ThunderClan medicine cats by Icemist

Art by Wings-Of-North

Icemist takes a look at ThunderClan medicine cats

Hi, it’s Icemist. I’m gonna talk about ThunderClan’s medicine cats. Let’s begin with…..

Daughter of Adderfang & Swiftbreeze. Sister of Redtail & Willowpelt.

Read Spottedleaf’s Heart to know about her story. Spottedleaf wanted to become a warrior, and even a leader. But Thistleclaw. He ruined it for her. He led her into the Dark Forest, and Spottedleaf didn’t like it, so she became a medicine cat to avoid Thistleclaw. She never WANTED to be a medicine cat, later she did, but her dream was to be a leader….

Daughter of Brackenfoot & Brightflower. Sister of Nutwhisker & Rowanberry. Former mate of Raggedstar. Mother of Brokenstar.

Read Yellowfang’s Secret to know about her story. Yellowfang was in love with Raggedstar and they were mates for some time. But Yellowfang had a power that she could feel others’ pain. She later realized she had to be a medicine cat because she wouldn’t be able to fight in battles well. There was the Foxheart X Raggedstar X Yellowfang drama, but that’s kinda irrelevant. (Brokenstar goes: WAAAAAAA) So she never wanted to be a medicine cat either.

Daughter of Lionheart & Frostfur. Sister of Brackenfur, Thornclaw, & Brightheart.

Read TPB series to know about her story.
Cat with the saddest life in my opinion, broke her leg on the Thunderpath from a monster. She couldn’t be a warrior so she had to be a medicine cat, but it was her dream to be a warrior. She lost her first patient, Silverstream, and later Yellowfang died. She also fell in love with Firestar but he never knew… 🙁 Never wanted to be a medicine cat too.

Daughter of Firestar & Sandstorm. Sister of Squirrelflight. Former mate of Crowfeather. Mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, & Hollyleaf.

Read TNP series to know about her story.
Leafpool wanted to be a medicine cat for once. But of course, she fell in love. With Crowfeather, and they had kits, and all that Leaf x Crow x Night drama. Also Bramble x Squirrel break – up… 🙁 I LOVE Leafpool though.

Son of Crowfeather & Leafpool. Foster son of Bramblestar & Squirrelflight. Brother of Lionblaze & Hollyleaf. Half – brother of Breezepelt.

Read PO3 & OOTS to know about his story.
Jayfeather is blind, obviously. I love his natural grumpiness. Idk why? So Jayfeather fell in love with Half Moon and all the ancients drama. Also, he fell in love with Stick and I really ship them together! But remember he wanted to be a warrior, but StarClan told him it was his destiny to be a medicine cat.

Son of Bramblestar & Squirrelflight. Brother to Sparkpelt, Juniperkit, & Dandelionkit.

Read AVOS to know about his story.
Alderheart wanted to be a warrior, but Leafpool & Jayfeather got a message from StarClan that he had to be a medicine cat. He kinda fell in love with Needletail(RIP) and Velvet who is annoying in my opinion. But he was good.

That does it! Notice how all these medicine cats fell in love with someone? Notice how most of these medicine cats never wanted to be a medicine cat? This is the problem with ThunderClan medicine cats. Thanks for reading!

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