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My problems with Warriors by Flareheart

Flareheart shares the problems they have with the series.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Ello everybody, It’s me Flareheart… again. anyways today I’ll be talking about My problems with warriors (I blew all your minds there it totally isn’t the title). Now the, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

My first and Biggest problem with warriors is, thunderclan, let me tell you why.

So we start off the series with Rusty, who joins THUNERCLAN to later become Firestar. ok there’s nothing wrong with that. But then in the new prophecy, The story starts off with Brambleclaw, a cat from THUNDERCLAN, who later goes on to become the leader. then in the power of three, the story follows 3 kits from, you guessed it THUNDERCLAN, who later go on to become cats with SUPERPOWERS. I don’t know about you, but this seems a little inconsistent. Thunderclan is a great clan and all, but some diversity in the POVs would be very appreciated. and honestly, i don’t know if this will change, but i sure hope it does.

Second is the allegiances. I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of person to look thoroughly through the Allegiances pages so I am familiar with everyone and i don’t go “WHO IN STARCLANS NAME IS THAT” in the middle of reading. but the allegiances are quite an unusual place, mainly because of the inconsistency. Take a look at Shadowclan’s allegiances from Dark river, there are a total of 12 cats in the Shadowclan section (including Blackstar, Russetfur, Littlecloud, and both of the elders). Now take a look at Windclan’s section, there is a total of 18 Cats listed (Including Grosetail’s 3 kits). NOW take a look at Riverclan’s allegiances, there are a total of 21 cats listed (Including Graymist’s 2 kits). and Finally, look at Thunderclan’s Allegiances, there is a Staggering 32 (Not including Brook where small fish swim or Stormfur) cats in Thunderclan during the events of Dark river. That crazy, BUT I’m not done yet. In shadowclan 2 apprentices, 3 kits 1 queen and 2 elders. which is a total of 8 cats that wouldn’t be able to fight for themselves, Littlecloud trained as a warrior before taking the medicine cat path so he has some fighting knowledge. we don’t know how far in training the 2 apprentices are so we are going to assume they are midway through. so doing simple math 12 – 8 = 4 cats that can genuinely fight for the clan. while in thunderclan there are 9 apprentices, 2 cats that are completely blind 1 queen that has never fought a battle, and 1 that recently gave birth (I may or may not be wrong), and 1 medicine cat that only knows basic battle and defense. that is 14 – 3 since Berrypaw, Hazelpaw, and Mousepaw are warriors in the next book meaning they are very far in their training, which makes 11 cats that can’t fight for their clan, which takes thunderclan down to 21 cats that can genuinely fight for the clan, are you as baffled as i am.

Third is once again involving the allegiances (Specifically I’ll be looking at the allegiances for Dark river and Eclipse) as I addressed before there are a total of 12 cats listed on the Shadowclan allegiances In Darkriver. Now we take a look at Elipse’s allegiances, did you notice the jump in the population? A lot and I mean A LOT of shadowclan cats didn’t exist anymore, as in never ever appeared before. Some of these cats include (and this is for all the clans) *Takes deep breath* Toadfoot, Crowfrost, Olivepaw, Kinkfur, Ratscar, Shrewpaw, Snaketail, Scorchpaw, Whitewater, and Redpaw, Leaftail, Dewspots, Willowclaw, Antpelt, Emberfoot, and Sunpaw. Mintfur, Otterheart, Pinefur, Robinpaw, Nettlepaw, Copperpaw, Rainstorm, and Duskfur. That’s a lot of cats. (I may have missed some or added some for some stupid mistake)

I think imma end it here. this was very fun to write and there will probably be a part 2 to this soo, ya. See y’all later. (and yes I did put in the time to count, every cat in the allegiances for this article………………………. I need a life)


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  • I agree with thunderclan they get WAY too much spotlight. We need a riverclan POV so badly!

    • . . . Maybe it’s because they are the main clan in the series?? But I totally agree with you, some other clan needs some spotlight

  • petition to have an arc WITHOUT a thunderclan perspective
    glad we’re finally getting more points of views though with a riverclan protag, a shadowclan protag and a thunderclan (ick) protag. hope we see a windclan protagonist in a future arc 😀 only wc povs we get r from super editions T__T

  • I agree! (Come on, can we please have an arc without a ThunderClan perspective? The last two have been pretty good, but still…) The allegiances are sometimes weird and I wish that they’d be more specific and stop just saying things like “brown tom” and “gray she-cat”.

  • Exactly! Every Prophecy is about a THUNDERCLAN cat who is also FIRESTAR’S kin. Brambleclaw is Firestars kin when he and Squirrelflight become mates. And it would be nice to hear the other Clans’ stories as ShadowClan might not be as evil as ThunderClan think.

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