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My Unpopular Opinions by Drizz

Official art from Warriors: Cats of the Clans (Illustrator: Wayne McLoughlin)

Drizz shares some unpopular opinions – what do you think?

Heyyy! It’s Drizz! Today I’ll be discussing my unpopular opinions. You may know some already, but just never put it together. Okay! Let’s start!
I hate Jayfeather.
Okay, I know most people love this grump of a cat. But he’s a terrible cat! I literally want to curse at him! Okay, so Jaypaw gets all mad about being blind, and he hates people being like, “Oh, poor Jaypaw! He’s blind!” But he always makes his own choices. He wanted to become a warrior, so even though Firestar clearly thought it was a bad idea, he made him the apprentice of Brightheart. Clearly, Jaypaw HATED that! He insulted Brightheart, and obviously hurt her feelings. Just because you are blind doesn’t mean you can be mean willy-nilly. And Spottedleaf gave him the choice, be a medicine cat or a warrior, and in the end, he chose a medicine cat. He was super grumpy about it! three arcs later, he is STILL grumpy ‘bout it. Sorry, Jayfeather, jump off a cliff. (Sorry if that was offensive… I just really hate him. I still respect others opinions)
I have no opinion on all Crowfeather ships.
Okay, I know most people ship Leafpool with Crowfeather, or Feathertail with Crowfeather. But literally couldn’t care less about either of those ships. I also hate Nightcloud with Crowfeather, but Crowfeather never really loved her. So I don’t ship that, but I don’t care about the other two.
I love Spottedleaf.
I love Spottedleaf, and most people think she’s a Mary-Sue (for those who don’t know what it means, it means a “perfect character”). But honestly, I’m not sure. She has flaws in Spottedleaf’s Heart. She’s ambitious, falls blindly in love. But in The Prophecy Begins, she’s a beautiful, sweet-smelling she-cat. So, she’s a Mary-Sue in TPB, but not in her Novella. She is also a Mary-Sue in the Great Battle, when she died saving Sandstorm. But that’s the reason I love her, because she’s a Mary-Sue.
I love Leopardstar.
Honestly, she’s ambitious, energetic, brave, and an awesome, interesting cat. Her attitude, amazing and interesting and fun. Her just so awesome! I am not good at explaining why I love her, though…
I hate Leafpool.
I hate Leafpool. She’s annoying, boring, she messed with Crowfeather. But honestly, again, I can’t explain why.
I’m pretty much neutral on most ships.
Honestly, I’m not a fan of a lot of ships, they always bore me. But that’s all.
I don’t like ANY of the villains in any book…
Honestly, I really don’t like any of the villains. Brokenstar, an ambitious jerk, Tigerclaw/star, ambitions jerk too, Scrouge, eh, Darkstripe, evil baddie. You get the idea…
I like Jay x Stick.
Here me out, Jayfeather doesn’t deserve a nice, happy cat like Half Moon or Briarlight. But he LOVED the stick, so he chose!
Anyway, those are some of my unpopular opinions. I hope you like, and please, I’ve been going through some random articles, and I saw people criticizing someone for disliking Jayfeather. So please don’t criticize me, these are my opinions, and I respect everyone else’s opinions!
❣︎☾❣︎Drizz (Drizzlepaw/drop, she/her)❣︎☽❣︎

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