leafpool (A medicine cat.)and Squirrelflight (A warrior). In my opinion it would be Sandstorm because it breaks the warrior code for medicine cats to be mates and would probably grieve more for Sandstorm than Spottedleaf. BYE!!!

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