What your favorite Warriors ship says about you (Part 2) by Mountainstorm

Art by Findingmindely

Mountainstorm continues their series about Warriors ships!

Hello, kits, apprentices, warriors, queens, elders, medicine cats!
I wrote an article a few months ago, “What your favorite ship says about you”. I was pretty surprised at how many comments it got! However, I couldn’t cover every single ship in it, so here’s a part two for people who haven’t gotten their favorite couple in the first one!

1. Clear Sky x Bright Stream 🌄🏞️
Analyzing: Bright Stream became Clear Sky’s mate back in their mountain home, before leaving with him off on the quest to find a new home. Unfortunately, Bright Stream was carried off by a hawk soon after delivering happy news to her mate; that she was expecting his kits. (Kinda morbid, having a she-cat die with kits in her belly, in my opinion, but nevermind that right now)
My thoughts: Honestly? I didn’t like it that much. While they seemed sweet, we didn’t get much bonding time with them, and it seemed out of nowhere. Plus, Clear Sky wasn’t a very good mate. He just “assumed” Bright Stream would be coming with him to the new lands, without asking her opinion or really caring much for her feelings, or hearing her voice.
What it says about you: You are sweet, selfless, and positive. You always see the light and don’t hesitate to put your friend’s and family’s interests before yours.

2. Clear Sky x Storm 🌄⛈️
Analyzing: When the cats arrive at the new territories, Grey Wing meets with a rouge she-cat, Storm. When Grey Wing shows her Clear Sky’s home, she falls in love with him, and later joins him. They become mates, and Storm becomes pregnant. She tries to see the good in her mate, but later snaps, shocked by his cruelty. She leaves him and goes back to the Twoleg-place before delivering her kits, of which only Thunder survives, his siblings and his mother dying when the building where they seeked refuge is destroyed.
My thoughts: At first, I kinda maybe liked it. The moment when their eyes locked and their tongues got tied and their minds went blank was pretty cute! Afterwards? I really hate it. Clear Sky is possessive, seeking control in their relationship underestimated the strength of Storm and treating her like a helpless kit. I really hate that. Their relationship was also really rushed and just had zero chemistry; they locked eyes, then became mates, then suddenly Storm was expecting, then she left, and died; all of this happened in the span of half-a-book.
What it says about you: You are independent, strong, and have the skills of a great leader. You’re smart and tough, too.

3. Clear Sky x Star Flower 🌄⭐
Analyzing: Star Flower was banished from the Clan territories after tricking and manipulating Thunder and the cats in the groups. She later meets up with Clear Sky, who offers her a place in his camp. They fall in love, become mates, and have kits.
My thoughts: Now this is a ship I really love! It’s one of my favorites! Compared to every other Clear Sky ship, it has pretty decent development, not to mention their relationship is really healthy, despite the fact that Star Flower was in a “relationship” with Thunder, Clear Sky’s son before turning to Clear Sky. However, this ship is beautiful. When Quiet Rain shows up in Clan territories, Star Flower firmly, stubbornly refuses to stay behind in camp while Clear Sky goes away, proving not only how loyal she is to her mate, but also that she won’t let herself get bossed around by him. When Quiet Rain injures and disowns Clear Sky, Clear Sky startes to cry and doesn’t even know where he is, Star Flower shows up by his side, and guides him somewhere warm and safe, where she cuddles up against him and soothes. When Clear Sky asks her if he is a monster, she firmly reassures him, making his clouded thoughts clear, and making him feel better. And when Star Flower is kidnapped, and no one in Clear Sky’s camp truly believes she’s in trouble? It’s Clear Sky who defends and protects his mate till at last they agree to help him, with it saving Star Flower’s, and the kit’s lives. And when Star Flower has an incredibly painful delivery? Clear Sky is by her side the whole time, telling her everything will be okay, and even wincing when Star Flower shrieks, like he’s the one giving birth, which is a new side to the cruel leader. Their relationship remains great all throughout the books; Star Flower never once lets herself be pushed around by Clear Sky, and she helps him greatly to set his paws on the right path, while Clear Sky never once leaves her side, protecting her, comforting her, and making sure she remains healthy and strong any way he can. Clear x Star forever! 😀
What it says about you: You are clever, sassy, and independent. You can probably jump really well and have great leadership skills!

