Who Does Graystripe Love More? by Snowdrift and Ashenpaw

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Snowdrift and Ashenpaw analyse Graystripe and his relationships

Snowdrift: Hello, I’m Snow, and this is my apprentice, Rabbitpaw! Today we’ll be talking about the GrayXWhat ships.

Rabbitpaw: Hello! How about we start with talking about Silverstream since she was Graystripe’s, first mate?

Snowdrift: Yes, but before; who do you think goes best with Graystripe?

Rabbitpaw: I like Millie, but everyone’s open to their own opinion, I don’t judge!

Snowdrift: I disagree, I think Silverstream is better. But, as you say, I don’t judge, everyone has opinions!

Snowdrift: Why do you like Millie more?

Rabbitpaw: I feel like Millie is a wholesome cat. She didn’t get Graystripe into as big a mess as Silverstream did. I mean- She did have kits and died which probably gave Graystripe depression, as he even mentioned burying his Featherkit/tail and Stormkit/fur where Silverstream died.

Snowdrift: Yes. But I think Graystripe probably loves Silverstream more as he actually went to RiverClan to be with her kits.

Rabbitpaw: Another thing about Millie that shows Graystripe really loves her is that when she was kitting(Briar, Bumble, Blossom) Graystripe meowed “If you have to save anyone, save her!” (referring to Millie)

Snowdrift: I mean, you can’t deny that Millie was a terrible mother when Briarlight got hurt. She fussed way too much over Briarlight and basically thought she had only one kit.

Rabbitpaw: Although I’m only on Long shadows, I’ve heard much about this. I’ve heard that Millie fussed over Briarlight, and basically flat out ignored Blossomfall. Though Briarlight was severely hurt, that doesn’t mean you can neglect your kit.

Rabbitpaw: Though Blossomfall is a full-grown warrior. She shouldn’t be fussing over the fact that Millie is paying most attention to Briarlight. It’s probably Millie’s instinct that made her neglect her other kits when Briarlight got hurt, I doubt she was trying to make Blossomfall and Bumblestripe feel neglected.

Snowdrift: Yes. This is one of the (many) flaws Millie has. Also, Graystripe was like that when Silverstream was kitting. He didn’t even care when Tigerclaw saw him.


“I buried her on the shore,” he whispered as Fireheart padded up and sat down beside him. “She loved the river.” He raised his head to where the first stars of Silverpelt were beginning to appear. “She hunts with StarClan now,” he mewed softly. “Someday I’ll find her again, and we’ll be together.”

“I have to stay here and bury her,” he whispered. “Here, between RiverClan and ThunderClan. After this, not even her own Clan will want to mourn her.”

He loved Silverstream enough to abandon his apprentice duties.

“Graystripe had never taken his duties as mentor seriously, he thought with a pang of worry. He had been more interested in Silverstream right from the start. Meanwhile, Fireheart himself had more or less taken over Brackenpaw’s training. He enjoyed it, and he liked the serious-minded ginger tom, but he was troubled that loyalty to the Clan didn’t mean more to Graystripe.”

“Silverstream!” Graystripe reared up and flung back his head. His wails of grief split the quiet air. “Silverstream!”

Snowdrift: Yes, I know, but there is a quote where Blossomfall felt the ignorance. It was when Ivypool and Blossomfall came from the tunnels. Whitewing (Ivypool’s mother) treated Ivypool like a dear mother, whereas Millie just looked at Blossomfall in disgust and just- went to meet Briarlight.

Rabbitpaw: That is true! But I believe it was wrong Graystripe neglected Brackenpaw, but that’s for another article.

Snowdrift: Yes, that is true. You may or may not say that Millie treated her kits very well, but in my opinion, that’s not true. Millie fussed and smothered them too much.

