Why Leopardfoot NEEDS a super edition by Ashfreckle

Art by Mistheart (Warriors Amino)

Ashfreckle argues that Leopardfoot should get a Super Edition! What do you think?

Leopardfoot is a very commonly forgotten about character, and not much is known about her. All we really know is that she is the sister to Patchpelt, Spottedleaf, Redtail and Willowpelt, making her be Greystripe’s aunt, and shes the mother of Tigerstar(The first one). She isn’t popular, and she really is shown in Bluestar’s Prophecy as a brave shecat who was mates with Pinestar, and then lost two kits and mothered Tigerkit on her own, because Pinestar cowardly ran away from ThunderClan.
Leopardfoot has a lot of potential for a Super Edition, because you can fill in so much! From her kithood, to her apprenticeship, to being a warrior and becoming mates with Pinestar, and then losing two kits AND her mate… her life was quite sad. I think the best option for a Super Edition would be to explore her relationships. How was her relationship with all 4 of her siblings? Did Spottedleaf ever tell her about Thistleclaw? Did Leopardfoot have any friendships, such as Bluefur or Snowfur? How did she feel when Pinestar left? Did she know about how violent Thistleclaw’s training towards her son was? We want answers!
Now, onto a few things I would think the plot would be about if she got one. Lets say she got a Super Edition, and it took place after she became a warrior(Praying that she and Pinestar became mates when she was a warrior) and became mates with Pinestar. It could show us how they got together and what made them like each other. Was Pinestar a good mate to her at that time? Did they ever do stuff different than other background couples, or did they just sleep in the same nest and share prey together like most couples do? When Leopardfoot had her kits, I would love to see her thoughts and opinions on it because we rarely see mothers in their own perspective the series. We’ve had Leafpool in ‘Leafpool’s Wish’, Bluestar in ‘Bluestar’s Prophecy’ and Yellowfang in ‘Yellowfang’s Secret’. Maybe we saw Leafstar as a mother once but I don’t know. So we could get another mother perspective, but unlike all our other three ones we got, she gets to keep one kit. One kit, and doesn’t lose all three. That kit is Tigerkit. Now, we could really see her reaction to losing Pinestar in a Super Edition. All our other characters we’ve seen it from barely knew him or wasn’t close with him, but Leopardfoot was his mate and the mother of his kits! We would finally get to see a character who loved Pinestar losing him, and what her thoughts were. Then, we could see her raising Tigerkit on her own. Thats a fun idea.

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  • I said it once, and I’ll say it again. WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER POINTLESS BLUESTAR’S PROPHECY COPY. We already have Leopardstar’s honor, Crookedstar’s promise, etc. Leopardfoot does not need a super edition.

    • YES!

      (Though tallstars revenge is very good and is nothing like Bluestars Prophecy)

  • I thought she already did. Or was Leopardstar’s honor a novella? I haven’t read it yet.

  • I didn’t really think about Leopardfoot before rereading Bluestar’s Prophecy, and then I wanted more of her life! I feel like she’d be interesting to have a Super Edition about, but the Erins don’t really do Super Editions about minor characters and there’s already Leopardstar’s Honor. Nice article!

  • Leopardfoot needs a super edition! I’m very sad for I forget about her all of the time when I think she should be a well-remembered warrior. I’m curious about her life and how she felt when Pinestar left ThunderClan. Nice article tho!

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