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My favourite and least favourite ships by Ashfreckle

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Ashfreckle lists their favourite and least favourite ships

Hello there! Ashfreckle here, I just kinda wanted to rant on some pointless warrior cat ships. I’m going to start off with my favourite canon ships, then do my least favourite canon ships, then onto my favourite non-canon ships, and least favourite non-canon ships. I will be doing 3 for each category.

Favourite Canon Ships
3. SorrelBracken(Sorreltail x Brackenfur)
These two have always had a special place in my heart, after the badger fight and Cinderpelt had died, we see Brackenfur arching his back at Brambleclaw as he enters the den, seemingly to try and protect his mate and kits, and hes very hesitant about letting cats see them. When Sorreltail has her second litter and is struggling, Brackenfur and Leafpool are at her side and trying to comfort her while Jayfeather struggles to help. Sorreltail gave up her friendship with Leafpool just to be with Brackenfur. Its so cute in my opinion, and I feel very bad for Brackenfur, and I hope they see each other soon.

2. WhiteWillow(Whitestorm x Willowpelt)
We don’t see many moments between the two of them, only Willowpelt announcing shes pregnant and we see Whitestorm being silently proud off to the side. I just think its cute that Whitestorm is just very silently proud of being a father but never talks about it. I just find it adorable.

1. DawnCrow(Dawnpelt x Crowfrost)
We only see moments of this relationship in Thunder and Shadow, and if I recall correctly, we only really see Dawnpelt being very worried for Crowfrost when he gets sick and she is very defensive when cats suggest he isn’t a good deputy. I haven’t seen anymore scenes, but this ship is A LOT more healthy than almost every canon couple we see get lots of attention.
Runner up: FireSand(Firestar x Sandstorm)

Least Favourite Canon Ships
3. TigerDove(Tigerheartstar x Dovewing)
Dovepaw had a crush on Tigerheart and they start meeting up at night, and Tigerheart starts forcing information out her and giving it to his Clan. Ivypool gets kidnapped because Dovewing gave out information(forced by Tigerheart) and then when she comes to him, pregnant and all, he doesn’t go after her when she leaves, but then he decides to follow her, and then he assumed she was dead and stopped looking within a few minutes. He finally goes after her and constantly tries to force her to go back to ShadowClan no matter how much she refuses, and then he talks down to her in The Silent Thaw. It is not okay or healthy, and Tigerheart clearly doesn’t love her.

2. PoppyBerry(Poppyfrost x Berrynose)
Poppyfrost’s sister, Honeyfern, dies due to a snake bite and Berrynose is grieving, but less than a month later, he gets Poppyfrost(Honeyfern’s sister) pregnant and he is very possessive of her, and doesn’t let her do ANYTHING while shes pregnant. He snaps and yells at her when she leaves the nursery or does anything,

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  • My Favorite Ships:
    Crookedstar x Willowbreeze
    Jayfeather x Half Moon
    Ivypool x Fernsong

    My Least Favorite Ships:
    Spotfur x Stemleaf
    Tigerstar x Dovewing
    Tree x Violetshine

    • I agree with you 100%! Ivypool x Fernsong is amazing! Jayfeather x Half Moon was really interesting and Crookedstar x Willowbreeze is so heartwarming and amazing I love it. I also hate TigerDove and Tree x Violet Is just…. Meh. Spot x Stem is okay, but I don’t love it

  • Great article!

    My fav. Ships:

    JayBriar 🙂

    My least favs:

    IvyHawk (not a real relationship they never had feelings for each other Kate Cary confirmed)
    IvyBlossom (also not a real thing)
    JayStick (sorry but this is kind of dumb)
    And my absolute least favorite…..


  • I disagree with TigerDove. They love each other a lot and he didn’t force her to go to ShadowClan. The reason he didn’t go after her at first was because he was busy and doing deputy stuff. I agree with the rest though.

  • my fav


    FireXcinder (i know that this was only a onesided crush but still <3)

    TigerXdove (Tiger loves her so much <3)


    Least fav

    JayXstick (really dumb :/)


    • My fav cannon ships:
      Sand x Fire
      Honey x Berry
      Crooked x Willow
      Sorrel x Braken
      Barley x Raven
      My least fav cannon ships:
      Poppy x Berry
      Squirrel x Bramble
      Tawny x Rowan
      Tiger x Golden
      My fav non-cannon ships:
      Ivy x Blossom
      Maple x Reed
      Shadow x Spire
      Jake x Tall
      Moth x Leaf
      Jay x Briar
      Sasha x Feather
      My least fav non-cannon ships:
      Ivy x Hawk
      Tiger x Leopard
      Spotted x Fire
      Leaf x Sorrel
      Dove x Bumble

  • Some of my favorite ships (not in order):
    Littlecloud x Cinderpelt
    Blackstar x Russetfur
    Leafpool x Sorreltail

    And some of my least favorite ships (also not in order):
    Firestar x Sandstorm *dodges flying crow-food*
    Graystripe x Silverstream
    Pinestar x Leopardfoot

    For those who don’t like me because I don’t like Fire x Sand, read The Failure of Sandstorm by Blossompaw, and by the way these aren’t really my favorite and least favorite ships I just thought of them first

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