4. Thunderstar x Violet Dawn ⛈️💜
Analyzing: Thunder falls in love with Violet while spying on her in Slash’s camp. When he rescues her, they fall in love and become mates.
My thoughts: If it weren’t for Thunderstar’s Echo, this would probably be one of my least favorite ships. The thoughts Thunder was having while spying on her were a bit creepy and disturbing. It also doesn’t have much chemistry and developed waaaaaaay too fast, while Violet was still mourning her old mate. But, luckily we have Thunderstar’s Echo, which really made me love this couple! They were really cute together in my opinion, and just so supportive of each other! When Thunderstar told Violet Dawn what happened with Lightning Tail, and she was really depressed, he held her close and tried to reassure her, comforting her and trying to ease her pain. When Violet Dawn gathered herself together, Thunderstar told her everything, including what was troubling him. It was Violet Dawn’s turn to help her mate; she gave him really good advice and comforted him, easing his grief and pain too.
Violet Dawn doesn’t let herself get bossed around by Thunderstar either: or any cat, for that matter!

“Do I get a say in this?” Violet Dawn huffed. “I’m having kits, not becoming one.”

Later, when Violet Dawn was giving birth, Cloud Spots told Thunderstar to wait outside while he helped her. But Violet Dawn cried and pleaded for her mate, saying she couldn’t do this without him. So despite Cloud Spots still pressuring Thunderstar to wait outside, he rushed in and comforted his mate, licking her ears, cheering her on, and gazing into her eyes comfortingly while cracking jokes between her contractions. When their kits were born, they had a super cute moment! Thunderstar cuddled one of his kits close to him, and told Violet Dawn who he had chosen as deputy. Violet Dawn joked she was always right, and Thunderstar informed the little kit in his paws that his mother was always right. I just loved that moment and found it really cute!
While this ship is super underdeveloped, they are supportive and comfortable and happy around each other. They are pretty healthy too! So, it is a great ship! Yay for Violet x Thunder! 💖
FUN FACT: Cats can’t see the color violet!
What it says about you: You are kind, caring, and loving. You are also wise and always give the best advice to those who need it.

5. Jagged Peak x Holly ⛰️🌳
Analyzing: When Jagged Peak was feeling unconfident (does a word like that even exist?) about his abilities and because of his injured leg, Holly joined the group and motivated Jagged Peak to regain his spirit and determination. They became mates and had kits.
My thoughts: Actually…I really don’t like this couple. It was nice how Holly helped Jagged Peak regain confidence in himself, but I didn’t really like how she did it. An example is when she bullied Jagged Peak into leaping onto a large branch. Jagged Peak was insulted by the challenge, and did so, and though it did help his confidence, and he did manage to make it, he could have become even more injured if he miscalculated the jump. When Grey Wing and Jagged Peak fought, Holly shoved in their private business and screeched at Grey Wing, despite the fact that it was pretty much Jagged Peak’s fault. Grey Wing also noted that love hadn’t made Jagged Peak kind; it had made him arrogant. And then we have Moth Flight’s Vision, where Jagged Peak and Holly are the cruel couple, especially to Moth Flight when she returns from grieving for Micah.
What it says about you: You are sarcastic, determined, and confident. You are also very courageous and brave; always remember that nothing can break your stride!

6. Wind Runner x Gorse Fur 💨🌼
Analyzing: When Wind injured her leg, the cat who raised her abandoned her, and because of this, Wind was determined not to trust anyone ever again. She first met Gorse when she gave her rabbit to Frog and Willow’s mother. Gore complimented her about how kind she had been doing that. Later, when the gorse bush where the small family sleep catches fire, Wind and Gorse work together to rescue Frog who is caught in the flames. They succeeded, and Gorse invited Wind to sleep in his den. When Wind wakes up, she finds Gorse isn’t there. She immediately thinks he abandoned her too, but at that moment he peeks in, bringing with him a rabbit they could share. They become great friends, then mates, working together to hunt rabbits, joking together, playing together, sharing prey and sharing tongues. They join Grey Wing’s group, and even when they get their Warrior names, they call each other sometimes by their original names, which I find kinda cute. They have kits, and later move away with Dust Muzzle and Moth Flight to make sure they don’t catch the sickness. They’re super cute here too; Gorse Fur is such a goofball and he’s absolutely adorable, while Wind Runner remains cold towards strangers but also confident and clever. They kater return to the group, where eventually Wind Runner becomes leader. She gets injured and nearly dies; at the time, Gorse Fur is extremely worried. Wind Runner gets her nine lives, and survives; she makes Gorse Fur her deputy, and eventually, he succeeds his mate and becomes Gorsestar after her death.
My thoughts: Aahh this is so incredibly amazing and so incredibly underrated!
These two had been friends for quite a while before becoming mates. They had super good development and are really supportive of each other, comforting each other, and are pretty great parents too! They are like a power couple; building a Clan together but making plenty of time for each other too! They went through so much, and their love never flattered through it all.
It probably ranks five or three on my list of favorite ships!
Some people also made a really great map about this brilliant couple, here it is if you’d like to watch it too!: https://youtu.be/AA1Bckqam7Q
What it says about you: You are friendly, kind, and bubbly. You are also really independent and confident!

