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The Worst Ships by Flamefire

Art by Missy Dakota

Flamefire takes a look at some of the worst ships in the series

Hello! It’s Flamefire, and today we’ll be looking at some of the more interesting ships many people of different opinions about. First, let’s start with the bad. **WARNING!! SPOILERS AHEAD FOR MANY MAJOR SHIPS THROUGHOUT THE BOOKS!! BEWARE!!**

Nightcloud x Crowfeather
Oof! This ship was, and still is, an enormous trainwreck. First off, Crowfeather never really even loved Nightcloud, and that just puts it on the bad list immediately. However, there’s many other reasons people hate this one, starting with the fact that Crowfeather only mated with Nightcloud to prove his loyalty after the whole thing with Leafpool. Yowch. That is, by far, the worst reason to mate with another cat in the history of bad reasons. Crowfeather and Nightcloud have ultimately zero chemistry. Some may ask why, if they do not love each other, why did they have kits? Answer: I have no idea. But actually, we know for sure Crowfeather doesn’t love Nightcloud, but what we DON’T know is if SHE loves HIM. Anyways, the other reasons would probably be, like I already said, they have no chemistry and hate each other. Yeah. That’s bad.

Mapleshade x Appledusk
If you’ve read Mapleshade’s Vengeance or my other article, Explaining Mapleshade’s Madness, you’ll know why this is on the “bad ships” list. Well. For starters, Mapleshade technically KILLED Appledusk in the end, which is definitely a bummer. WELL, Appledusk kinda deserved it, because of how he, oh, y’know… CHEATED ON MAPLESHADE. That’s crappy on Appledusk’s part. I’d list more reasons, but honestly, this should be enough.

Squirrelflight x Ashfur
When Squirrelflight was still deciding between Ashfur and Bramblestar Ashfur and Squirrelflight were an “ok” ship, but after that everything turned rotten. Ashfur got angry and bitter over Squirrelflight turning him down and threatened to kill her kits. (NOT COOL, ASHFUR.) THEN he decided, after that didn’t work, to try and reveal the deadly secret Squirrelflight gave him. (I’m saving all of you who haven’t read this far by not revealing the secret!) But, luckily, Hollyleaf managed to stop that.

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