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Cross-Clan Relationships: Should They be Against the Code? by Frostkit

Frostkit lists some forbidden relationships and wonders if they should be against the code.

Art by T-TiP

Hi! My name is Frapple, as you already know, and I’m back with another article!

I think my article on the fourth cat got cut off, so hopefully I can fix it.

Anyway, today, I’ll be going over cross-Clan relationships. Should they really be against the code? I’m only asking this question because so many warrior cats in the past series mated with cats from other Clans. I believe it’s only fair if the warrior code is updated a bit.

So basically, as we read the books, we can see that so many POV and important characters have broken the no cross-Clan relationships part of the code. It goes from Graystripe and Silverstream to Bristlefrost and Rootspring. And it’s happening so much, that it’s starting to get annoying! Medicine cats are breaking the no mates and kits part of the code as well. Let’s see, Spottedleaf wanted love, so I guess she counts. Yellowfang and Leafpool obviously count. And Jayfeather? Well, he was in love with Half Moon, so I guess he counts too! And I bet lots of other medicine cats that I can’t remember right now have broken the code too! Now I’m not going to go ahead and name all of the cats who have broken the code in general, but I’ll list all of the cats I can remember:
Graystripe X Silverstream
Dovewing X Tigerheart
Rootspring X Bristlefrost
Crowfeather X Feathertail
Crowfeather X Leafpool (This counts double because it also breaks med cat code.)
Yellowfang X Raggedstar (This counts double because it also breaks med cat code.)
Bluestar X Oakheart
Lionblaze X Heathertail
Firestar X Spottedleaf
Alderheart X Velvet
Appledusk X Mapleshade
Micah X Moth Flight
Tigerstar X Sasha
Onestar X Smoke
Beechfur X Gorsetail
Eaglestorm X Squirrelwhisker
Ryewhisker X Cloudberry
Jayfeather X Half Moon

So that’s it! Whew! Okay, anyway, those are all of the cross-Clan/forbidden relationships I know. (Relationships with rogues/loners count because you are not supposed to mate with anyone outside of the Clans. I wouldn’t count Graystripe X Millie because Millie eventually joined the Clans. Also, relationships that aren’t official count. ex: Firestar X Spottedleaf, Crowfeather X Feathertail, Jayfeather X Half Moon.) But ignore the fact that that’s not more than half of all of the cats in the Clans, but just look at that list again. A few are well-known medicine cats that have broken the med cat code.

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  • Nice article! Feather x Crow is my favorite (🥰) but I love Moth x Micah, Velvet x Alder, and Root x Bristle too. I think there must be a way to find a balance to allow cats to love beyond the border yet not have to fight/watch them get killed in battle. Maybe one of them has to join their Clan? I’m not sure about med cats, though! Maybe there could be a rule that they can only have mates if there are more than 1 medicine cats.

  • Yeah, there definitely are a lot of them 😛 But by the time Gray and MIllie were together, well Gray was a kittypet anyway, so I don’t think it should really count. Heather x Lion was never truly official, nor was Alder x Velvet Spotted x Fire. Sure, Spottedleaf definitely had the INTENTIONS, but never actually acted on them (likely because she just didn’t get the chance…) Great article, anyway.

  • Good article! Though Moth Flight and Micah mated before that rule existed

  • Great article! Though personally I like the cross-clan ships. To me they’re interesting and cool. But anyway… There are some questions I would like you to answer:
    1. What is your fav cross-clan ship?
    2. What is your least fav cross-clan ship?
    3. Do you like Mapleshade x Reedshine? = Mapleshine= me!
    4. Do you like Ivy x Blossom? = Ivyfall

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