7. Jayfeather x Stick 🐦🫒
Analyzing: Jayfeather found a stick with claw slashes scratched on its bark. He soon found out the stick connected him with the ancient cats who used to live around the lake before moving to the mountains, and, later, the forest territories where the Clans used to live before destroying it. Because of this, Jayfeather was really passionate about keeping it safe; he protected it as much as he could, giving cats a scolding when they wanted to use it for something that might break it and along with that his connection with the ancients, like when Thornclaw wanted to use it to free cats stuck in the mud, which might have snapped it. Jayfeather is quite possessive of the stick, though who can blame him? He later breaks the stick out of anger, but later feels extreme guilt and sorrow for what he did in the sudden flare of his emotions.
My thoughts: Well…I definitely don’t ship it, but I certainly understand those who do. It’s a really funny ship, and can make nearly anyone smile, not to mention it’s kinda sweet, like how you love a stuffed toy, and coming from Jayfeather…well that makes the cuteness double in size. ^^ I definitely don’t see them romantically, though; more like, as I said above, a person loving a toy or stuffed animal. Though, the reason Jayfeather treasured the stick so much overall was probably just because he wanted the knowledge that it connected him with.
FUN FACT: There’s more Jay x Stick art on the internet than Moon x Jay!
What it says about you: You’re a really fun-loving person. You’re funny, friendly, and often sarcastic. You also don’t like most Warriors ships very much.

8. Poppyfrost x Jayfeather 🏵️🐦
Analyzing: When Breezepelt attacked Poppyfrost at the Moonpool after Poppyfrost wanted to visit her sister, Honeyfern, Jayfeather protected her with his life, making sure she didn’t get a single scratch on her pelt. He comforted her beforehand too, soothing her emotions about Berrynose and Honeyfern.
My thoughts: I’m not sure if I ship it, but I sure do like it better than Poppy x Berry! Nothing’s really wrong with that ship, but Berrynose was really controlling in their relationship. Like when he found out Poppyfrost was pregnant, he forced her to the nursery even though she didn’t want to go. She even wanted to tell him something, but Berrynose cut her off and didn’t let her say a single word because “he wanted to be right”, or something. Poppy x Jay was cute in the form that Jayfeather isn;t usually kind, but he was really gentle with Poppyfrost and the way he valiantly protected her and her unborn kits was pretty heart-warming!
What it says about you: You are intelligent, down-to-earth, and very empathic. You are also gentle and aware, especially when it comes to important issues.

9. Squirrelflight x Brambleclaw 🌰🫐
Analyzing: Brambleclaw loved Squirrelpaw about as much as an annoying burr in his fur. They hated each other’s guts, but later found something to love in each other after completing a dangerous quest together. Their relationship was tested many times; they squabbled over everything even after having feelings for each other, and didn’t really become mates until Sunset, when Squirrelflight believed StarClan had sent her a sign that she and Brambleclaw were meant to be. After that, they raised the three, before the secret that they were actually Leafpool and Crowfeather’s kits slipped, and they broke up. They got together again later on.
My thoughts: No. I never liked this. They fought too much in my opinion, about silly things that shouldn’t have caused such a flare. The only time I liked them was when Brambleclaw was trembling because he thought Squirrelflight would die; it was kinda cute to see such a soft side to a tough senior warrior, but my liking for this pair ends about there. And in Squirrelflight’s Hope… Brambleclaw was an absolutely abusive mate, seeking control over their relationship and making Squirrelflight feel like she was useless, burning away her emotions like they never even existed.
And while before, Brambleclaw did have a right to be angry over Squirrelflight’s lies, he should have also understood and supported her. He knew how close she and Leafpool were, after all, and that Squirrelflight was only trying to help her sister. But no, Brambleclaw just abandoned his mate before taking her as a mate again after she apologized!
What it says about you: You are sassy, creative, and imaginative. You have a bold streak too, and don’t like being ordered what to do!

