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Mistystream analyses Crowfeather and his relationships

Hi everyone! Remember that this is just my opinion, I’m not saying that this is what will happen.

Ok so first let’s analyze the relationship of FeatherxCrow and LeafxCrow.

So Feathertail is the only cat who at first is kind to Crowfeather. He is himself around her, and as they travel, they become closer friends. Soon they start dating but before it can really go anywhere, Feathertail is killed. So I know that was short but there was only two or three books that their relationship was in, and I wanted to summarize it. Crowfeather blames himself for her death, and then when he becomes a warrior, he asks to be named ‘feather’ in honor of Feathertail. He went from Crowpaw to Crowfeather. There is one part where Crowfeather saves Leafpool, but then starts talking to Feathertail, saying that he was sorry that he couldn’t save her. Even though she wasn’t there, it still reminded him that he was helpless to save her from her death

So this one seems a little rushed. But the writers have said they had more out of book meetings before they started dating. . Leafpool runs off with Crowfeather and they have kits together. But Leafpool is still loyal to her clan, so she ends up staying. She gives her kits to Squirrelflight, and Squirrelflight tells Bramblestar that they are theirs. After that, Leafpool rejoins her clan. But inevitably she and Crowfeather meet up a again. They start fighting, and it gets worse from there.
In one part Leafpool tells Crowfeather that “It doesn’t mean I didn’t love you.” There you realize that their relationship has crumbled, and Leadpool’s feelings for Crowfeather are gone. She no longer loves. Then he says that even though she loved him, it wasn’t enough. Her loyalty to the clan outweighed her love for him. They break up and that is basically their relationship.

So. Who will he choose as h8s mate in Star Clan?
Feathertail. Now for everyone that says that their relationship was just a two sided crush, they were still dating. And the only reason they didn’t become mates(probably) is because she died. And even if it was just two young cats with crushes on each other, they loved each other. And yes LeafxCrow was more developed, but in the end their love for each other had died. Crowfeather would not choose someone to be his mate who no longer loved him, or someone that he no longer loved. So in the end I think that he would choose Feathertail, who he thought about everyday, who he named himself after, and who he never stopped loving, even when he was with Leafpool.

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    • Actually, it’s not really like that. Maybe the way you define “lasting” is slightly different from mine (I think it might be based on Mountainstorm’s analysis?), but this is how the timeline looks in the series: in Midnight, it is greenleaf. Brambleclaw also notes that the weather was hot “the entire greenleaf”, so some time has already passed since its beginning – leaving us with June or early August. The journey starts then. When they come back, leafbare is coming – probably November, or very early December. It must’ve taken a bit of time to return from the Tribe territory, so Feathertail died somewhere from late October to mid/late November. So, FeatherCrow’s arc took about 4-5 moons. It is, however, hard to establish how much of this time was the ‘dating’.
      When the Clans reach the mountains, it is (at least it is hinted) most likely leafbare; December, January at most. Leafpaw and Crowpaw have their first interaction, though he might’ve noticed her earlier.
      Some time after Crowfeather already confessed, in first chapters of Twilight, Squirrelflight says that it is greenleaf. Now again, Leafpool’s kits are born during early leafbare (November, December?) and cat pregnancy lasts around 70 days, so she must’ve split with Crowfeather in September (?) This would give us 8 – 10 moons, 5/6 – 7 of those being the development and two weeks – the two weeks of not seeing each other. So it’s not really shorter.

      • Medicine cats go to the Moonpool every half-moon, though! Leafpool didn’t visit the Moonpool during her relationship with Crowfeather, though.
        Which would sort of make sense since Leafpool was always paranoid about what StarClan would think of Crowfeather. 8-10 moons means ten visits to the Moonpool, and that really never happened.
        “Leafpool’s relationship with Crowfeather began at about the same time as Sorreltail told Leafpool she was pregnant. Cats are pregnant for about two moons, but they can’t really tell till they have been carrying kits for at least two or three weeks. Leafpool’s relationship with Crowfeather ended when Sorreltail gave birth. So about one and a half months passed while Leafpool and Crowfeather were together. But, Leafpool says in Twilight that she hadn’t seen Crowfeather for half a moon since he rescued her from falling. So minus that half moon: they were together for about a moon. But even if they were together for more than that, the fact still remains that they only met for a few minutes at a time at twilight” -Article quote C:
        Gathering from what you said, you already read that part of my article, but I’m gonna pop it in here again because the Sorreltail thing wasn’t mentioned in your points. I hope I wasn’t rude!

        Will this be the next big debate thing? How long Crow and Leaf were together? 😛

        • Maybe it really will be the next debate thing😄
          When they were developing (late Dawn – end of Starlight) there was no Moonpool. Crowfeather confessed the night of the first medicine cat meeting at Moonpool. Since then, it’s true that we don’t see Moonpool. However, I think it was simply a mistake on the authors’ side. They sometimes don’t remember things (like SquirrelLeaf mental connection), and they also had the Squirrelflight arc, so it’s kind of safe to assume they didn’t realize there were Moonpool meetings.
          Sorreltail tells Leafpool about her pregnancy already a bit of time after the confession, so at least half of those two weeks had definitely passed. So it’s at least a moon and week, depending on how long she was pregnant – but yes, I did not mention it. And no, you werent’t rude at all!

    • StromxSquirrel was a crush , In the books we actually see the time Feathertail and Crowpaw spend together

  • I don’t ship any of these three ships but I think you are definitely right saying that he will choose Feathertail in StarClan

  • Let me tell you this. Do you think he would choose a high school love intrest when he had kids with someone else?
    HAHA no.
    Have some real sense, Warriors!

  • I’m pretty sure Crowfeather will choose Leafpool because Feathertail and Crowfeather hardly knew each other. While Leafpool and Crowfeather actually mated and then went away together, which proves they were more loyal to each other at the time and left the clans

  • actually isnt feathertail in the tribe of endless hunting?? or in both stc and the tribe of endless hunting? i assume it’d be tough to maintain a relationship w someone when half the time theyre away and you have no way of communication

    also he had kits with leafpool, itd be a stinky move to go and pick someone else over someone who had ur children

    leafpool would be the better choice imoooo

  • I really liked this article, but I do disagree. I think Crowfeather would choose Leafpool in StarClan. I don’t know if you read The Broken Code: A light in the Mist but if you did, you’d notice that Crowfeather payed more attention to Leafpool than Feathertail. I think Feathertail was more of high-school crush, than actual love.

  • I totally disagree. Crowfeather loved Leafpool so much that he ran away with her, and when she wanted to go he let her go, wanting her to be happy. sure he loved Feathertail, but it was only a crush. I think he will choose Leafpool in star clan (LEAKxCROW 4 LIFE)

    • This is just who I think he would choose. I actually really like LeafxCrow and FeatherxCrow. They are both great ships, but I think he would choose Feathertail

  • I like your argument but, I disagree. I think he will choose Leafpool. Feathertail and Crowfeather (Crowpaw back then) seemed more like a fleeting crush. When they reached the clans again, having Feathertail lived, they would’ve gone their separate ways. Also, Crowfeather actually tells Leafpool he never regretted anything he did with Leafpool. That’s got to be true love! Also, Feathertail and Crowfeather hardly knew each other, while Leafpool and Crowfeather ran away together and began to know each other, and still loving each other. So, in the end, I think Crowfeather will choose Leafpool.

  • mhm, all wrong. He gonna choose….bramblestar…. hear me hear me out. They are both emo, they both had something with firestar. They both have blue or purple dye hair, I’m 100% right about this. /j

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