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Some Theories About Warriors by Snowpaw

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Snowpaw describes two Warriors theories

Hi everyone, my name is Snowpaw and today I will be talking about my theory about Skyclan and when they left the forest for the gorge. And another theory about Spottedleaf’s age.

In the book Cloudstar’s Journey when Cloudstar leads his clan into battle against Thunderclan, it says Nettleclaw is a young, strong warrior. However, Skyclan was supposed to of left a long time ago. In Goosefeather’s Curse, it says Nettleclaw was an old cat. So by the time Firestar came into the forest, Skyclan would have been gone for only about three generations. How do I know that? Goosefeather is the sister of Moonflower. Moonflower is the mother of Bluestar was fairly old when Firepaw first came into the forest. Bluestar had children around Firepaw’s age which makes it three generations. Moonflower-Bluestar-Mistyfoot, Mistyfoot is around Firestar’s age when he first comes into the forest. When Firestar goes to find the remnants of Skyclan he finds Sky an old cat whose, I believe, mother’s mother was part of Skyclan. This means that Sky is about the age as Bluestar if she were still alive. Sky’s mother would have to be the same age as Moonflower if she were still alive and Sky’s grandmother would be the same age as Nettleclaw if he were still alive. So this means Skyclan split either right when they got there or one generation after that.
Another one I want to talk about is Spottedleaf. Spottedleaf is described as a young medicine cat in The Prophecies Begin. However, Spottedleaf is older than Tigerclaw. How did I know this? Well, Thistleclaw was Tigerclaws mentor right. And Thistleclaw was mates with Snowfur, Bluestar’s sister. This means Spottedleaf is older than Tigerclaw. Ans I believe it says that Darkstripe was Tigerclaws apprentice. And in The Prophecies Begin, Graystripe says that Darkstripe is “neither young nor pretty” when Spottedleaf is two generations older than him.
There are also other mistakes that the authors made so if you see one and want to point it out in the comment’s do that.
Thanks for reading. Sorry if this was confusing, this is my first article and I hope you enjoyed it.

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  • Sottedleaf is not older than tigerclaw. She was in the second litter.
    The first litter was Sweetpaw, Thistleclaw and Rosetail. The second was Redtail, Spottedleaf and Willow?
    Otherwise great article

  • Streampaw is so glad she decided not to leave BlogClan! She's excited to celebrate her birthday! (🌊Streampaw/lark🌊) says:

    Great article! The first theory was interesting and you made a good explanation for your conclusion! 😃

  • Great article but Tigerstar1 is actually older than Spottedleaf I know this by that Spottedleaf(Spottedkit) was never in the nursery when Tiger star 1(Tigerkit) only, Whitekit, Frostkit,and Brindlekit were in the Nursery when Tiger star was a kit and Tigerstar was older than any of the kits I listed above.

  • Sorry, these aren’t really theories. They are more like things I noticed. And here is a part I forgot to add about Mapleshade.

    Now onto Mapleshade. This will be easy. Mapleshade’s leader who drove her and her kits away is Oakstar. I will not turn this into a rant about Oakstar, Frecklewish, Appledusk and, Ravenwing, but I do like Mapleshade. After Oakstar is Doestar. After Doestar is Pinestar. After Pinestar is Sunstar. And after Sunstar is Bluestar. After Bluestar is Firestar. And after Firestar is Bramblestar. So here we go.
    So at the time of the battle with the Dark Forest cats, Mapleshade was 7 generations old. One more way was that Mapleshade said while talking to Crookedstar was that he was related to Appledusk. That his kits with Reedshine went on to have kits. Then those kits hade Shellheart, Crookedstar’s dad.

  • Great article, Snowpaw! I disagree with your theories, though. For the SkyClan theory, it was likely that the Nettleclaw from Cloudstar’s Journey was a different Nettleclaw than in Goosefeather’s Curse. Also, the authors have confirmed that 20 years have passed between SkyClan’s exile and Oakstar’s leadership. To add to this, your conclusion may have been slightly inaccurate. Think about it this way. Several generations have passed since Tigerstar was killed. However, many cats still know about Tigerstar’s cruelty, despite not being alive back then. They have this information typically from nursery tales. Now, compare this to your theory. If only three generations have passed since SkyClan’s exile and Goosefeather’s Curse, why didn’t Oakstar or Mapleshade — who should’ve been kits back then — know about SkyClan’s exile. Why didn’t Rabbitfur, an elder from Mapleshade’s Vengeance, even know about them? ~ Cloudy

  • This is a really cool idea, and I love the concept of measuring the warrior’s timeline, but I think you might be confusing Nettleclaw, the Skyclan warrior, with Nettlebreeze, the elder during Goosefeather’s curse.
    Still super cool though! Maybe Nettlebreeze is named after Nettleclaw? As near as I can tell they’re the only Thunderclan cats who have that prefix, and could still the time frame relitively close.

  • in Redtail’s debt Tigerclaw was a warrior before Redtail and Redtail is Spottedleaf littermate 🤔

  • When I saw the cover, I thought, “oh, is that a silver version of Onestar from Onestars Confession?”
    This is a great and very interesting article!
    (I’ve read Spottedleafs Heart and she was a kit when Tigerstar was an apprentice)

  • Great article!! I couldn’t find out if Tigerclaw is older than Spottedleaf. But wait Grey paw said about Darkstripe being “old nor pretty” and Spottedleaf being “young and pretty” when Spottedleaf is older than Darkstripe. My name is Speckle kit and I’m new to this website.

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