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Why Starclan is evil and other things by Mistystream

Mistystream argues why StarClan isn’t as benevolent as they make themselves out to be.

Artist unknown (Source: Animal Jam Clans Wiki)

The dark forest SHOULD NOT be a thing. Yes there should be a place for bad cats to go, but Starclan should not decide. If a cat in Starclan has some stupid grudge against a cat that just died, they could send them to the dark forest. HoW iS tHaT fAiR? It’s not. And in fact, the dark forest tends to turn cats evil, for instance, Mapleshade. Yes she had done lots of bad things, but what ultimately turned her from mad to evil WAS the dark forest.
Why Mapleshade wasn’t truly evil. Mapleshade was rejected, exiled, cheated on by her mate, her kits died and her mate blamed her for it. She was haunted everyday by the death of her kits and went mad from grief. Each of her victims were killed for a reason. I’m in no way justifying her actions, or saying that the cats she killed were deserving of death, but Mapleshade didn’t just go on a killing rampage. I think she is an interesting bad guy. And I also think that it was the Darkforest that turned her truly bad.
Ashfur. Now before I go on, I am actually a SquirrelxAsh shipper, but I still dislike Ashfur. Let’s compare him to Mapleshade. So like I said in the above, her actions, though not excused, were more justified than Ashfurs. His girlfriend broke up with him. He tries to kill her family to make her pay. For. Breaking. Up. With. Him. Yes I know Squirrelflight did NOT treat Ashfur right at all, but it doesn’t make it okay to kill someone’s family if your girlfriend ended your relationship.
Why SquirrelxAsh is better than SquirrelxBramble. Okay so Ashfur was actually supportive. I’m not going to go into detail, cause I already have an article about why SquirrelxAsh is better than SquirrelxBramble.
Why forbidden romances are bad. Okay so they all basically end in tragedy. One mate leaves the other, or they have kits, or they are discovered, or they are killed. They just don’t work. It’s hard to have a healthy relationship with someone that you don’t see often. They could easily be hiding a myriad of secrets, some good and some bad, from you. They tend to be rushed, because when you are under the pressure of not wanting to be found, you want to go all in but are scared to. You then just become secret mates, and then you start meeting with each other more and more. Then you have kits, and try to cover it up. If you are discovered you risk exile, disgrace, and the exile of your kits. Half clan kits are considered bad.
Why I dislike Spottedleaf. Yeah I have said that I’ve liked her, then hated her. Currently i don’t like her and haven’t for a while. I also think she is kinda a Mary Sue, not completely though. She’s a little too good for my liking. She has barely any character development. She the nice smelling cat who visits Firestar in his dreams and tells Leafpool riddles. She is just weird. And I absolutely hate SpottedxFire. Ew.
The villains are all the same. Sure they might have different backstories, different personalities, but their mane motive is power. Except for Ashfur and Mapleshade. Mapleshade is by far the best, my reasoning stated above. The whole power thing gets kinda boring, and it would be nice if they sometimes had more interesting motives.
Excessively violent. Yeah call me a scaredycat but whatever. It’s just unnecessary. I feel like it was thrown in there just to make it “cool” or something. And don’t get me started on how they have like three sentences per every two chapters describing the delight they get from fresh-kill. It’s just unnecessary.

Ok so side note.
I am in no way hating on the Erins, or trying to say that they are bad writers. I just don’t think they did a super good job on warriors. I absolutely love Survivors and Bravelands. They are better written, fewer forbidden romances, better plots, the bad guys tend to not just be motivated by power. They are a bit darker but less violent. The relationships are better developed and less rushed. The characters are also better. They make mistakes, do stupid things, are mean, but they aren’t ever super annoying. There is corruption from inside. It is just all in all SO much better. I mean I LOVE Bravelands sooooooooooo much it’s awesome, I really recommend you read it.

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