Rabbitpaw: Oh. I never heard of that before, and that sounds pretty cruel. I believe Millie should’ve listened to Jayfeather when he instructed her to give Briarlight space. Millie could’ve been ignorant at times, but there’s still reasons that both Silverstream and Millie were good and bad mates

Rabbitpaw: Oh, and unless Graystripe felt really hurt by Millie’s attitude towards Blossomfall, that might not affect their relationship as mates

Snowdrift: Yes, my point is that she should treat them as equals. The whole mate/relationship thingy is sorta tied around the kits. Like, they are all their kits, so they should treat them well, surely? Graystripe didn’t really care about Millie’s kits, where he really cared about Silverstream’s kits.

Rabbitpaw: Though I agree Graystripe cares about Silverstream’s kits, I disagree that he doesn’t care about Millie’s kits. In Eclipse, Graystripe defended the nursery. There’s only one thing reasonable for him to protect. He and Millie’s kits. Though this is before Briarlight’s accident, it proves that Graystripe does care about His kits with Millie

Snowdrift: Okay!

What I’m saying is Graystripe is willing to do some serious things for Silverstream. When Bluestar said that they were going to attack on RiverClan, Graystripe was going to tell an enemy clan to protect his mate. That is treachery.

Rabbitpaw: Yes, that shows that he loved Silverstream. But when Graystripe and Millie came to the gathering, Graystripe defended her when some cats hissed to get rid of them because they were kittypets

Snowdrift: Yes, that is what any protective mate would do. Graystripe was willing to go against his clan to protect Silverstream.

Rabbitpaw: Yes. He may have done that for Silverstream, but in a battle, he fought with Thunderclan as a Riverclan cat. Silverstream came from Riverclan, so he was disrespecting her clan. Showing that friendship is more important to him with Fireheart/star than Silverstream.

Snowdrift: Man, i can’t make a evidence/excuse for that how dare you :> Yes, i get what you mean. Doesn’t everyone? Friendship is important too. He made Fireheart save Silverstream from something.

Rabbitpaw: Hehe >:) But, do you think it’s time to decide who Graystripe should choose?

Snowdrift: yes, Rabbi. According to google, the Erins said that Graystripe would choose Silverstream over Millie. I have not changed my descicion, sorry. I think her will choose Silverstream.

Rabbitpaw: Whatever the Erin’s say, I think he should choose neither. It could really hurt the she-cat not chosen mentally, so they should find a way to be with each other equally. I’d say this about other cats such as Crowfeather, but every cat is different! My final decision is that he should choose neither cat!

Snowdrift: Smart! Okay, lets wrap this up. BYe, Blogclanners, please tell me what you think!

Rabbitpaw: Goodbye! Comment your opinion and reasons:D

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    • I was Rick rolled by you, Scorchlight. I clicked your name. Don’t click Scorchlight’s name everybody 😝😂

      Also, great article! I love the way it was like a breakfast show 😉

  • Gray x Silver <3

    Personally despise Millie with a passion for how she treated her kit. I've also always loved Silverstream

  • Great article! You both came up with amazing points! I agree with ScorchPaw and StreamPaw, I think both will be treated equally. However… FireGray is my favorite ship, and I will stand by that until the day that I fully forget that Warriors is a thing. Which is probably going to be never because it inspired me so much growing up lol.

    • Yay! I was waiting for this! Great article, Rabbitpaw and Snowdrift (Or is it Hazelmist now?)!

  • SliverxGray! Besides will Millie even go to Starclan? I mean she did live with the clans half her life, but she never wanted a warrior name sooo… I just wanted to point that out.

    • 💃 💖 🌴 🐭 Darkwing 🍍 🐄 ✨ 🥰 AKA Liv, Ark, Your Majesty, or Dock 🌸 👑 🫧 ♏ You better believe I'm gonna drop a dime on you 🪙 😠 🕺 🫵 I can't wait to get my hair cut! 💇‍♀️ 🥳 🍔 🍇 says:

      I don’t think not having a warrior name would prevent a cat from going to StarClan! cats like Daisy and Purdy would certainly go :))

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