View from Russia, view from the past, or how it could be. by Daurian Wind

Daurian Wind reflects on the Warriors books from the perspective of a Russian fan

Seven cycle ended now, and left very controversial feelings, at least for a part of Russian fandom. They liked first and second books, but had been disappointed by others and one of the main aspect was personality of Imposter. We have different theories about Imposter and his motivation and Ashfur was the least popular, even impossible candidate.

So let’s turn back and go other the ocean or sea, or some land borders and see what Russian fandom had been thinking about Seven cycle on that time.

This article was written specially for leading Warriors cats fandom site in Russia and Russian-speaking community abroad, by the Daurian Wind in English-speaking fandom and Arthur in native in April in 2019 just after reading the Lost Stars.

Main thesis.
«In the new cycle, the main enemy of the Clans will not be the Rogues or Dark Fores, but the Star Clan or is’t part or a lone Star Clan cat».

It has already happened several times in the books that seemingly passing moments could once again meet with characters and at a very unpleasant angle. So most likely the Hunters did not accidentally include in the book the arguments of a generally unbelieving Mothwing, who is playing the role of the unbiased observer, that the Star Clan may exist, but it is a question if Star Clan certainly good and how much Clans need them.

What is «good and evil» in the Warriors world, not for us as readers from XXI century, but for Warriors, who live in conditions of Early Middle Ages and have some close to it time views. And, ideals of good and moral are changing.

The fact that since the beginning of the main cycle, the traditions and mores in Clans have became much softened have been already noticed by all readers. The Warrior Code from strictly followed rules has become the list of optional recommendations, except for rules about not killing and helping others. Faith in the Star Clan became less respected. Loyalty to the Clans to the end turns to freedom to leave it or change. Compare the consequences for the Mapleshade and for Leafpool for forbidden love, the refusal to share the territory with the old Sky Clan in Cloudstar’s journey exiling them and giving to the new Sky Clan a part of territory from Thunder and Shadow Clan in the Six Cycle asking them to stay. The Bramblestar’s law is a reflection of trends in the development of intertribal relationships between the Clans that was a step forward to their union.

From the point of view of Firestar it’s good, but what do those leaders and warriors who lived and went to the Star Clan long ago think about that? They are the heroes of their hard time, the time when their Clan and Warrior Code were the only meaning of life, when exiling for every mistake was the norm, killing was routine, the prohibition on killing is only the 14th rule of Warrior Code, and the tribes themselves considered each other mostly as enemies. For them it could not be a progress, but almost the death of all ideals, and all attempts to correct the situation with a good will as nine lives to the leaders, messages, superpowers for the chosen ones and even direct help in the battle with the Dark Forest failed. The events of the sixth cycle, when part of the Shadow Clam reject from the Warriors Code, Star Clan and the loyalty, and join a rogue and when leader in fact surrendered his Clan to other only strengthened Stat Clan in the belief that the only way to interrupt this holiday of disobedience is to use the force.

So it is worth remembering the beginning of the First cycle and the Brokenstar he was the punishment for violating the Warriors Code. But when the Star Clan made a mistake and almost destroyed the Wind Clan and create a threat to the entire forest both before and after his after death. That time the Star Clan decided to bring the Clans to their mind by sending not a villain, but a hero, but a hero from a bloody and harsh past. He must restore the ideals from long past by the methods he usually use during his life.

That is why, why he has a list of Warriors Code breakers, where, get the unbelieving Mouthwing, Twigbranch and Doving who changed their Clan, and Tree who came outside, Imposter will punish violators and the realization of this scared the Wood in the end of the Lost Stats. That is why he shows that he follows the Warriors Code and believes in Star Clan. That is why he was so strict and harsh but also protective speaking and treating with his new Clan. Bramblestar was the most suitable candidate for him a strong leader of a strong tribe, besides known for his devotion to the Warriors Code and Star Clan.

Who is Imposter definitely? According by what is known about his behavior, he is harsh and strong cat, who has died more than once, have experience to be a leader and habit that overs obey him, coldblooded and at ready for confrontation and fight. Imposter could be Skystar, first Sky Clan leader and one of founders of Clans and Warrior Code, who have such character and ready to force to follow his will restoring traditions he created. Also there can be someone from Dark Forest who have a deal with Star Clan to change his help to acceptance there, mostly like Thistleclaw, who was devoted warrior during his life and have belove ones Snowfur and Whitestorm in Star Clan.

So now Clans are waiting for new war, but now not against clear evil as Tigerstar or Brokenstar, but against what they considered as their mainstay and between each over.

by Daurian Wind.

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