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Song article, What songs fit certain Cats? Part 1 by Kestikit

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Kestikit matches some songs to Warriors characters

So today I will be diving into the topic of what songs fit the Warrior Cats, the main idea for this is to show the cats personalities, So onto the article we go!

Our first cat is, Cinderpelt: I actually saw someone put Dynasty as hers once, but I saw a map and the song that was on their fit quiet well, The song is Blame by air traffic control. The reason why I think this fits Cinderpelt is because of these Lyrics:

Don’t blame yourself, Cause you tried as hard as you could, With the hand that you were dealt.

The don’t blame yourself fits when she had to be in the medicine cat den because she wanted to help out the clan by going to the thunderpath to check what Tigerclaw wanted, even though it had ended up in her getting injured, she just wanted to help the clan. I feel like the Cause you tried as hard as you could, With the hand that you were dealt part can represent her becoming medicine cat after she had tried as hard as she could to be a warrior even though she had became a medicine cat and in the end she got her chance to be a warrior in her second chance but she was great in both her lives.

Our second cat is, Mistystar: I could say legends never die might fit her, because she had been one of Bluestar’s kids and is still alive and she had become a leader in the end, Bluestar could be referred as a legend depending on who you ask, also she is Bluestar’s only living kit.

Our third and final cat for today is, Swiftpaw: He had a short life, but he was the one to show the clan how strong these dogs were, same with Brightpaw but she has to remember it through out her life, honestly I think Fireflies could fit Swiftpaw, the song is quite upbeat, and in the final moments of Swiftpaw’s life the lyrics, “I’d like to make myself belive, that planet earth turns slowly” Could have fit quite well.

That concludes part one! If you guys have any cats you’d like me to do songs for, I’d being willing to try and find a song.
(Also if you see any switched lyrics it’s to make sure the song had stayed approprite.)

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  • BallyStream! CallyStream! AllyStream! FallyStream! MallyStream! DallyStream! SallyStream!RallyStream! And finnaly, VallyStream! says:

    Hmmmm maybe Fight Song for BlueStar when She’s telling FireHeart that she may not fight in that battle.(I don’t remember If she did or not)

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