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Giving Keeper of the Lost Cities characters warrior names by Echoheart

Echoheart gives Keeper of the Lost Cities warrior names

Hi! Echo here! I was inspired by Snowpaw’s article about Percy Jackson, so I’m doing this now I guess.

1. Firstly, let’s start with Sophie! I think I have the perfect name for her: Goldenspirit. She has blonde hair (for the golden part), and she’s really determined and perserverent. Purrsona: a golden she-cat with brown eyes

2. Keefe is Cloudheart. Cloud because he’s funny and laid-back, and heart cause he’s also an empath with a big heart. He really cares about the people he loves (especially Sophie.) Purrsona: golden tom with messy fur and ice blue eyes

3. Mr Forkle is Wrinklefoot. His name was the easiest to figure out! When he eats ruckleberries his skin gets very wrinkly and he smells like feet. Purrsona: plump light gray tom

4. Silveny is Sparklewing! Obviously, because she’s an alicorn and her fur is so shimmery. Purrsona: long-haired silver she-cat

5. Fitz is Hawkclaw. Hawks are portrayed as very majestic and important, and Fitz is basically elf royalty. But when he gets angry (aka very often) then he shows his claws! Purrsona: Dark brown tom with teal eyes and broad shoulders

6. Tam is Silvershade. Because of his silver bangs (which Keefe hates) and obviously because he’s a shade (someone who can control shadows). Purrsona: sleek black-and silver tom

7. His twin sister, Linh, is Lilysplash because it just suits her! She’s a hydrokinetic, which means she can control water and she’s really cool. Purrsona: long haired blue-gray she-cat

8. Marella is Ivyblaze. She’s very outgoing, pretty and flirty (which is how I imagine ivy), and plus, she’s a pyrokinetic (someone who can control fire). Purrsona: small, slender cream she-cat

9. Fintan is Flamestorm. He’s a really powerful pyrokinetic who gets out of control. Purrsona: flame-coloured tabby tom

10. Vespera is Nightfall, because of her facility 😀

11. Lord Cassius (Keefe’s father) is Shellfrost. He only really cares about materialistic things (like his looks, which is why he literally took 31 minutes to style his hair that one time), and shells are like the hard outer part of something. Frost because he’s so cold and mean all the time.

12. Lady Gisela is Foxthorn. She’s cunning and proud like a fox.

13.Biana is Squirrelwisp because her personality is like a squirrel and she’s a vanisher

14. Sandor is Rockstrike…protector and fierce bodyguard!

15.Ro…Hollyfang? mmm yeah, sounds about right.

16. Edaline is Ambersong cause she has amber hair but also shes really kind and caring and good natured

17. Dex is Kestrelfern awwwww cause kestrels are SMART and INTELLIGENT and HARDWORKING and hes a good friend

18. Alden is Alderdusk. I just feel like it suits him.

19. Wylie is Eellight. Eel because he’s reserved and snappy and light cause he can be nice once he opens up I guess (and cause he’s a flasher). He kinda reminds me of Crowfeather…
Purrsona: strong short-haired brown tom

20. Oralie is Poppyblossom. She’s really pretty and sweet so yeah.

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