10. Squirrelflight x Shrewpaw 🌰🐾
Analyzing: When Squirrelpaw returned home from the journey, and everyone viewed her as “betraying the Clan” by leaving and having food to eat, Shrewpaw is one of the few who is extremely happy to see Squirrelpaw return, and welcomes her with warm words and open paws. Shrewpaw shares his nest with Squirrelpaw. When Squirrelpaw gets a dream from StarClan, telling her where Leafpaw is, she is very unsettled. Shrewpaw soothes her.
My thoughts: Yes!! I love this ship, it’s one of my favorites, and also the best Squirrelflight pairing, in my opinion. It was so sweet how Shrewpaw supported Squirrelpaw even when everyone else was angry at her, and that dream-moment was really cute.

“No cats’ going to go on a rescue mission in the middle of the night because you had a dream.” His amber eyes were gentle. “They might listen to you in the morning, though. Settle down and go back to sleep.”
Squirrelpaw sighed, but she knew he was right. She slumped back down again, still seeing the wooden nest filled with cages. Shrewpaw lay down beside her and rested his tail comfortingly on her flank. “We’ll find her in the morning,” he promised, closing his eyes.
-Dawn, page 96, and 97

What it says about you: You are sensible, thoughtful, and very kind. You hate fights and work hard to clear them up; apologizing when you need to, and not holding a grudge.

11. Heathertail x Lionblaze 🌸🦁
Analyzing: Heatherpaw and Lionpaw first met when Lionpaw fell head over heels at the sight of the confident and cool WindClan apprentice. They decided to meet in the caves, where they played games, like forming a Clan called DarkClan, in which Heatherpaw was Heatherstar, and Lionpaw was Lionclaw. Their cute relationship ended when Lionpaw assumed Heatherpaw told WindClan the secret of the tunnels, which gave them a great advantage on the attack of ThunderClan.
My thoughts: How they played was cute, but, honestly, I don’t like it all that much. I think it never really escalated from the “crush phrase”, and though they really liked each other, I never believed it to be very romantic, or serious. I also don’t like how Lionpaw didn’t give Heatherpaw a chance to explain herself, and nearly killed her in the battle if it hadn’t been for Crowfeather stepping in to save his apprentice. Later, when Lionpaw is dreaming, he dreams of killing Heatherpaw and is satisfied about it. I definitely prefer Heather x Breeze, and I think Lionblaze is better off with Cinderheart, too.
What it says about you: You have a great imagination, you are playful and bubbly. You are also very cheerful, and love a funny movie or book that can tickle your funny bones!

12. Dovewing x Tigerheart 🕊️🐅
Analyzing: Dovewing and Tigerheart grew close on the journey to the beaver dam; a quest to bring water back to the Clans after a deadly drought caused by the blocked river. They decided to meet after returning home, and their love for each other grew, before Dovewing decided to join ShadowClan to be with Tigerheart; where they officially became mates.
My thoughts: Half and half. Their interactions are really cute, however I don’t like how Tigerheart used Dovewing to get herbs for his Clan. They do make a great couple and awesome parents, though, especially in A Light in the Mist. But I definitely prefer Dove x Fox!! (That I love! A lot!!)
What it says about you: You are loving, fun, and bright. You have a few places where you really love to retreat with a good book or a plate of fresh pastries, like Dovewing’s and Tigerheart’s old twoleg nest hideout.

