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My Least-Favorite Cats by Brackenclaw

Brackenclaw shares their opinion on their least favourite characters from the series.

Art by flash-the-artist

Hello! Brackenclaw here, with another article! Today I will be discussing my least favorite characters. These are just my opinions, so it’s completely fine if you disagree! In fact, I want you to disagree, at least with some of these (please be respectful when telling me your opinion!). I hope you enjoy this article!

SPOILER WARNING!! SPOILERS FOR ALL THE ARCS, INCLUDING TBC AND AVOS (and possibly some Super Editions as well as novellas)!!

10) Bramblestar
I like him as a kit, apprentice, and young warrior! But once he’s deputy, he’s a huge jerk for no reason to Squirrelflight. Then, they get back together, and Brambleclaw(star) is good again. Then, Squirrelflight lies to him about being Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze’s mother, which I think was probably not the best thing to do. There weren’t many options, and what she did was one of the better things to do, but still. Anyway, back to Bramblestar. Then, the truth comes out and he hates Squirrelflight for it, which is understandable. Once he becomes leader, Bramblestar is so-so. I just don’t like him that much, although he is great in TBC. He’s definitely one of my least-favorite cats because, A, he was kind of a jerk to Squirrelflight at one point, B, because he gets on my nerves a lot, and C, he’s really unpredictable (at least, from the way I see it).

9) MistystarMothwing
She’s great as a warrior, and an awesome deputy, but her leadership just goes flop. She’s super unfair to Mothwing, Harelight, and Icewing! She is continually a jerk to Icewing and Harelight, while she’s like “Come back already we need you and miss you come baaaack!!!” to Mothwing! Speaking of which, I kinda hated Mothwing for being a total jerk to Shadowsight. It wasn’t his fault! True, he needed more training, but who is she to tell Shadowsight he was in the wrong when she doesn’t even believe in StarClan?! So, that’s why I dislike both of them.

8) Tigerstar 1
He’s just really bland, compared to other villains like Darktail and Ashfur. I feel like, as the books go on, the antagonists become more vicious and colorful. Lay-out of Tigerstar 1: Father left when he was a kit, sisters died, mother spoiled him, had a vicious mentor, tried to be a good warrior, got jealous of Fireheart, killed a lot of cats, eventually defeated by Scourge. So, basically a very basic, kinda-boring villain. I know, I know, he’s an original! But I just don’t like him that much.

7) Sleekwhisker
First of all. WHO THE HECK BETRAYS HER BEST FRIEND AND THEN HELPS MURDER HER???? Sleekwhisker- I just hate her. When she came back with Yarrowleaf, I was like, “Wait a minute. What?” I thought she really did care about her Clanmates after all. Nope! I was a bit too optimistic on that one. She betrays her Clan, kin, and friends. Who knows, she might have even assisted Darktail in killing Dawnpelt, who was her own MOTHER. I thought murdering your friend was dark, but your MOM??!?!?!?! Sleekwhisker is just- I- You get the point. Moving on!

6) Rainflower
Who re-names their kit a hurtful, mean name just because of a disability? Rainflower is abusive, neglectful, and is very selfish. She even said that Crookedkit should sleep in a nest by himself because she said he was different! She was being really unfair, and while Oakkit tried to help, he didn’t really do anything to stop his mom from neglecting his brother! I’m really glad that Shellheart stopped being her mate. And do you know what I think is petty? Rainflower being almost clueless of why he was doing this. She’s kind of like a back-wards Millie: Rainflower neglecting her kit because of a permanent injury, Millie neglecting her uninjured kits for one who had a disability. Both of them were in the wrong, and should have treated their kits fairly and equally. At least Millie actually still kind of loved Blossomfall and Bumblestripe, where Rainflower was just like “Oh, hi, Stormkit OH MY GOSH YOUR JAW IS BROKEN! I know! Let’s re-name you Crookedkit. Bye, kit I utterly do not care about in the least I’m forgetting about you forever!” I’m going to stop here because this is kind of turning into a rant.

5) Tigerstar 2
I mean, he’s not that great of a guy. He uses Dovepaw to get his Clanmates catmint, and then basically takes her sister hostage! At least Ivypaw wasn’t mistreated, but that still wasn’t ok. A pattern I’ve noticed in ShadowClan is that they kidnap ThunderClan apprentices and then use them as bargaining chips to get what they wantneed. Like, what the heck ShadowClan?! And Tigerheart(star) is… I don’t know, a loyal warrior, I guess, but at the same time not really. He manipulated Dovepaw into loving him, and then continually used her for hishis Clan’s purposes. (I haven’t read Tigerheart’s Shadow, so forgive me if I skip a lot of stuff.) Then, moons later after their supposed “break-up”, he runs away with Dovewing WHEN HIS CLANMATES NEED HIM MORE THAN EVER!! Who does that?!? Tigerheartstar, apparently. I guess he’s an ok leader, but I still dislike him strongly.

