If Warrior Cats Weren’t Cats by Mothstar

Mothstar wonders what Warriors could look like if the characters weren’t cats

Hi! It’s me, mothstar! Today, i’m going to be talking about what it would be like if warrior cats weren’t well… cats.

Firstly, let’s see what warriors would be like as mice. Let’s assume they have the same naming rules. The -kit suffix would be replaced with -pup, the -paw suffix could be replaced with -whisker or -pad. Personally, I prefer -whisker. The warrior suffix would be the same and the leader suffix could be -light, -moon or -dream. For example: Shadowpup, Shadowwhisker, Shadowheart, Shadowlight/dream/moon. Next, we have prey. Mice are omnivores, and so they would probably store insects, berries, flowers, leaves and nuts in their fresh kill pile. Common predators would be owls, foxes, cats, hawks, twolegs, wolves and other carnivores larger than them. Warrior Cats is set in a forest, and later around a lake. This hypothetical mouse version could be set in a sewer, in a forest, in the city, in the savannah and basically anywhere else that mice can thrive. The sheer amount of predators would mean that a lot more characters get killed by another creature than in Warrior Cats.

Next we have a fairly obvious choice – wolves. With the names, it would most likely be -pup again, then -paw, like in Warrior cats or -dawn, (Idk it just sounded good). With leaders it could me -moon again , -whisper, -storm or -wish. For example: Mothpup, Mothdawn, Mothbreeze, Mothstorm/wish/whisper/moon. For prey, they would take down large animals, such as deers, moose, bison, elk and possibly mountain goats. They would also eat rabbits, mice and squirrels. Wolves don’t have many predators, but twolegs, bears and maybe even mountain lions. The setting could be a forest, desert, tundra or grasslands. Threats to their world could be twolegs, deforestation, forest fires and flooding.

My third idea is to replace cats with horses. The suffixes could be -foal instead of -kit, -hoof instead of -paw and -shadow, -fire or -wind. For example: Brightfoal, Brighthoof, Brightfire/shadow/wind. Horses are herbivores, so they would probably just eat grass, flowers and leaves. Predators would be wolves, coyotes, twolegs and mountain lions. The setting would be grasslands, mountains or moors. Threats would be wolf attacks, illnesses, being captured by twolegs and forest fires.

Finally, I’ve come up with a zebras to replace cats. The suffixes would be -foal, -stripe for apprentices and -gaze, -storm or -sun for leaders. For example: Sandfoal, Sandstripe, Sandgaze/storm/sun. Food sources would be grass, flowers and other plants. Predators would be lions, leaopards and other large predators. The setting would be the savannah or grasslands. Threats would be fires, twolegs hunting and flooding.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

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