[Firepaw, Bluestar, and Tigerstar as Harry Potter, Dumbledore, and Voldemort respectively]

Giving Harry Potter Characters Warrior’s Names! by Darksky

Art by HappyCokex3

Darksky assigns Harry Potter characters Warrior names – what do you think?

So this is my first article, so please be nice:)
I will start with the main character of course; Harry. I think Harry’s name could be Ligntningmask, because of the scar that looks like a lightning strike.
Next character up is Hermione! I think Hermione’s name could be something like hm… Owlfoot for no reason at all! I just think it fits her.
Then we have Ron (Ronald) … Maybe Gingerstream because of his ginger hair.

Then lets do some other pretty important characters.
Of course, the little meanie Draco. Maybe like Snaketail or something?
Second; Ginny! I think maybe Ginny’s name can be Flamewhisker, again because of the ginger hair.
Next lets do Fred and George! First Fred: Fireblaze. George: Pyroblaze. Very creative, yeah I know! (Applause) Thank you!
Now, lets do Cho. Maybe like … Hawkstep, just because I think hawk fits her.
Next up is Cedric! Lets be soooooo original, and go with Badgerfang!
And of course Luna! Her name has gotta be Mooneyes, and with that I will wrap up with the pretty important characters, and do some professors!

First we’ll do Dumbledore. I would love something like Bumblewing or something like that.
Then Minerva! I would love like … Saphireeyes. I love that name.
Next up is Snape. Brrrrrrr… I think maybe Iceshadow or something, because he is so cold lol.
I would love the name Wolfheart for Remus, because he is a werewolf.
Then of course my lovely (drumroll) HAGRID! I love him sooooo much. I think something with Bearfoot or something else with Bear.

Next let’s do some parents!
First let’s do Harry’s parents Lily. Maybe a name like Ivytail, for no reason at all.
James; Maybe something like Ravenmask, again for no reason.
Now Ron’s parents. First, Molly. Maybe like Squirrelheart, because she is a ginger and has a huuuuuggggeeee heart.
And of course, Arthur. Maybe Pineowl, AGAIN becuase I dont know why.
Since we dont now much about Hermione’s parents I will just skip them.

Time for evil people!
First, of course Voldemort. Maybe Baldhead? I’m just kidding, Maybe like … Greymask because his skin is literally grey…
Then, my favorite villain, Bellatrix. I think she is so cool onestly. Maybe like Shadowgaze.
Then Lucius. Maybe Snowstorm, or something.
And the last one, is like villain-ish, Narcissa. Maybe like Splochfur because of her white hair with like some black in it lol.

If you have any name ideas for Harry Potter characters, I would love to hear them in the comments.
Thank you for reading!

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  • The twins: Firelaugh and Flamelaugh in the order you chose
    Ron: Flickerstream
    Ginny: Sparkwisker
    Charlie: Burntail because dragons make me think of him running around with his tail in fire can we make his have a singed tail
    Bill: Emberwolf because of the sorta werewolf thing
    Percy: Blazenose because he’s as stuck up as berrynose
    Molly: Cindertail wated to make her cinderheart but canon
    Arthur: Ashpine I like the pine thing for him

    Lilly the first: Lilyheart
    James the first: Ravenstorm

    James jr: Ravenwisker/paw
    Lily jr: Lilywing/paw because of the fairy wing thing
    Albus jr: Bumbleclaw/paw, Because the professor(the proffesor should be bumblestar)

    Hermine: Owldash, because owls are suposed to be smart and he brain works really fast
    Rose: Rosedash, after her mom

    Draco: Snakestrike, because the constilation and strike suits him
    Scorpio: Scorpionstrike, because the constialation and everyone thinks he’s like his dad

  • I love the names! Snowstorm, Owlfoot, Iceshadow, Wolfheart and Ivytail are really great names, too! Gingerstream and Flamewhisker are cool names!
    Harry Potter – maybe Lightningscar or Lightningstorm because there’s always a storm in the best moments? I picture him as a black tom with poor sighted green eyes!
    Hermione – Owlwing because she’s smart and “wing” sounds brave like she is (brown she-cat with amber eyes)
    Ron – Redfoot – he is a pain in the foot, red hair. (reddish tabby tom with brown eyes)
    Sirius (MY FAVE HPC!) – Stormheart or Wolfspirit – black/dark brown tom with ice blue eyes
    Voldemort – Snakeface (pale grey tom with red eyes)
    Luna – Moonwish – light gold she-cat with blue eyes
    Only got room for one more!
    The twins (my 4rth fave HP characters) – Shiningwhisker (Fred) & Firewhisker (George). Shiningwhisker is a dark ginger tabby tom with white paws and amber eyes, and Firewhisker is a flame-coloured tom with white paws and brown eyes. Goodbye, reply for more names!!

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