What actually should’ve happened to Cypresspaw & Wavepaw by Ambersky

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Ambersky analyses Cypresspaw and Wavepaw

Hey, Im Ambersky & welcome to my article on what actually should’ve happened to Wavepaw & Cypresspaw!

Let’s begin with their introduction shall we? Cypresspaw & Wavepaw were two new RiverClan apprentices & were introduced in Thunder & Shadow. They went to their first gathering together & they both met Twigpaw & Honeypaw, two ThunderClan apprentices. From all we know about them, they were only introduced once in AVoS before just going AWOL.

So what happened to them, you could be asking. Well, I like to tell you the real reason on what actually happened to them. Basically from the wiki articles, they were intended to be Lakeheart & Lizardtail’s kits, but the editors just cut them out of picture & now they don’t exist. Which is pretty boring to just wipe away characters when they could’ve had some importance to the plot of the next arc & the book River.

Instead of just getting rid of them without any further explanation, I would like to get rid of them in a more classy way. For starters, Wavepaw. What struck her out to me is that her pelt color & pattern is very similar to a RiverClan tom named Podlight.

If you take a closer look you could see that both of them are gray & white the similar patterns of white fur of their pelts & that they both have green eyes. Although Wavepaw has a description of green eyes in her bio, but Podlight doesn’t. But from what I can tell, he does have green eyes. They are just very pale. So already there is a resemblance to the two cats here. But what about Cypresspaw? Well, based on her sprite, she looks to be a himalayan cat, but with hazel eyes. As far as we know, there aren’t any himalayan cats in any of the clans.

This is where I go onto my final point. With how similar Wavepaw looks to Podlight & all of the have green & hazel eyes, my theory should be that Podlight is the apprentices father & he fell in love with a cat outside of his clan. I feel like this should be an actual plot point in the next arc, since there is still a debate about cats in loves with others outside of their clan & how it should be dealt with.

That’s just how I think this plot should go & since it gives them closure & a better way on how they both left. But let me know what you think I’m willing to take any constructive criticism. Happy Holidays everyone!

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