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Drizzlepaw shares a guide on the blog for new members.


Hi! It’s Drizz, or Drizzlepaw/drop! Some people are new to the blog, and the blog is an awesome place. But some people unintentionally do things wrong. I’m not blaming you if you did, but I am teaching you how to do things right, and how to do it well.
First, you need to have a good BlogClan name. But remember, the name should feel good to you, but not necessarily others. For example, I like having an apprentice suffix, then my normal suffix. Drizzlepaw/drop sounds better than Drizzledrop to me. If that doesn’t sound better, maybe do a kit prefix, like Drizzlekit/drop. You can change your nickname many times, so don’t stress about having the ‘perfect’ one. I have changed my name a lot. I started as Hollypaw/ear then I changed to Splashpaw/pool, Polarpaw/moon, Drizzlepaw/drop. Now I have two names waiting for me (Bearpaw/snout, and Pebblepaw/cry) that I can use when I get tired of Drizzlepaw/drop. Another thing that has to do with names, is have a purrsona, or fur color/markings for the cat. It can be complex, or as simple as a brown tabby she-cat. I have some complex purrsonas, and some simple ones. For example, Drizzlepaw’s purrsona is super complex, a bluish-grey she-cat with light grey tail tip, and half of her face is split purrfectly in half, one half grey, the other half bluish-grey. Her ears are bluish-grey and she has one dark blue and one light blue eye. Hollypaw and Splashpaw’s are really simple, a black she-cat with bright green eyes (hollypaw) and a silver tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes (splashpaw). So, in case you want to be on alliances, join a roleplay, or something like that, you’ll already have your purrsona.
Where to go on BlogClan:
On BlogClan, there is a section for doing basically every Warriors related thing you can imagine. From Warriors name generators and games, to saying hi and introducing yourself, I will now show you where the appropriate place to do things. Let’s say you want to say hi and introduce yourself because you are new. You should go to the section under ‘New Member?’ and go to the ‘Say Hi’ page. If you want to share art, make contests, and more, go under the ‘Feeling Creative’ section, and click the link that seems right for what you are doing. If you want to make a roleplay, go under ‘Need Company’. Under that is also ‘The Tavern’, the place for offtopic comments.
You should be active if you are planning on running for something, so use this as an example, and comment often, even if it is once per month. I’m very active throughout the November days, so feel free to ask me questions. I hope this article will help you, and I hope I’m still active by the time this is published!
– Drizz (Drizzlepaw/drop, she/her)

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    • Here’s a few friendly tips!:

      If you want to make an article like this one then go under “Feeling Creative?” and click “Submit Your Article”

      If you want to be on the allegiances then you may have to change your name because in the allegiances if your in elementary then you are a kit, if you are you are in middle school you are an apprentice, if you are in high school/collage you would be a warrior, and if you are out of school than you are an elder.

      The allegiances can be found under “New Member”

      Not sure if any of this helped but hopefully it did

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