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Is Bramblestar or Ashfur better for squirrelflight? by Mistystream


Mistystream analyses both Ashfur and Bramblestar

So today we will be talking about Squirrelflight’s relationships. Personally I think that Squirrelflight should be single, but if she had to choose, my thoughts are down below.

So I have to say this ship is sweet in the beginning, but Bramblestar soon starts becoming mean towards Squirrelflight. He is very overpowering and honestly abusive. Sure he doesn’t physically abuse her, but often verbally abases her. Even when she becomes deputy, brambles doesn’t care what she thinks. He just kinda runs oven her, and even makes her do work when she contradicts him. He always thinks he is right. But even after he apologizes, he does it again. So is Bramblestar abusive? Yes, he doesn’t, deserve Squirrelflight

So he loves squirrelflight but that turns into obsession. Whenever she chooses brambestar over him, he is heartbroken. But in the endI think, despite all the bad choices he makes, he really does love Squirrelflight. Yeah he does some bad things, like kidnapping Squirrelflight just to be with her, and trying to kill her kits. But in the end, I think he would have treated her better, and been more supportive than Bramblestar. Now heartbreak is know exscuse to try to murder someone, but I think in the end, Squirrelflight still loves him. I think that the saying “Love the sinner, hate the sin” and “Be nice enough to forgive someone, but do not be stupid enough to trust them again” and “Forgive but do not forget” all describe Squirrelflight’s feelings towards Ashfur. And as Yellowfang says “His only crime was loving too much,” is sort of true. Love does not exscues murder(like I said before) but you have to look at it from his point of view. He was hurt, so he wanted to make Squirrelflight hurt. I think he just wanted her to feel his pain, but handled it terribly. He should have been happy for her. So I think that Ashfur went mad from grief.

In a good relationship, both partners should feel loved and supported, and like they can communicate with each other. I honestly think that Squirrelflight would be more loved, supported, and could feel like she can communicate in a relationship with Ashfur.

So in the end, I definitely think SquirrelxAsh is better than SquirrelxBramble.
This is just my opinion, so plz respect it, because I respect all of your opinions! See you next time!


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  • YES!!! AshxSquirrel is WAYYYYYYY BETTER!!!! There is a vid on youtube about how Bramblestar is Abusive, bossy and just annoying! No offense to BramblexSquirrel fans and this is my opinion. Nice article btw! Though im on Moonrise so i will see if there is a better option instead of Ashfur or Bramblestar. 🙂

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