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Icemist’s opinions on forbidden couples

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Icemist rates some forbidden couples

Hello! Icemist here. Today I’m going to talk about forbidden couples in the Warrior series. I personally love almost all the Warrior romance here so this should be fun! I’m gonna start with……

Appledusk & Mapleshade.
This couple just went DOWN. I hate it. Technically, it wasn’t Mapleshade’s fault their kits died, where could she go? Appledusk blames her and breaks up with her. Then Mapleshade kills him… Not cool. I don’t like this because this literally caused The Dark Forest. BAD.

Oakheart & Bluestar!!
I personally love this couple. It’s kind of out of the blue, but seriously, that midnight scene was one of the cutest scenes to read! Poor Stonefur, he was so brave. Mistystar’s a really good leader. RIP Mosskit. 🙁 But GOOD.

Firestar & Spottedleaf…
Honestly. Honestly, this is just.. I don’t know. This was like…. Ok, so I LOVE Firestar, and Spottedleaf is really good too. It’s just that they barely interacted before Spottedleaf died. Then Spottedleaf did visit him in dreams and they bonded kind of. It was weird. I love these characters individually, just maybe not together. And I hate how people say Spottedleaf’s a Mary – sue, she isn’t! I’d say OK.

Graystripe & Silverstream!!!!!
YES!!! This couple is my 2nd favorite ship, they are so cute together. I love how Silverstream rescued Graystripe, it was so romantic lol. I love how innocent they feel about their relationship and it’s obvious that they both love each other. Graystripe did ignore Brackenfur though, but Firestar helped. It was SOOOO sad when Silverstream died, and when Graystripe went to RiverClan. But I love their kits, Stormfur & Feathertail. They have one of the best brother-sister relationships, partly because they are HalfClan. GrayXSilver forever!! GOOD.
Crowfeather & Feathertail!
I love this ship too, but uh, I do like CrowXLeaf better, and I’ll explain why later. But Feathertail felt like kind of a high school crush. Don’t get me wrong, I love Feathertail, but I feel like Crowfeather loved Feathertail because she was pretty and “sweet”. I’m not sure how to explain this because I ship this too… It was really sad when Feathertail died. :(( RIP. But it’s GOOD, I guess.

Crowfeather & Leafpool!!!!
My favorite couple!!!! WOOHOO!! So Crowfeather & Leafpool had a crush on each other on the Great Journey. So it wasn’t rushed, CrowXLeaf haters!! But that’s your opinion. They really loved each other a lot, because they actually left the clans for a bit. It’s hard cuz the clans were all they knew growing up. I just hate Nightcloud. Ew. Breezepelt is so annoying. Hollyleaf is kind of annoying too, but she is ok(Sorry Hollyleaf fans). I like Lionblaze, he’s cute with Cinderheart, and I LOVE Jayfeather! He’s so good! CrowXLeaf forever!! So definitely, GOOD.

Lionblaze & Heathertail..
Ok, well this ship was cute in the beginning, but they were immature apprentices, they didn’t know what they were doing. It was sad when they hated each other but Cinderheart is honestly better. So BAD.

Jayfeather & Half Moon!!
YES!! This ship is so cute. I know people say Half Moon loved Jay’s Wing, not Jayfeather, but it was Jayfeather who was Jay’s Wing. (I might be wrong but the whole ancient thing was confusing..) Jayfeather even said he didn’t want to go home, that he wanted to mate with Half Moon and have kits. It’s ADORABLE. JayXHalf!!! GOOD.

Fallen Leaves & Hollyleaf..
I don’t have anything to say on this because I don’t really understand it, so sorry about that..

Tigerstar ll & Dovewing!
I know lots of people don’t like this ship because they say Dovewing is a Mary – sue. I thought this ship was kind of cute, except when Dovewing left ThunderClan. The drama was a bit too much, but I LOVE Shadowsight. Lightleap & Pouncestep are irrelevant lol. But they were good parents so GOOD I think.

