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Navigating the Blog: Pointers for New Members by Lilybreeze

Lilybreeze provides a how-to guide for new members.

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When you first join the Blog, it can be a bit of a tricky place to navigate. Because of this, I’m planning on starting a series where I help explain different parts of the Blog that you might have trouble understanding in the beginning. Anywhere from inside jokes, to pages, to anything you can think of. For this first article, I’m going to keep it pretty broad and just break down how the Blog works.

When you first join the Blog, I recommend popping into the “Say Hi” page (after looking at the Welcome Page, and the FAQ page, of course). On there, you can introduce yourself with your Blog Name (NOT your irl name — for your safety), and then talk about things like your Purrsona (how you would look if you were in the Warriors Universe, for example: mine is a petite and fluffy brown tabby she-cat with white patches and pine-green eyes), your likes and dislikes, and then some other fun facts about yourself. After that, wait for your comment to be modded (on the Blog, all comments go through moderation and have to get approved by our team of Moddos — who you might see referred to as dodos — before they become visible.) and then check back in a few hours and see all of the greetings, and questions, and things like that from other members in replies to your comment!

After introducing yourself, there are quite a few other pages to check out on the Blog!

The Tavern – This is the main chat hub of the Blog, it is so active that we’ve gone through nine of them! People talk about absolutely anything here. Their day, something cool that’s happened, a favorite book, etc.

Discussion Pages – This is where people can find pages geared towards things they like, so they can bond over them with other Blogclanners!

Warriors Games Page – This is a place you can go to play some fun games — like the name suggests. They can be anywhere from NTAs (Name that Apprentice) to a Guess that Cat game. After you feel comfortable here, you can also start hosting some games (ones you’ve seen already, or you can make your own!)

Trailing Stars – This is a book being written by BlogClanners, based on Warrior Cats, about BlogClanners! It is still in progress with only a couple chapters left. There are over 20 chapters available for you to go read and comment on!

Allegiances Chat Page – This is a place where you can find yourself a mentor, or an apprentice. They are just kind of like a buddy for you to hang out with on the Blog!

Ask Blogteam – If you still have questions about the Blog, pop into here and ask them! If you are 13 or older, you can also ask them to send you an invite to the Blog Discord Server and join that! If not, feel free to search up the Blog’s Wiki and chill there.

Secret Pages – These are pages you can only find through links other BlogClanners give out! They can have anything from games on them, to book discussions, to mini-clans.

Usually, after being on the Blog for a bit, people find pages that they “click” with and usually hang out on those more than others. From there, they build friendships with people that have common interests.

The Blog is a beautiful community of people that will welcome you in and help you feel at home. If you have a question, never be afraid to ask!

Thank you all so much for reading! If there is anything on the Blog you’d like me to make an article diving into the specifics of, or if you have a question about this one, please leave a comment!

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