What is the Sharptooth? by Lynxpaw

Lynxpaw theorizes as to the origin of the Sharptooth

Hello, Everybody. In this article we will be theorizing what the Sharptooth might be. If you forgot the Sharptooth is some kinda of big cat that preyed on the Tribe of Rushing Water cats and Feathertail died during the battle against the Sharptooth. So let the Theorizing begin!

Suspect one: Mountain Lion
Now this is the Obvious Theory, but lets theorize how this Mountain Lion got around the Tribe of Rushing Water. So a lot of people think that warrior cats is based in the UK, so a Mountain Lion kinda sticks out like a sore thumb. But the warrior territories are more of their own invention then a real place, other than its inspired by New Forest in England. But I am going to theorize so the Mountain Lion doesn’t go to waste. So It might be an escaped Mountain Lion from a zoo, as it might’ve escaped while being moved from a the zoo to a location or being returned to the zoo in a van or truck. Either way if its native or not, Its the obvious answer.

Suspect Two: The Beast of Bodmin Moor
There is a category of unidentified big cats called “Phantom Cats” or “Alien Big Cats” (ABCs), “Alien” as in non-native big cats. The beast was purported to live in Cornwall, UK. It killed livestock, and it is supposedly a phantom because big cats shouldn’t be roaming the moors of England. Yet again, people think it was owned by a zoo and escaped. Though an escaped big cat would not be reported to the authorities due to the illegality of owning and importing the animals. A week after a government investigation a boy found a skull measuring about 4 inches (10 cm) long by 7 inches (18 cm) wide, it was missing the jaw but had two sharp, prominent canines that might’ve been from a leopard. They determined that it was a genuine skull from a young male leopard, but also found that the cat had not died in Britain and that the skull had been imported as part of a leopard-skin rug. The back of the skull was cleanly cut off in a way that is commonly used to mount the head on a rug. Though this doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a beast, so possibly the Sharptooth is a Cryptid ABC?

Suspect 3: 1900s Escaped pet.
In the early 1900s it wasn’t a uncommon thing to see fashion models walking across the streets of Britain, Wales, and other parts of Europe with big cheetahs lions jaguars/black panthers ETC. Eventually the governments passed a law that you couldn’t keep your ferocious felines anymore well you could but you would have to get a exotic feline license but they were a pretty hefty price. The other option was euthanization but they weren’t really willing to put there big kitties to sleep so they did the only logical thing in there crazy minds was to let them go in the local fields and forests. The big cats set a small population in Wales and Britain and they prey on the local wildlife like red squirrels, red stags, mountain hare, and hedgehogs, and farmer life stock.

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  • Great article! I’ve always thought that Sharptooth was a mountain lion. Probably smuggled in to the UK as a cub to be a pet (illegally). Then when he got too big, and his owner started getting scared of him, they released him in the mountains because they were afraid to send him to a zoo and admit they broke the law by owning an exotic animal without the proper permits. And ‘boom!’ you have a cougar in the mountains of the UK.

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