Bramblestar & Jessy.
Sorry BrambleXJessy fans. EW. DISGUSTING. Squirrelflight is SO MUCH BETTER than Jessy, like it’s so random. BrambleXSquirrel forever, DUH. I hate this from the bottom of my heart. I was so glad when Jessy left. GOOD RIDDANCE. BAD.

Alderheart & Velvet..
This was WAY too short, and I didn’t like it. I was honestly glad when Velvet left. GOOD RIDDANCE AGAIN. BAD.

Alderheart & Needletail!
I’m not sure if it’s canon, but it’s worth mentioning. These two would be so cute together. GOOD.


Rootspring & Bristlefrost!!
My heart still cracks when I think of this ship. It was so cute. I wish they could’ve been mates and had kits. Bristlefrost’s sacrifice was super sad. She won’t even be in StarClan. Rootspring will never see her again. Ever. She’s lost forever. I feel so bad for Rootspring. This couple was good, but had such a sad ending… GOOD…

Well, that does it I think. I didn’t think StormXBrook was forbidden so I didn’t add it. But here we have 8 Goods, 5 bads, 1 ok, and one neutral. Again, this is just my opinion so please don’t be offended. Please no hate in the comments and I would love to hear your feedback. ADIOS!

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  • I think that FireLeaf was kind of a instant crush (and so was RootFrost but I completely ship that one)
    Otherwise I agree even though I like AlderVelvet and don’t really like Needletail


    • CROWXLEAF FOREVER!!!!!!!!!
      This is my fav ship in warriors too!
      Great article!!!

  • I think that Firestar and Spottedleaf were so dumb. I mean first how much older is Spottedleaf. Two She died like a few moons after Firestar joined the clans so falling in love would have only been a fake love or just a simple crush in that short amount of time. Three, Sandstorm had to have Squirrelflight and Leafpool because the clans would have died and jayfeather,hollyleaf and lionblaze wouldn’t be a thing. and the Leafpool X Crowfeather would not have been a thing. so the whole Spottedleaf and Firestar is just trash!

  • Nice article! I agree with most of them.

    As for Feather x Crow, I don’t believe that it was a high-school crush, since both characters were adults at the time. And Stormfur mentions around the end of Moonrise that he saw enough love in Feathertail’s eyes to sweep away the rivalry of the Clans (and the Clans are very prejudiced towards another, so this is an incredible feat!) which shows that it was not just a high school crush. Plus, even after her death, Feathertail is still looking out for Crowfeather and all of his kits, Breezepelt included, so she loves him very much!

    I don’t like Leaf x Crow. I find it really corny (I mean, they were talking about running away on their second meeting! Some people find that adorable or romantic, but I just see it as rushed.) and while they did have more development then, say, Oak x Blue, it still wasn’t that much. They were only together a few times before they decided to start meeting (dating, basically). And I feel like Leafpool changes herself to be the cat she thinks Crowfeather wants, instead of being honest to herself. She didn’t really want to run away with Crowfeather, but he kind of forced her to. And Crowfeather was totally horrible to her after they came back, getting angry about her decision to stay at home. Their love was an infatuation, in my opinion, since after Leafpool had her kits, even Crowfeather admitted in his Super Edition that ‘the love they once had was fading’ or something like that. So… yeah, that’s my opinion on the ship.

    I don’t really ship Alder x Velvet or Alder x Needle, but they’re both cute in their own ways! I don’t really like Bramble x Jessy either. I find Jayfeather x Half Moon pretty rushed, but other than that I agree with everything! Sorry if this rant sounded a bit rude, I can just get very passionate when it comes to Crowfeather ships.😛 Amazing article!

  • I hate Spottedleaf and Firestar because they knew each other for a few moons then she died and if they had kits, Leafpool and Squirrelflight wouldn’t be a thing, meaning that Crowfeather and Leafpool would never have happened, meaning Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze wouldn’t have existed. I hope it makes sense lol.

  • My top 4 favourites in order are: LeafCrow, GreyMillie, GreySilver, OakBlue.
    Im also Raincloud

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