4) Dovewing
She’s kind of a mouse-brain, if you ask me. (Sorry, Dove-fans!) She is almost oblivious to the fact that she is hurting her sister for getting all the attention and love from her Clan, while Ivypaw is stuck in the background, watching enviously. This isn’t Dovepaw’s fault, of course, but she could have done a lot more to include her sister and make her feel welcome. A few reasons why I don’t like her is that she is extremely ungrateful, disloyal, and fussy. When Ivypool forgives Dovewing, what does she do? She seems grateful for a time, but then- NOPE! Down the drain, running away with Tigerheartstar. When she comes back with her kits, Ivypool forgives her again. Then Dovewing betrays her again by joining ShadowClan! She says she’ll come and visit, but you can’t do that when you’ve changed Clans! Ivypool forgives her again! This proves that Ivypool, while she didn’t have a very good start, turned into one of the best siblings ever in the Warriors Universe, while Dovewing proves to be a back-stabber. Also, you may say that I’m being anti-forbidden love, but the forbidden romances is one of the best parts! Just not this one. It feels weird and used, and kind of rushed a little. I used the word “used” because Tigerheart used Dovewing. A lot. The reason Dovewing is disloyal: running away from her Clan, and persuading Tigerheart(star) to leave with her (I could be wrong about this, as I’ve said I haven’t read Tigerheart’s Shadow)! That’s double disloyalty right there. Being disloyal yourself is one thing, but convincing someone you love to leave their Clan when they’re needed the most? Now that’s just plain selfish. I’ll do another article on this in the future, but this is turning into another rant.

3) Millie She was great at the start, an awesome warrior and very supportive of everyone. A perfect mate for Graystripe! And, at first, she was a great and loving mother to all of her kits. But then, Briarpaw gets paralized and Millie forgets Blossomfall and Bumblestripe. Blossomfall turns into a jealous, hateful sister and trains in the Dark Forest, much like Ivypool. Bumblestripe… I don’t know what his deal was, other than having a crush on Dovewing. When Blossomfall was injured, Millie was mad at her and blamed her for her injuries, which is semi-understandable. Millie is just- she is a neglectful, bad mother. She just fussed around Briarlight, thinking she was helping, when really she was creating an atmosphere of tension to Briarlight. At the same time, Millie also tried to be supportive, and this kind of helped. She helped her daughter with her exercises, which was awesome, but she really should have been helping her other kits too. While they were adults, they still needed the love of their parents. Graystripe was an ok father to his second litter, but I feel like he was better to Feathertail and Stormfur. But I’m not going to get into that.

2) Clear Sky
I’m not talking about Skystar, because he was actually a good leader then. When the Tribe cats settled in the forest territory, everything was good for a while. Then, Clear Sky and a few other cats decide to leave for the forest. So they do, and everything’s good. Then, Clear Sky starts guarding his borders and attacking random loners and rogues who don’t belong to his group. This is where he turns bad. He sets up borders, and eventually starts an all-out war. He is responsible for so many cats dying, even if they did not fall from his own claws. He kills Rainswept Flower for utterly no reason but to kill her. He is responsible for pushing Storm to leave and that got her killed, along with two of her kits. I literally yelled several times when I read the First Battle because of how infuriating and arrogant Clear Sky was. More than half of the population of wild cats combined died because of him! And then he takes One Eye into his camp and lets him fight a kit??? Who he knows One Eye will beat?!? Clear Sky is reckless, brutal, and unfair for most of the DotC arc. That’s all I have to say about him.

1) Ashfur
At first, Ashfur is a harmless, loyal warrior who’d do anything for his Clan. Then, he becomes obsessed with Squirrelflight, who turns him down. Instead of doing the logical thing, giving up and moving on, he starts trying to hurt Squirrelflight. He thinks this will make her love him. How mouse-brained is that?!? Then, he tries to kill her and her supposed “kits”. The reveal of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf’s parentage happens, and I’m going to skip to when he’s the antagonist of TBC. He was in StarClan, and then he dug a tunnel into the Dark Forest. (If you ask me, StarClan can be a bit too trusting at times.) He recruits most of the cats there, and then gets into Shadowpawsight’s mind and tells him to basically kill Bramblestar. Being an apprentice, he thinks that this is the voice of a StarClan cat and he convinces the other medicine cats to believe him. Bramblestar dies, and Ashfur takes over his body. He is responsible for countless deaths, and the Clans just went along with it! The only sensible Clan was SkyClan. Leafstar is the best! Ashfur is the reason that Bristlefrost is dead and I hate his guts. Like WHY THE HECKIN’ HECK ARE YOU SO EVIL AND AWFUL AND HORRIBLE I’LL RIP YOUR FACE OFF –

Hope you liked this article! Brackenclaw out.

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  • I just got to disagree with Clear Sky. He is my favorite cat of all time. He is very much wrong (I’m bad at grammar) in his justifications for murder, but he makes such an interesting antagonist during DotC that I can’t help but feel he is my favorite antagonist. And basically all cats. Ever.
    . sorry😝

  • Sleekwhisker is one of the worst. She will never be forgiven for killing Needletail. Everything else is forgivable, but not killing Needletail.
    RIP Needletail u were a true gal

  • I think Ashfur is worst of all. Wow what a awful and selfish cat he is! I think he is the worst because I think he is far more dangerous than Tigerstar, Brokentail, or Scourge in the original series, Sol in The New Prophecy, and more! I am like WHY? WHY DID YOU MURDER MANY CATS JUST TO MAKE SQUIRRELFLIGHT LOVE YOU, YOU DUMBFACE, SELFISHWHISKERS!! I WILL SHRED YOU FOR TRYING TO KILL SHADOWSIGHT, AGAIN, AND AGAIN EVEN WHEN YOU DIE!!
    Okay, I am so mad at Ashfur for killing so many cats, especially Bristlefrost, well he technically killed her. I think his name should be Selfishwhiskers or Dumbface.

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