My opinion on ships pt. 1: Fireleaf (Firepaw x Spottedleaf) by Dreampelt

Dreampelt shares their opinion on Firestar and Spottedleaf’s relationship.

Artwork by Marquarida

This is the first of a series that I’m planning to make where I analyze and share my opinions on ships. Feel free to comment below about your opinion and comment on what ship you want to share my opinion on next.

This one is I’m starting classic: Firepaw x Spottedleaf. Let’s go over what’s happening with this:

He first saw Spottedleaf when she was healing Ravenpaw, and he had a big crush on her. He liked to be with in the medicine den with her when he fetched supplies for Yellowfang. It seemed that Spottedleaf had much larger feelings for him, also. When she died, she delivered prophecies to him to help him out (She was NOT meddling in his dreams, like some Spottedleaf haters say), until he became leader. She even helped Leafpool and Jayfeather when she was in StarClan. He was saddened when she was killed by Clawface, and didn’t move on from her for the longest time, even after Sandstorm was her mate. Sandstorm got upset when she found out about this, but they made up in Firestar’s Quest. During the battle with the Dark Forest, when Mapleshade was attempting to kill Sandstorm, Spottedleaf took the blow, saying that she didn’t resent Sandstorm, because he made Firestar happy. Firestar grieved, but Spottedleaf said that although they loved each other, they were never meant for each other. She faded away, and it’s unclear who she is reincarnated as.

My opinions on this:

I personally think “meh.” I like Spottedleaf as a character (My opinion okay) but I much prefer Firestar with Sandstorm. I believe Sandstorm is Firestar’s true love, and nothing can take that away from them, even their childhood crushes (Spottedleaf & Dustpelt.) Sandstorm and Firestar have way better chemistry, and their relationship is a great (kinda sorta) enemies-to-lovers story. Even if Spottedleaf did live, they were clearly much too shy to make anything happen. It wasn’t likely it would happen anyway as medicine cats can’t have mates. Even before it Sandstorm x Fireheart ship was starting to sail, I never liked him with Spottedleaf. I also believe that Firepaw’s feelings weren’t really LOVE. His actions with Spottedleaf comparing with his actions with Sandstorm clearly show that it’s just a CRUSH. He spent more time getting prophecies from her than actually spending quality time together. He spent plenty of quality time with Sandstorm, however.

Comment below on what ship you want me to analyze next!

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