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Pineheart explains why they dislike Dovewing

(Spoiler warning, this article contains some major spoilers for the Omen of the Stars, Vision of Shadows, and The Broken Code, and the identity of the impostor, read at your own risk.)

Hello everyone! It’s Pineheart, and today I will be discussing on why I don’t like Dovewing. This is entirely opinion and it is fine if you disagree with anything in this article, it is solely opinion. I am sorry if I upset anyone, but with reading this, please read at your own risk!

So, I don’t like Dovewing for multiple reasons, but first lets make this clear: Dovewing was one of my favorite characters in Omen of The Stars. Some people say the Omen of The Stars is bad, but I think it is one of the best series. (nothing can top the prophecies begin though.) She was a vital character in the final battle, and I also liked Dovewing x Tigerheart. Though, like all main characters before her, she melted into the background after OTS. The most you hear from her in the first books of the Vision of Shadows is coming into the medicine den telling Alderheart that she had a thorn in her paw or something like that. Dovewing was my favorite character until she came back with Tigerstar the second, and then she just became boring. I never thought that Dovewing would leave Thunderclan, since even though she loves Tigerheart, she did so much to help and earn her place in Thunderclan by being one of the “Three” I know, I know, her getting with Tigerheart was essential to the storyline of The Broken Code with their son Shadowsight, but still, it was annoying to lose Dovewing to Shadowclan. And then, she became well, different. She was like a second voice to Tigerstar II and always came with him to the moonpool for “leaders only” things involving the dark forest. looking back at it, Shadowsight was their son, so that was understandable, though we do hear more from her than we do hear from Shadowclan’s actual deputy, Cloverfoot. Also, she is always right next to him in the gatherings at their camp. If you think “well Squirrelflight is always right next to Bramblestar in the camp gatherings!” Squirrelflight is his deputy. One other thing that annoyed me didn’t really have anything to do with dovewing directly, is that when Shadowsight came to Tigerstar II with his “Prophecy” from Ashfur, the imposter trying to out all of the codebreakers. Since Dovewing was a so called “codebreaker” Tigerstar II was all like “Son, we have to keep this a secret otherwise something BAD will happen.” And me reading this is like “Dude, everyone knows this, this is not a secret, she left her clan for you.” I thought this was kind of odd. After Dovewing became boring, I think Ivypool, or Jayfeather might be both of my favorite characters now.

Now, this was all for fun, and it was just my opinion. I am sorry if I really offended anyone.

Thank you for reading! πŸ™‚

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  • I like Ivypool, but I never liked Dovewing. She betrayed Thunderclan just for her β€œlove”, and she doesn’t even act like she was ever in Thunderclan.

    • She left her clan for the good of her kits. Not for Tigerheart. And she didn’t act like Thunderclan so Shadowclan would accept her.

  • I mostly agree with this article! Except I didn’t like her from the beginning. She was very whiny when she didn’t get what she wanted, and yet, very perfect.
    Very nice article!

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