My top 10 favorite Warrior cats from Dawn Of The Clans by Foxflame

Foxflame shares their favourite characters from Dawn of the Clans.


Ik alot of people DONT like these cats but here are my top ten warriors from Dawn Of The Clans.

10.) Clear Sky
Clear Sky is an amazing brother, protective mate, and a good leader. Yet he gets alot of hate because a couple of MINOR MISTAKES. I mean I know that he kicked Jagged Peak out of his group ( ima just call it Skyclan even though it wasn’t named yet), and started a battle.Did he not realize the error of what he had done????Clear Sky was a brilliant cat! Why does he get so much hate?!?!

9.) Grey Wing
Clear Skys littermate, the cat who named the clans my favorite ♥ pov in that series, he lost just as much as Clear Sky ( maybe more) and raised four foster kits, overall he’s a great character! Sadly he died when the sickness overtook him he named each clan while dying 😢.

8.) Turtles Tail
I was so sad when Turtle tail left the beginnings of Shadowclan, ThunderClan, and WindClan she was a sweet character and always was in love with Grey Wing, sadly she died while looking for her kits soon after he figured it out. 😭

7.) Storm
Thunders mother and Clear Skys second mate!! She was a ferocious female character who didn’t take no for an answer. She ran off because she didn’t like Skyclan and got killed when a building collapsed on top of her. 😭😭😭

Star flower gets SO MUCH HATE,
and I don’t understand why. She was a great villain and a great victim. 👏 👌 * Applause 👏 * I don’t get why people hate on her so much!

Ah Thunder first leader of ThunderClan, that one cat who had the courage to stand up to his father and Create ThunderClan. He’s a great character too.

4.) Lightningtail
Lightningtail as I said before is the greatest Deputy in all of warrior cats 🐈!!!! 🐈 Lightning tail was Thunders best friend but sadly in Thunderstars *doesn’t remember the name* ummm idk, he died via dogs 🐕 😢😭😭

2.)Half Moon
Jay’s Wing love is the most brilliant Stoneteller I was sad to learn that she had died. She lead the cats to the sun trail and she is the real reason the clans exist.

Drumroll PLZ!!!!

We didn’t get to learn much about Fluttering Bird , other then that she was Jagged Peaks littermate and only daughter of Quite Rain. Sadly she died at the very beginning of Dawn Of The Clans she starves to death.

Thanks for reading!!!!!

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    • Yes, Fluttering Bird! I thought I was the only one who liked her…
      and remembered her…

  • I love most of the cats that you listed! I hate Clear Sky and Star Flower, but I respect your opinions! Great article! Keep going!

  • My favorites are Clear Sky, Half Moon, and Star Flower. But I don’t like Storm or Turtle Tail. Thunder is ok but he’s kinda lacking personality.

  • This article is good, but you forgot a VERY important part of the story for Clearsky, which is when he turns away his only living son for quite literally no reason, giving that he got Storm pregnant, so this makes Thunder his priority and responsibility, which he was to immature to take on. He was also quite a toxic mate and at the begining he was a good brother, but then that went terribly wrong too. There is no excuse for his actions, and in my opinion the people who hate him have a valid reason too!

    (Again, just my opinion,feel free to contradict me)

  • Bruh, I read ‘ClearSky’, and I need to say that he is kinda trash, here are some reasons(There are so much more though);
    -HE KILLED MICHA(I am sensitive), so I cried after his death, its so sad
    – He neglects Thunder, manipulates his own son. Plus is mates with Thunders ex
    – ClearSky starts good, but when he meets the his new home, he gets aggressive as heck, killing cats like Birchs & Adders mother(don’t know why they are in SkyClan, it was Pedal who saved them, and the have nothing to lose by leaving), etc
    – He makes dumb words like ‘It was out of fear’ to Storm, but he just think to highly of himself
    – He neglects his cats, disposition of ones that he can use or control them, like JaggedPeak, who is his own brother
    – Basically, he is the worst one in my opinion, he is more evil that BreezePelt, TigerStar, BrokenStar, etc, plus ClearSky dosen’t even get a good redemption, he just said ‘sorry’, and goes back to his evil self after
    DotC made me kinda hate on SkyClan, I sorta wish they all died in the flood, none of ClearSkys descendants would have lived. (So many more reasons to hate on ClearSky)

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