Official art of Leafstar by Wayne McLoughlin

Leafstar- an underappreciated hero by Willowwing

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Willowwing argues Leafstar deserves more recognition

“It’s not right that she-cat leaders should have all the responsibilities of leading a Clan and all the responsibilities of raising kits! But… right or not… I’m going to do it. I’m going to do both jobs. I’m going to do them well. And I’d like to see a tom keep up with me!” – Leafstar, the Rescue

Hi everyone, Willowhawk/Willowstar here. I decided to write this article because I believe that Leafstar is the most underappreciated and unsung cat in the entire Warriors series. Even as a ShadowClan cat myself, I love SkyClan and without her it wouldn’t exist- plus, she’s just a well-written, strong, kind, and amazing character who has endured so much. I hardly ever see the fandom talking about her even though she has her own Super Edition (SkyClan’s Destiny), has been featured prominently in other Warriors books, and even has her own graphic novel series! Some people even wish she would die soon so that Hawkwing can become SkyClan’s leader (don’t get me wrong, Hawkwing is one of my favorite characters and would make an excellent leader, but if he becomes leader now then 4/5 leaders would be toms, which doesn’t sit right with me; and Leafstar still being alive despite her age shows that she’s not reckless with her lives)! I wrote this article to raise awareness of Leafstar so she is rightfully acknowledged as one of the greatest Clan leaders of all time.

How Willowhawk pictures Leafstar

Leader. Pioneer. Warrior. Adventurer. Heroine. Mother. These are just some of the words that describe Leafstar, the leader who saved the forgotten SkyClan and restored their rightful place amongst the other Clans. Throughout the series she has grown from just your average loner to a wise and honorable leader and a great mother. Let’s start with her first appearance, Firestar’s Quest. Leaf impresses Firestar and Sandstorm enough with her warrior-like qualities that they give her her warrior name right away, Leafdapple (which is a beautiful name btw), and an apprentice, Boris/Sparrowpaw. Under Leafdapple’s mentorship Sparrowpaw becomes a strong and noble warrior, Sparrowpelt. Throughout the book she shows a calmness and intelligence that surpass the other new SkyClan cats, so Firestar and Sandstorm nominate her as leader. She has her doubts at first, but who wouldn’t be nervous about leading a brand-new Clan against extremely dangerous things in the future? This just makes her character more realistic. She becomes leader at the end of Firestar’s Quest. In the next book, SkyClan’s Destiny, she pushes past self-doubt and worry and bravely leads her Clan against Dodge’s group. SkyClan’s Destiny shows how Leafstar beats the odds, inspires her Clanmates, and paves the way for the future of SkyClan, all while being a caring and noble cat.

Next, in SkyClan and the Stranger (her graphic novel series), Leafstar proves that she can be a good mother and a good Clan leader. She is a good mate and is loving towards her three kits, Firekit, Stormkit, and Harrykit. She struggles at first to juggle her kits and her Clan, but she has a great character arc of overcoming this. She does the right thing by kicking out Harry/Sol from her Clan- who knows what harm he could’ve brought upon them? She is sometimes blamed for fueling Sol’s hatred of the Clans and inspiring him to wreak havok on the lake Clans, but she had no way of knowing that would happen, and manipulating the other Clans was entirely Sol’s evil choice, not hers. In Hawkwing’s Journey she continues to be a good leader as well, trying to find a new home for her Clan and keep them stable.

Finally, in A Vision of Shadows Leafstar is featured prominently. All the things she does that may be questionable, such as leading her Clan away from the lake again, are understandable considering what a hard time the other Clans give her. She prevents a full-blown war between SkyClan and the ShadowClan refugees living with them, and she fights for SkyClan’s rightful place around the lake. The other Clans grow to respect SkyClan in large part because of Leafstar’s actions. In The Broken Code she wants to kill Ashfur for a good reason and rightfully leads her Clan into battle against him. She also tries to calm down the Clans and keep them from panicking when they first lose contact with StarClan, and she disagrees with the false Bramblestar’s actions towards the codebreakers.

In conclusion, Leafstar is an amazing character- a skillfull leader, a brave and logical warrior, and a great mother. She shatters stereotypes that the fandom has about she-cat leaders and brings pride to SkyClan’s rich history and legacy. Leafstar has a well-written character arc as well. She is just one of my favorite characters and I hope this article inspires the FanClan and BlogClan communities to appreciate her more. Thank you so much for reading! May StarClan light your path, always! – Willowstar

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  • Amazing article! I agree with you, Leafstar is so underrated, and she’s my second favorite character! <333 She's so intelligent, calm, sensible, empathetic, and kind and is one of the best leaders in the history of Warriors in my opinion.

  • I 100% agree! Leafstar is such an underrated amazing character who definitely deserves more love. A strong, female leader who is calm, empathetic, intelligent and sensible! She’s one of my top five fav characters! Go Leafstar! 😀

  • I love your article and agree that she is much too underappreciated.
    Leafstar is my favorite Leader. I love her unconventional way of dealing with problems and her willingness to think outside the box for the good of her Clan. Like how she dealt with the injured twolegs’ kit, figuring out a way to lead the adult twolegs to her knowing that they couldn’t follow a scent trail. Her leadership makes SkyClan unique and interesting among the Clans.

  • I’m currently on Dawn of the clans, and have only read about Leafstar once, in Ravenpaw’s farewell, and she is great already! No more books needed.

    P.S I’ll still read them of course!

  • Some awesome points. I’m not a big Leafstar fan after like the last AvOs book but am a LeafStorm shipper (:

  • I think leafstar is great! Stupid things that I thought when I was new: Firestar must go to find SkyClan in OotS and he’s going to take Leafpool and Leafpool has became a warrior so she’ll be leafstar OMSSSSS!

  • This is a extremely well-written article! I agree with everything! Leafstar is such a good leader! Keep going! 😀

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