How To Create A Warriors O.C. by Tigerdawn

Tigerdawn gives a guide for creating your own Warriors character.

O.C.s, or Original Characters, are fun to make. From their fur color to personality, it’s an adventure every time. But, sometimes O.C.s go horribly wrong. You can get anything from a Mary Sue (perfect with no flaws) to a genuinly NOT creative character. So, I offer you a quick and easy guide to making an O.C. I very recently made a new O.C. (her name being Thistlepool) with a fan-fic and everything, so I think I can help.

First, you must get your base color. (Note: I advise you draw a visual dipiction) I’d choose from variations of the colors orange/ginger, black, white, yellow, gray, calico or tortishell, and brown. I’m a choosing long black coat.

Next, the gender (non-binary, female, or male). I’m thinking female.

Then, the fur pattern and details. If you want, you can look up some fur patterns to give insperation. Of course, you could also go with a classic tabby or solid fur color. So far, my O.C. is a black she-cat with white tipped ears.

Eye color time! The realistic colors would be amber, orange, yellow, green, and blue. I’ll choose a warm honey yellow.

Now for the details. Will they have eyebrown and/or cheek whiskers? Any scars? How big are the ears? Mine will have a scarred muzzle and cheek whiskers.

Finally, the traits and role information. For a first time creator, I’d say you should start with five traits with atleast one flaw.
Good Traits: Clever, Caring, Protective, Loving, Wise, Courageous, Generous, Loyal, etc.
Flaws: Tempermental, Irritable, Glutton, Jealous, Naive, Rebelious, Rude, Awkward, etc.
I’ll give my cat the traits Gentle, Loving, Generous, Awkward, Loyal, and Naive.
The role will be the easy bit. Medicine Cat, Warrior, Deputy, Elder, Leader, and Kit. I am selecting the role medicine cat.

For the very last step, the name. This is based off of role, looks, and personality. Because mine is medicine cat, I’m doing an herb or plant. She is also *insert her personality traits here :P*. So I anounce her as. . .Poppyflower!

Ok, so I lied. That wasn’t the final step. The final *optional* step is assembleing what would be written on the alleigances page (even if you don’t have one, it is still helpful to have it around).
Example: Poppyflower is a slender black she-cat with honey yellow eyes and white tipped ears along with a scar on her muzzle.
(Note: I find the words “and”, “plus”, and “with” to be very helpful)

Thanks for reading! Hopefully this was helpful. If you created an O.C. with this please write the sentence bio thingy in the comments!
At the time I’m writing this it is seven days away from Christmas so. . .Merry Christmas??? (Though, by the time this posts it will probably be about Valentines Day. :P)

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  • Oh, this is great!
    I tried making an oc
    Base color: Light brown
    Gender: Non binary
    Pattern: Swirl stripes, and a white belly.
    Eye color: Bright green.
    Details: Small ears, and a nose scar
    Traits: Dramatic, Weird, Loving, Positive.
    Name: Vinestripe😎

  • Thanks for all the great comments! :3
    Expect another two articles coming out in about a month or so. 😉

  • OC:
    Name: Tulip
    Status: Rogue
    Fur: Jet Black
    Eyes: orange with one clawed out
    Scars: All over her body from a badger attack as a kit
    Kits: Dawn, Aspen
    Personality & Backstory: She was previously a WindClan kit, but when a group of badgers attack the camp, she runs away, scared and not knowing what to do. She ended up being nearly killed by a badger and gets found by a cat named Redbreeze. She was exiled for killing another WindClan kit as the mother and her mate were in a secret relationship, but Redbreeze didn’t tell her that. She is part of a group of rebels who go against the Clan’s ways due to flaws in the warrior code. Tulip joins them, and believes the rebels when they say that Clan cats are nothing but cruel fox-hearts and that it’s very likely that Tulip’s parents have abandoned her. She changed her name from Tulipkit to just Tulip, and became one of the strongest warriors in the rebels.

    There’s more but my fingers are getting tired from typing lol

  • Nice article! 😊 😊 😊 I might use this, I used to really like making Wings of Fire O.Cs, so maybe I could make a Warrior Cat one!

  • I’ve made an OC!
    Base colour: Smoky black
    Gender: She-cat
    Pattern: Light grey tipped ears and belly
    Eye colour: Blue
    Details: nose scar and ear tufts
    Traits: fast, light, brave, loyal, best hunter, defiant
    Name: Smokewing/star

  • Great article! My oc is Brownpelt (I may change the name), a brown and dusty colored tortoiseshell she-cat. She is currently nursing three kits, and is a recently named warrior. Thanks for the article!

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