Why Clear Sky is as bad as Tigerstar 1 by Leafleap and Scarlettfur

Art by Warrior-Junkie

Leaf and Scarlettfur discuss why they think Clear Sky is as bad as Tigerstar 1.

Major spoilers! Hey, this is Leaf! Leafleap! Leaf that dances in the wind! Just call me Leaf! I’m super new! First article! Anyway! Your probably wondering ‘why do you think Clear Sky is as bad as Tigerstar 1?’ Or your thinking ‘yup! I agree completely!’ But I have my reasons you have yours! These are my reasons. I hope you enjoy! Tell me if I got anything wrong! Any typos, incorrect grammar, or just got something wrong! I haven’t read the books!

Hey guys! I saw that Leaf has already said her heys this is Scarlett Dawn, Shadow, or Scarlettfur! Just call me Scarlettfur! Anyway! I helped out with this like all other articles of Leafs! We are school friends! Just saying hi! I told her all of this and worked on some myself!

1. I very much think that Clear Sky is like Tigerstar 1, because he doesn’t like cats that are different. He made Frost leave because they were burnt in a fire!
2. Clear Sky was a horrible father to Thunderstar! He made his own son take a cat (who was his friend!) Into the forest for the magets to get him!
3. I know this isn’t really bad, but its still why I don’t like him! He knew his brother liked Storm, but he still took her as a mate! And when she died he didn’t seem to care! Now I didn’t exactly read dawn of the clans! I spaced out it was kinda boring!
4. He really belongs in the Dark Forest! I know I know leaders don’t really go to the Dark Forest. (except BrokenStar and Tigerstar… I think that’s all) And that he was the first leader of SkyClan so he is technically an ancient.
5. He killed Bumble and took her kits! She had them with another rouge. He also kicked Turtle Tail out when she was having kits and ran away to the clan Bumble followed her and he just kicked them out!
6. A little compare and contrast. They were both fathers, they both led a clan, they both killed a cat, and they both belong in the Dark Forest. Tigerstar: he was in a clan before he joined ShadowClan, he tried to take over the forest, and he has never been to the mountains. Clear Sky: is most likely an ancient, has been in mountains, and didn’t go to the Dark Forest.
Thats all for today! Leaf signing off! Comment if you want more like this! Warriors rules!

Leafleap, of ShadowClan. Otherwise known as Leaf a rouge.

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  • I hate and love Clear SKy at the same time I don’t know why. 😛 Great article!

  • No, i think that Clear sky is not that bad. This is all Tigerstar did.

    – Hated Firepaw/heart/star cause he was grown up as a kittypet
    – Abused Ravenpaw
    – Killed Redtail to be deputy
    – Killed Lionheart to be deputy
    – Brings rouges to camp, including lying about it to clan mates
    – Trying to kill Bluestar
    – Brings dogs into the forest
    – Kills Brindleface for the dogs to taste cat blood
    – Makes the dogs attack
    – Becomes the leader of shadowclan, and keep from them that he did crimes.
    – Meets Tawneykit/paw/pelt and Bramblekit/paw/claw/star when hes in shadow clan
    – Forms ” Tigerclan”
    – Manipulates Leopardstar
    – Kills and apprentice to show that no one should stand up for him
    – Brings Scourge to the forest, and by that killling countless.
    – Traines cats in the dark forest.

    So, i dont think Clear skys crimes caused countless to fall into their finall sleep, and abuse many.

  • I also hate Clear Sky, but he doesn’t belong to Dark Forest! He cared about his clan but not about his kin which it’s pretty selfish. Yes, I hate him, but he wasn’t that villain who hated everyone! Anyway, good article!

  • Clear Sky is still worse. Tigerstar did his actions off of pure jealousy and ambition. Clear Sky did it because he WANTED to. Clear Sky basically killed Micah, broke his own rules, and more! He’s an awful leader, practically a TRAITOR to his kin, plus he mated his son’s crush! (Star Flower) LIKE WHO DOES THAT? Sure Tigerstar I killed some cats… and practically started a war with Bloodclan… Trained cats… filled his son’s with ambition… But Clear Sky killed everyone’s favorite: Rainswept Flower. So clearly, Clear Sky is worse, AND TIGERSTAR’S STILL MY FAVORITE >:)

    • I disagree. Tigerstar killed an apprentice to show no one should stand up to him, and he tried takkng över the ‘ world ‘ two times. ( And failed)
      All cats Tigerstar killed when he was alive
      – Redtail
      – ( Bluestar )
      – Swiftpaw ( Tigerstar 1 led the dogs to the forest)
      – Brindleface
      – All cats who died in the Scourge fight.
      – A random apprentice

    • the star flower thing was all her

  • I know this is weird but dawn of the clans is my favorite series and was the first series i have ever read


  • Clear Sky is a morally gray character. Tigerstar, on the other hand… is a kinda a boring villan character. Also, Clear Sky didn’t kill Bumble and he had a whole redemption arc! Tigerstar was evil till the end. Clear Sky was driven by grief after Bright Stream’s death. Tigerstar left Sasha and Goldenflower without showing any signs of caring for them. Honestly, I think Clear Sky is a well written character while Tigerstar is just plain evil.