13. Cinderpelt x Littlecloud 🔥☁️
Analyzing: When Littlecloud and Whitethroat came to ThunderClan, tainted with illness from rats they had been eating from the twoleg dump in desperation, ThunderClan turned them away, afraid of the sickness they carried. Yet Cinderpelt didn’t give up on them; she hid them, and invented new medicine that saved the cats’ lives, inspiring Littlecloud to become a medicine cat himself. They remained close friends all throughout their life, Littlecloud even remaining loyal to Cinderpelt after she had died; and it was mentioned many times that they were much closer than friends.
My thoughts: I like it! I don’t have a very strong opinion on it, but I do know I really love it! It;s sweet how they inspired each other, and their everlasting loyalty towards the other.
What it says about you: You are incredibly talented, smart, and determined. You are often rebellious as well, and march to the beat of your own drum instead of following the path others tell you to walk. Like Cinderpelt, you never let anything get in the way of helping others.

14. Pebbleshine x Hawkwing 🪨🦅
Analyzing: Pebblepaw and Hawkpaw were always pretty close; Pebblepaw often dragged Hawkpaw off into mischievous adventure with her confident and playful personality. When she was devastated over the death of her mentor, Billystorm, (I was too) Hawkwing comforted her. They became mates, but sadly Pebbleshine got carried off by a twoleg monster, along with the kits she carried in her belly. Hawkwing never stopped hoping that she would return.
My thoughts: I love this so much!! Their interactions are adorable, it’s well developed, and the way Hawkwing never stopped waiting for Pebbleshine to return is both heart-warming and heart-breaking. Cute couple!
What it says about you: You are confident, logical, and adventurous. You love to explore, but sometimes you can get worried; though nothing gets you down for long!

15. Birdflight x Cloudstar 🐦☁️
Analyzing: One of SkyClan’s best couples here! This pairing is healthy, cute, and adorable! Birdflight and Cloudstar had been great friends even as apprentices. Birdpaw always got him into trouble and was quite the daredevil! They later fell in love and became mates, but sadly they had to break away when their home was destroyed by twolegs and their kits wouldn’t make the journey to find a new home. Cloudstar never stopped waiting for Birdflight; and their reunion in StarClan was really heart-warming!
My thoughts: I love them so so much!! Birdflight is shown to be a confident she-cat, the type of cat who would be a feminist! When she is discussing her kits with Cloudstar, and Cloudstar mentions that they should have two toms to look after the she-cats, Birdflight warmly retorted that her daughters will be able to look after themselves. Or they’d need to look after their brothers!
In one part of the novella, Cloudstar and Birdflight take a walk together and settle down in a silky patch of grass. Cloudstar murmurs that their kits will be kind and smart like their mother, and buries his face in Birdflight’s fur. Birdflight tells him that there couldn’t be a better mate than him, and Cloudstar says the same to her. I find this scene super cute and heart-warming!
When Birdflight is kitting, and she sinks her claws into Cloudstar’s leg, he doesn’t mind because he knows his mate is in much more pain than he is, which shows what a supportive and empathetic mate he is.
When Cloudstar and his Clan have to leave to search for a new territory, Birdflight has to stay behind because their kits are too small to make the journey. They say goodbye to each other which is an extremely heart-breaking scene.

“Farewell, Birdflight, Gorsekit, Spottedkit. I will find you again one day, I promise.”

-Cloudstar, Cloudstar’s journey

“Even though I cannot fight alongside you, I will always be with you in your heart. Let me be your courage and your strength.”

-Birdflight to Cloudstar
The love and support between this couple is very inspirational and encouraging. I love this pair, and these are the reasons I think you should ship these underrated mates as well. Welp, this was more “analyzing”, then “my thoughts about them”, but nevermind 😛
What it says about you: You are strong, independant, and sassy. You fight for equality and are extremely angry at those who don’t agree everyone should be equal.

16. Dovewing x Foxleap 🕊️🦊
Analyzing: When Foxleap, Squirrelflight, Dovewing, and Jayfeather set off the mountains, Dovewing was incredibly overwhelmed by all the sounds and sights of the world beyond the lake, which had been sheltered from her by the hills before. Foxleap comforts Dovewing, believing
she’s afraid to leave her home. Later, he starts a game with her, challenging her to leap over the river, and later they start to play tag, which is just so cute and heart-warming.
My thoughts: 💖💖💖 Nothing more to say here 🙂
What it says about you: You are playful, imaginative, and creative. You are also active and very kind; you probably enjoy playing sports or doing some sort of outdoor activity. You probably love to play tag!

