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Updated Favorite and Least Favorite Warriors! by Drizzledrop

Art by toboe5tails

Drizz revisits their list of favourite and least favourite characters

Hi, it’s your fav cat, Drizz! Today I will be updating my favorite’s list, because my last one is underdeveloped and now incorrect! If you want to read that one first, here it is: https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/2021/12/07/my-favorite-and-least-favorite-warriors-by-hollyear/
My last least favorites:
5. Hawkfrost
4. Tigerclaw/star
3. Stormfur
2. Leafpool
1. Jayfeather
My last favorites:
5. Ravenpaw
4. Needletail
3. Spottedleaf
2. Moth Flight
1. Hollyleaf
Those were my favorites, but here are the new ones, and like always, I’ll start with my least favorites.
5. Mothwing:
LISTEN UP PEEPS, I KNOW IT USED TO BE HER BROTHER. Okay, Mothwing never believed in StarClan, and because of that she didn’t understand thinks and made stupid mistakes. She thought she was allowed to help Leafpaw feed her clan because RiverClan had enough prey and they were both medicine cats. Even medicine cats have their limits. She’s not the only cat to not believe in StarClan, Cloudtail didn’t either, but he only made the mistake of going to be a kittypet. Sure, he thought the Warrior Code was optional, but he was taught otherwise really soon.
4. Stormfur:
R u happy? He’s higher up now! But I still find him boring, and I just don’t like him. I also don’t like his ship, Storm x Brook (Brook Where Small Fish Swim). Also, after he left the clans, it was annoying when he came back.
3. Hawkfrost:
LISTEN UP! He caused the whole ‘Mothwing not caring about boundaries problem “because medicine cats don’t have to follow the code!” Mothwing believed’. Look, I know you think, ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN? It was Mothwing’s fault!” But, not true! Think about it. StarClan wouldn’t have really wanted Mothwing to train as a medicine cat in the first place if she didn’t believe. But Hawkfrost HAD to fake a sign.
2. Leafpool:
I’ve always found her boring, and annoying. I know she gave birth to one of my favorite cats, but she also mated with the second grumpiest cat in the clans! That caused, first grumpiest cat in the clans, Jayfeather… Don’t mess with other cats, Leafpool. You’re a medicine cat. And Crowfeather, LEAVE THAT MED ALONE!
Honorable mentions:
Tigerheart/star, Tigerclaw/star, Harestar, Heatherstar, Clear Sky, Star Flower, Storm, Alderheart, Darktail, Rowanstar, Raggedstar, and Longtail.
1. Jayfeather:
You’re gonna ask me why. Why? He’s mean. He’s a grump. He’s disrespectful, jerky, annoying, RUDE! He snapped at Mousefur while cleaning her ticks. SURE SHE’S GRUMPY TOO, BUT ALL ELDERS ARE!
Yay! Least favorites are done! Now for my favorites!
5. Ravenpaw:
He is really sweet, but nervous and shy, and that makes him ADORABLE! Not much to say here, though!
4. Needletail:
I LOVED her in AVoS. Don’t know why really, but I loved her attitude the most! I’m very relatable to her!
3. Moth Flight:
I loved how she chased the moth, because she believed she had too, and so she knew it would end with a benefit. Pretty funny she would never listen to her mother also. She had an awesome Super Edition, too! YAY!
2. Leopardstar:
She is pure awesome! Her story was so awesome. I liked her whiny-ish self, even though it didn’t appear often. She and Sunfish were a great ship, actually, one of my favorites with her. I also like Leopardstar x Frogleap. That was cute!
Honorable mentions:
Spottedleaf, Turtle Tail, Greystripe, Ravenpaw, Ferncloud, Millie, Briarlight, Deadfoot, Mudclaw, Skyheart, Shrewpaw, and Shrewclaw.
1. Hollyleaf:
I love her! Here are her characteristics: She’s loyal, true to her heart, smart, gentle, sweet, and most importantly, brave and courageous! She’d do anything to keep the code, she loves it and will die for it, and her clanmates. Poor Hollyleaf. I wonder what her power would have been if she was part of the three. Or she should have been the fourth cat, not Firestar. Firestar gets too much spotlight. In the end, she saved Ivypool from Hawkfrost, and she took her place in StarClan. That scene made me SO SAD! Oh no, my favorite cat is dead!
Anyway, Drizz is leaving the spotlight for someone else now! Love y’all special BlogClanners!!
– Drizz! (Drizzlepaw/drop, she/her)

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