Why Sol is the Ultimate Warriors Villian by Moonpaw

Art by ninetail-fox

Moonpaw analyzes Sol!

Hello Blogclan! This is my first article, and today we will be discussing a long forgotten villain. Sol. I will be discussing why he is one of the best written villains, for specific beliefs and traits he himself has shown to be one of the only villains to have.

Sol, I’ve seen, doesn’t get as much attention as other characters, and maybe is disliked. Well, take your time and see what he has, and how he is written. As of general, he is cunning and decisive, but also manipulative and persistent. While all villains in warriors want revenge, he chases that victory in another way. If you think about it, he didn’t raise a single claw, didn’t kill a single cat. That made him a different kind of villain, his “hypnotic” speaking and “riddled” words can take advantage of anyone, no matter how smart they are. Jayfeather even believed him. JAYFEATHER. Hollyleaf said she would “follow him everywhere” at some point. He can take advantage of any cat. Look how he became a leader using a single one of Blackstars insecurities. He ascended to power, without killing anyone, without commanding an army. He wasn’t ruthlessly violent as any other villain.

The way he used the Eclipse, the perfect timing, the way he words his own prophecy, about the Darkness Coming, the Sun Vanishing, it makes him an interesting character. Skyclan and the stranger tells us that he’s desperate and clever, always.

Back in the forgotten warrior, Hollyleaf COULD have killed him, and everyone would have supported her if she did, but she didn’t. You might argue that Hollyleaf had finally become an honorable warrior and stopped being a hypocrite, and actually followed the code, but I *think* It’s because of something else. We never saw Hollyleaf’s PoV, we saw it from a completely different cat, what if Sol had told her something that shocked her enough to escape. Second possibility, Sol reminded her of something. Something that scared her, haunted her, something, there MUST have been a reason why she let him go. Will he be back?

My last point is the claim that he is “ridiculously good at guessing”. There are many people that are VERY good at guessing, but there is something about how precise his guesses are, it just doesn’t seem natural. This last thing is very far-fetched, but maybe Sol has been granted a special power. There isn’t much contradicting this point, but nothing much opposing it, so considering this in mind.

Look at the character, manipulative and riddling, but willing and would rather choose talking than fighting. He is efficient, clever and quick of thinking, a unique trait amongst most warrior villains. This is why Sol is the ultimate warriors villain.

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