The Ship BrightXCloud and Why I Dislike It by Frostkit

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Frostkit argues against BrightheartxCloudtail

Hi! It’s me, Frapple, (I’m not Frost anymore,) back with another article! This one will be about why I hate the ship BrightheartXCloudtail!

So, this may sound unusual, the fact that I don’t like it. But before you get mad, let me give my reasons.

Anyway, I’ll get on with the article!

Reason number 1: When Cloudtail spent time with Brightheart right after she got her injury.
Okay, I know this may sound weird, because most people think that this part of the relationship is cute, how Cloudtail was “always by Brightheart’s side”, and stuff like that. But if you really think about it, it can also be seen as creepy. How would YOU feel if you had some random guy/girl that you only saw as a friend hanging around you after something terrible happened, and they’re not going away? I bet that would feel a bit weird, right? Besides being an apprentice with Cloudtail, Brightheart didn’t think anything more of him or know him any better in any way. So for me, that is creepy instead of cute.

Reason number 2: The Daisy issue (DUN DUN DUNNNNNN)
Everybody knows that this is the “only” bad part of the ship, and it still counts as a bad part, so I’m putting it here. UnU. Basically, Daisy stole Cloudtail for a little while, maybe to deliberatley make Brightheart jealous. I mean, what really doesn’t make sense is that even after all of that mushy hang-around-Brightheart-while-she-recovers thing, Cloudtail STILL lets Daisy take him away. I mean, it’s honestly really stupid. Cloudtail just proved his love to Brightheart, and now, he’s pulling away when they’re officially mates.

Reason number 3: The Pairing
I know that Cloudtail’s spunkiness and Brightheart’s calmness are some of the things that make this ship so cute for some people, but I think that the pairing isn’t that good. So, if we have a spunky and outgoing person (Person A), and a calmer, more collected person (Person B), and they’re in a relationship together, they might not get along

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  • Good article, but I disagree.

    #1, when Brightheart was injured, she needed someone to be there for her. Cloudtail was that cat, and it was what Brightheart really needed! Someone to encourage her and help her through the hard time.

    #2 Once again, Cloutail needed to help Daisy! She wouldn’t have settled into ThunderClan without him. I don’t like the CloudxDaisy ship, and disliked that time in the series, but that just proves their love for each other if nothing less. Brightheart still loved Cloudtail, and her jealousy proved it.

    #3 this is literally what happened with Ivypool and Fernsong, Dustpelt and Ferncloud, and Squirrelflight and Ashfur. It’s a cute ship. And obviously, they do get along.

  • I have to disagree. Brightpaw and Cloudtail were really good friends when she got injured, and Cloudtail was basically her shoulder to lean on in her dark time. Daisy…. only had a crush on him, plus she apologized to Brightheart after the whole fiasco, and you can’t really ‘steal’ someone.
    But overall, you did do a good job of portraying your opinion, even though I disagree. (also I think it got cut off-)

  • Streampaw is so glad she decided not to leave BlogClan! She's excited to celebrate her birthday! (🌊Streampaw/lark🌊) says:

    Great article! You had some good points, but I disagree. Brightheart and Cloudtail were friends for a long time (from kits to apprentices to near warriors) and they had several interactions on-camera throughout the Prophecies Begin. And Brightheart was going through an emotionally challenging time – she had lost half of her previous sight, she was treated badly by Bluestar, and barely anyone showed her support other than Fireheart, Whitestorm, and Cloudtail. She wanted Cloudtail’s company and help, and he helped her hunt and fight again and stood up for her when she was named Lostface.
    And Cloudtail never returned Daisy’s feelings for him – she came from a place where having multiple mates was okay, and it was just a small crush, anyways. Cloudtail was just being friendly to her, since he knew what being a once-kittypett felt like, and he wanted to help. Brightheart was kind of overreacting.
    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the pairing, they’re one of the healthiest Warriors ships and their personality traits fit nicely with one another.

    Sorry if this seemed rude, the article is cool! 🙂

    • Also Speckletail cared for her after Snowkit’s demise. Its mentioned when Firestar asks about the name changing ceremony. Also thank you for pointing out the multiple mates thing!. No one remembers that! And have a happy B day

  • Cloudtail still loved Brightheart—he was just showing kindness to Daisy and then being oblivious to Brightheart’s jealousy.

  • I kinda disagree.
    (searches for my books)
    Brightheart and Cloudtail were a cute ship, but if Swiftpaw were alive, I garantee (I can’t spell) that Swiftpaw could’ve been her mate. I was PRETTY sad when Swiftpaw died, but it wasn’t that sad. OK. Time to get to the point about this BrightXCloud thing.
    I loved that ship, all the sitting and grooming thing made my heart pound of joy, but the Daisy thing (me still on Starlight) is.. well I don’t know.. But I still kinda loved the ship between them. My favourite ships were FireXSand, DustXFern, CrowXFeather (I sobbed on Feathertail’s death)
    So great article, but good opinion.

    (If you wanna learn more about me, try adding me on Roblox, I play WCEU.
    User: catloveristhecutest1) :>

  • I agree with other comments. Cloudtail wasn’t some average companion, even in Rising Storm she’s shown to be very close with him, offering to help find him after he’s kidnapped, and her sister also remarks that they’ve been crushing on each other for a longer time. Brightheart clearly admired his company and support after she was injured, and he wanted to help her. As for Daisy, he sympathised with her and wanted her to feel comfortable, and didn’t notice Brightheart’s feelings at first. It’s a normal crisis/fight, the way relationships work.

  • This is a unique opinion and very interesting! As much as I love Bright x Cloud, it’s kind of refreshing to see different opinions and get to read about something unique that you haven’t read about before. While I’m not likely to agree with it, I like seeing something new. I was thinking of making a “unpopular opinions that I have” article.

  • Great great great article! But I have to disagree. I know lots of people who are completely opposite regarding personalities, but get along just fine. (ie. me and my cousin, me and my other cousin, my aunt ant uncle, my other aunt and uncle…)

  • You make good points, but I disagree. For one thing, if you sustained a life threatening injury that will leave you half-blind, would a friend trying to comfort you be creepy? No it would just mean that the friend cared. Also, you said their personalities might not get along, and while sometimes people like that won’t get along, these two clearly did!

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