Defending Hollyleaf – Please Stop Hating by Drizz

Art by Shadow-Ku

Drizz defends Hollyleaf from criticism – what do you think of her?

Hi! It’s me, Drizz. I just realized that more people hate on Hollyleaf than I thought, and it made me really sad because I love Hollyleaf. You know, I never knew why I loved her. I just did. But now I know why. It’s because of her never-ending loyalties. To the Warrior Code, to her clan, to herself. She is what the clans have always needed, the one cat willing to always stay loyal to the warrior code. Hollyleaf x Warrior Code is like Starflight x Scrolls (from Wings Of Fire). Hollyleaf could recite the warrior code whenever, Starflight knows literally everything, as long as he read it. Anyway, back to defending.
“She tried to kill her mother!”
True. But how would you react if you’ve been raised your whole life as the daughter of legendary leader Firestar’s daughter and the deputy Bramblestar. Pretty cool, right? You’d feel famous! Then, you find out your parents aren’t your parents. Are you even related to Firestar? Does that mean you’re not one of the three? Because you’re not related to Firestar? Then you find out that you are still related, but by Firestar’s other daughter, who is forbidden to have kits. You still don’t know your father, though, but you are mad, because you’re the daughter of a medicine cat and you broke the code by being born! Oh no…. Now it gets sad, but… you find out your father is of a different clan. Now your birth is even worse! So, Hollyleaf had full rights to get mad at her mother, Leafpool, because of her birth, keeping the secret for so long, and ladidadida. May I remind you Hollyleaf ended up not killing her mother? She could have, but she didn’t.
“She killed an innocent cat to keep a secret then exposed it herself!”
Kind of true. But, remember Ashfur wasn’t all that innocent. He tried to kill Squilf, Lionblaze, Jayfeaher, and Hollyleaf! So, not really innocent. Who knows what Ashfur would have done if he was still alive and Hollyleaf didn’t kill him. I don’t, but I think he would have done some terrible things… Wait, I don’t think, I know. He would have found some other way to get Squilf into his arms – or should I say paws -.
Hollyleaf is TOO loyal to the code, and it’s annoying!
Okay, I don’t know why ANYONE would say that, but her loyalty to the warrior code is the best thing about her! She’s the only cat in the whole series who is that loyal! The clans need more cats like her, it’s a shame she died so young.
Hollyleaf is AWESOME! Sure, she was traumatized and stressed out, so she killed Ashfur to keep the secret then later exposed it, but Hollyleaf was one of the only cats who wanted to follow the code, no matter how stupid some of the rules were. She was the most loyal cat, I don’t see any other cats that haven’t been codebreakers. Take Greystripe for example. He’s a good cat, don’t get me wrong. But he breaks the code ALL THE TIME. I don’t see hate on him. Hollyleaf was depressed after she killed Ashfur, because she broke the biggest rule of all, and it killed her. She hated that feeling. She was mad at Leafpool, because her mother basically ruined everything she believed in because she broke the code by being born. She was the daughter of a medicine cat and a ThunderClan cat and WindClan cat. That broke her. Plus, Feathertail and Stormfur didn’t care about being half clan – well for a little – because they knew they were half clan. Imagine being raised by full thunderclan cats, then when you are warriors being told you’re adopted. I would want to murder my parents – or fake ones – for that.
Anyways, that’s all I’ve got! Thank you so much, I hope this makes people realize how awesome Hollyleaf is, and how she doesn’t need any hate. I hope this changes some people’s hate, at least.
– Drizz (Drizzlepaw/drop, she/her)

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  • I have it same. I love Hollyleaf, she is my favorite character on Warriors. And I dont know why some people say like that they never forgive her, of course i will forgive her!
    I was so sad beacuse she dead…. so will be good if on next books will be someway alive, idk how, but if it will be possible it will be surely interesting!

  • I don’t hate Hollyleaf! I’ve only read up to Outcast but don’t worry. I actually suspected that she wasn’t one Squirrelflight and Brambleclaws kits because one of the three would be ginger and one of them would be a dark tabby. And I was half WindClan so when I got exiled, I just went there and became leader.
    – Jaggedstar

  • tysm! I see so much hate for her and I feel pushed out when i try to explain, so again tysm.

  • Oh, this is like you stole my brain words! I am a proud Hollyleaf fangirl and I am so happy that someone finally got some sense into those mouse brains. (Joking, of course! You can think what you like about her) Thank you for writing this!

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