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Warrior Names that may Affect a Kit’s Life – Part Two by Drizzledrop

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Drizzledrop continues their list of Warrior names that affect a kit’s life negatively

Hi! It’s me, Drizz! A while ago, I posted an article about names that may affect a kit’s life, and it was SMASHIN. So now, I’m going to say some more, because I definitely forgot some. Make sure to check the other one out, because I won’t be including any of the same names as last time. https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/2021/12/08/warrior-names-that-may-affect-a-kits-life-by-splashpaw/comment-page-1/#comments
Here it is so you can read it!
Anyway, let’s get started!
This name could have badly affected him. His mother named him after a monster EVERYONE HATED. I would hate to be called Tigerkit – or monster, let’s be honest, they are the same- , and it’s even worse they named him after monster KIN. But, I’m not sure if this affected him so I’ll let it slide.
This name could have affected him, too. Onekit? Seriously? Why do parents get to name kits? It’s not like he didn’t have any siblings, because he does! It’s not like he was the one kit of the litter. Let’s look at all of his total names… Onekit, Onepaw, Onewhisker, Onestar. Most of those sound bad, Onepaw? Poor kid, stop naming kits stupid things..
I don’t know much about this cat, but in my other article about this, someone suggested Maggottail, because he was bit by a fox, his tail got infected with maggots and BOOM! New name. Really, WHY DO PARENTS LET THIS HAPPEN…?!
Think about it. Who will name their kit LOUDKIT? That’s stupid. Admit it, Loudkit’s mother. YOUR A MEANIE BECAUSE YOU NAMED YOUR KIT’S THE WORST THINGS EVERRRR. Sorry… but did Loudkit’s mother think about what his warrior name would be? They are all terrible with Loud’ as the prefix. Loudcloud, Loudheart, Loudclaw, Loudstripe, Loudsnore. Ok, the last one is fine.
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, no. Who in the right mind – or in any mind – would name their kit Heavykit??? REALLY? Do you wanna fight? Come at me, queen, come get me.
Why would anyone name their kit SNEEZEKIT. But whatever, because I DIDN’T KNOW SHE EXISTED. (sorry)
I was told she hated her name? I didn’t know that, but sure, you can get a spot up here.
That’s all I can think of this time!
– Drizz (Drizzlepaw/drop, she/her)

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