[Squirrelflight tearfully shouts at an angry Ashfur as the forest burns around them]

Why Ashfur and Squirrelflight are a bad pairing by Dewtail

Art by Skitea

Dewtail analyses the toxicity of Squirrelflight x Ashfur

Hey everyone! It’s Dewtail- none of you know who I am, but anyways- A lot of people, from what I’ve seen, go on a tangent playing match-maker with Squirrelflight. Or they just argue about how Bramblestar is a bad mate. (which I agree with.) But that is not the point of this article- The main other tom Squirrelf gets matched with is Ashfur (of course.)

And there- are a few problems with this. The first one is (due to a retcon) They’re related. Closely related, so more weird obscure details- Yeah. So according to several sources- (Moonkitti cites this as well, the Brindleface part-) Apparently, Sandstorm is Brindleface’s and Redtail’s kit (not so sure about the Redtail bit, but anyways-)
And who else is Brindleface’s kit? Ashfur! (And Ferncloud, but she’s a background character and no one cares at all-) Making Sandstorm- Ashfur’s half-sister from an older litter. (his father being Whitestorm, and the Whitestorm issue is another article-) and Ashfur technically being Squirrelf’s (half?)uncle. (Is that a thing?) Her uncle. Yup. Super weird, and not a good pairing in my opinion.

Reasons why Ashfur isn’t a good mate:

1: He grew incredibly vindictive after getting rejected, and we see his- uh-attempts at vengeance on Squirrelf, I suppose? He plotted with Hawkfrost to kill Firestar in a fox trap. And tried to kill Lionblaze while they were training. He tried to kill two warriors and a medicine cat in a fire- Yeah, this doesn’t seem at all to be cleaning up his reputation. (This is just what he did when he was living!)

2: He straight-up body snatched Bramblestar’s corpse- And locked Bramble out of his own body! Among other things like tampering with The Clans’ Internet connection to StarClan and shrinking the borders of the Dark forest. Yikes- (And yes, most of this wouldn’t have happened if Hollyleaf hadn’t murdered him- but- he likely would have killed someone at some point had he not died.)

3: He kidnapped Squirrelflight into the Place of No Stars- and basically intended to keep her there for the rest of his existence. And who knows what he would’ve done to her if Rootspring and ___ (I forgot) came to save her? Welp- Also it’s worth mentioning again that Ashfur is her uncle. Ashfur also enslaved a bunch of spirit cats, so that’s something I guess.

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