17. Cinderheart x Hollyleaf ❤️‍🔥🌳
Analyzing: Hollypaw and Cinderpaw were great friends. They did nearly everything together, and they really grew close. When Hollyleaf returned from the tunnels, Cinderheart supported her when no one other than her parents and brothers would. Cinderhear did that, despite cats making fun of her for doing so.
My thoughts: I like them! I think I prefer Holly x Fallen, but this is close behind!
What it says about you: You are friendly, cool, and full of compassion. You love to debate and are great at defending your favorite characters and ships.

18. Spotfur x Stemleaf ⚫🌱
Analyzing: These two were super awesome friends! They grew close and became mates, joining the rebels against Bramblestar soon after. Sadly Stemleaf was killed, but it was because of his love that Spotfur found the courage and motivation to go one.
My thoughts: I didn’t know what to think of this ship when reading the books. But reading Spotfur’s Rebellion changed my view on this couple. This had really good development. Spotpaw and Stempaw were good friends as apprentices; mischief partners, getting into trouble but always having each other’s backs, like how Stempaw was willing to get himself into trouble to save Spotpaw. They played together a lot too, and it was obvious they were really good friends. Later on, there were many hints of their coming romance. They made a good team, finding lost apprentices in the snow, working together to combine their strengths and become more efficient. And then Stemleaf asked Spotfur to become his mate! That was just such a cute moment! Not only was it super sweet, but I value how Stemleaf asked Spotfur, instead of just “suddenly assuming” they were mates and telling everyone that, like with most other ships. And then I love how they still seemed like friends! They were mates, they truly loved each other, but they also felt comfortable around each other and talked about their troubles, thoughts, and adventours. They supported each other so much, through good and bad. In A Light in the Mist, Stemleaf says he would have left his Clan for Spotfur at the skip of a heart. It’s also his love and joy for her that eventually leads to Bristlefrost Sahdowsight, and Rootspring discovering how to destroy the barrier between StarClan and the Dark Forest, which is really cute and nice.
What it says about you: You are cheerful, quirky, and radiant. You love a good book and enjoy all kinds of weather, but you especially love rain, snow, and a clear, sunny day.

19. Ivypool x Fernsong
Analyzing: Fernsong and Ivypool bonded a lot in Thunder and Shadow. Later Fernsong became Ivypool’s mate, and when he asked her about having kits, Ivypool was uncertain. Fernsong said he’d help raise the kits in the nursery too; and he kept his promise, becoming one of the best mates and fathers ever to exist in the Warriors books. In A Light in the Mist, it’s clear how affectionate they still were about each other.
My thoughts: I really love this! <3 It’s so sweet and Fernsong is just so loving and such an absolutely amazing mate.

Fernsong: “Traveling herbs are the worst!”
Ivypool: “Hopefully they’ll give you enough strength to protect us. That is why you’re coming, isn’t it?”
Fernsong: “I was hoping you’d protect me.”
Ivypool: “If you’re nice to me, I might.”
—Fernsong and Ivypool about travelling herbs Thunder and Shadow, page 251

And check out this sweet comic about them :3 https://images.app.goo.gl/qkLgg3dRyYBh7sax6
What it says about you: You are generous, sweet, and loving. You are also very selfless, and make sacrifices for the ones you love. You are also probably a great babysitter! 😀

20. Snowfur x Thistleclaw
Analyzing: As a warrior, Snowfur got involved in a relationship with Thistleclaw, of which Bluefur greatly disapproved of. Snowfur died on the Thunderpath after giving birth to their son, leaving Thistleclaw broken.
My thoughts: Okay, so it was a bit sweet when Snowfur gave birth. Thistleclaw was so anxious and that was an interesting side to him we’ve never seen. He was also really loving afterwards, also uncharastic of him. But he was really cruel to his son, and then we have his manipulation with Spottedpaw, so nope. Nope. Nope.
What it says about you: You are brave, fun, and adventurous. You are also very caring, and deeply love the ones close to you.

That’s all! Thank you so much for reading! What are your favorite ships?
Here’s the link to part 1 of “What your favorite Warriors ship says about you”, if you’d like to read that one as well: https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/2021/12/02/what-your-favorite-warriors-ship-says-about-you-by-mountainpaw/
See you in the next article! 🙂 Mountainpaw *bows* is out!

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