Warrior Cats Herbs by Fernwhisper

Fernwhisper explains the uses of a lot of herbs

Hi! Fernwhisper here. In this article I will tell you about herbs in warrior cats, where to find them, and what they are used for. I tried to only include herbs that have been mentioned in the books.

Burdock lessens the pain of rat bites. It is also good for infected paws. You can find burdock in Skyclan territory and around old buildings.

Comfrey is used for itching, wounds, and wrenched claws. It can be found in damp, grassy places.

Feverfew relieves fevers and headaches. It can be found near water.

Goldenrod can be used for healing wounds. It is found in flat, grassy places like Windclan territory.

Tansy has a lot of different uses. It can be used to cure coughs, wounds, and poisoning, and also to hide scents. It can be found in twoleg gardens. Tansy is dangerous to queens if they eat it.

Sorrel helps with appetite. It is found in grasslands and twoleg gardens.

Oakleaf is used to stop infection. It can be found in the forest.

Tormentil can be used for treating wounds and extracting poison. It can be found in cold places like the mountains the Tribe of Rushing Water live in.

Poppy seeds
Poppy seeds are used to relieve pain and help with sleep. They can be found in forests and fields.

Catnip is used to cure greencough and whitecough. It can be found in twoleg gardens.

Yarrow helps extract poisons by helping them vomit up toxins. You can find it in fields and twoleg gardens.

Chervil is used to heal infected wounds. It can also relieve the pain of stomach aches. This herb can be found in the forest.

Coltsfoot helps with sore or cracked paw pads. It also helps with kitcough (kind of like greencough but for kits). Coltsfoot can be found in moist soil, streams and ditches.

Juniper berries
Juniper berries ease the pain of stomach aches and help with breathing issues. Juniper plants can be found in dry places.

I hoped you enjoyed this article! Sorry if it wasn’t that good, it’s my first one.

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