December’s cat of the Month by Drizz

Art by Kotenokgaff

It’s Drizz’s December cat of the month!

Heyyy! It’s Drizz, or Drizzlepaw/drop. As of last month (which was November) I started a cat of the month. But what’s the point of doing cat of the month without knowing when it’ll be posted? So that’s why it’s the cat of the month for December, even though it’ll be posted four months later. ANYWAYS! Here’s the cat of the month.
Okay, so I’ve got a few contestants. Hmm, Sorreltail’s good, so is Ravenpaw, and Sunfish. These three cats do remarkably good things, such as dying for family and luring someone to swim. So, let’s start off with the she-cats, because ladies are first. (: I think I like that.
Sorreltail is an underrated character, and what I mean is that she doesn’t get much love, or hate. She’s just, unnoticeable. But that shouldn’t be the way. Plenty of cats have wronged her. Darkstripe tried to kill her when she was a kit by feeding her deathberries! Thanks to Cinderpelt, she survived. But Sorreltail did good things for Leafpool. When Leafpool was an apprentice, and Sorreltail was a new warrior, Leafpaw and Sorreltail went to WindClan to talk to Tallstar. It didn’t go well, but Sorreltail did it for her friend anyway. She’s a great cat, and in the end, the poor she-cat died from battle wounds, because she wanted to protect her kits. Ah, Sorreltail… maybe she should get a novella? Or super-addition. She deserves it just as much as Honeyfern. Unless I’m being terribly forgetful and she does have one…
R.I.P my beautiful girl, I love you.
Ah, Sunfish. Most people don’t know her at all, nothing about her. Unless you’ve read Leopardstar’s Honor. But the awesome thing about Sunfish is that she was always there for Leopardstar. No matter what. She was a loyal cat, to the horizon and back. Remember when Skyheart (Skykit at the time) held Leopardstar’s head underwater? That made Leopardstar afraid of water. Sunkit always stood up for Leopardkit when the other kits were bullying her (because Leopardkit was fostered because her mother died of greencough, remember? Skykit was always bullying her about that) Okay, getting back to when Leopardkit was afraid of water. When they became apprentices, Leopardpaw refused to get wet, because of what Skypaw did as a kit. She was getting bullied and was being called a Drypaw. But Sunpaw decided to help her and put her favorite fish, carp, on the other side of the river so Leopardpaw had to swim to get it. Such a kind cat. Then as warriors, Sunfish was always there for Leopardfur. She trusted her enough to look after Whitekit(claw), her kit, when Sunfish died. Their friendship lasted longer than Sunfish’s death, though. Leopardfur still thought of Sunfish, even though she was dead! When Whiteclaw died falling into the gorge, Leopardfur was so sad because she couldn’t protect Whiteclaw, her last memory of her best friend. In the end, Sunfish gave Leopardfur a life of courage (I think). Luv u Sunfish!
Ravenpaw… Ravenpaw… where do I start? He’s a sweet ‘lil boy! But not so little now…
Ravenpaw was the whole reason Firepaw and Greypaw knew about Tigerclaw killing Redtail (or was it Redpelt?). He was in that battle. But he still came back to warn his friends about things. From rouges activity to twoleg activity, he was always there. He even helped SkyClan! Poor dude, he died there…
So now, we have those three, and it’s time to announce a winner.
Dun dun dunnn dun dun dunnn dunnn dunnnn dun dunnn dun!
The winner is……..
Sunfish! Sorry Ravenpaw and Sorreltail, better luck next time!
❣︎☾❣︎Drizz (Drizzlepaw/drop, she/her)❣︎☽❣︎

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