Making an OC; The must-knows by Ashenpaw

Ashenpaw takes you through the steps of making a Warriors OC.

Hello! If your on Blogclan, surely you have an oc. But think about it, is your warrior name unique? Let’s see!

First off, here’s 5 prefixes I think are a little to common to be unique:
1. Willow
2. Gorse
3. White or snow
4. Dark
5. Cloud

Then some common suffixes:
1. tail
2. pelt
3. fur
4. foot
5. claw

Maybe you could try something I really haven’t seen much before like sparklemist or Berryfrost!

Also, don’t use a name that’s already been used in the main series. So no naming your OC Fireheart/star, that’s silly. If you do, then maybe do a cat that’s mentioned like 4 times like Molepaw or Primrosepaw!

Also, don’t do names that make no sense like Moneywhisker or Car-insurancefur. cats don’t know what car insurance is.

Whenevee thinking of a name, always make it based off of their appearance! Like name a brown tortoiseshell Mudspots or a silver tabby with green eyes Fernmoon.

When making a feral cat look realistic, you have to have natural cat colors. No neon pink cats. I recommend showing something about your purrsona! Like If your very friendly and energetic you could be a light orange tabby with blue eyes and a fluffy tail! Or if your selfish and self-centered you could be a solid grey cat with dark gray splotches and a ton of scars! I like to make my cats eye color my eye color, so Rabbitpaw has blue eyes and midnight blue fur. You could have Blue fur like Bluestar though, as long as you classify it has grey-blue. Also size matters! Rabbitpaw is tiny! Maybe on the allegiances, it could be like: BRAVEHEART – Muscular grey tom with a scar that runs down his flank.
A bad example would be: BATTERYFOOT – bright red tom who is as big as 17 twolegs and is also a medicine cat but is also a kit and a deputy and warrior. Besides, Goldenfawn or Viperfrost would shorten it anyways. And no cat is as big as 17 twolegs. That’s unrealistic.

What did you create? Tell me in the comments of this post! And remember that prefixes like willow and snow are still great prefixes!

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  • I am a white she-cat with blue eyes, deaf in one ear, regular size, sleek fur, and part of ThunderClan. My name is Whitebreeze. As far as I noticed, ‘breeze’ suffix was not very often.


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