Analyzing Mapleshade:All we need to know by Wisteriapaw

Wisteriapaw takes a look at Mapleshade’s life.

Art by WoofyDragon

Hello, kits, apprentices, warriors, elders, our pawsome leader and medicine cat! This is WisteriaPaw and I’m going to analyze Mapleshade. Let’s see what we got? Shall we?

I lurked around the blog for a moon before deciding to join. So, I saw your posts about explaining her madness, why she is 100% evil and as the “claw on the top” explaining why she is innocent. I agree with all. She was mad because of her unloyal and horrible mate, Appledusk and many other cats who teared her apart. Mapleshade killed 3 cats alive: Frecklewish, Appledusk and Ravenwing and Spottedleaf when she joined Dark Forest.Because she killed them she obviously ended up in the Dark Forest. Also, one of a most important thing I wanna point to is that Mapleshade killed a medicine cat(Spottedleaf is not counting in here) , Ravenwing. Most of the other villains didn’t killed medicine cats. Tigerstar I (the first) didn’t kill any medicine cat in his history. Hawkfrost is a “good villain”. Scourge, well, I don’t think he ever met a medicine cat! Thistleclaw had two victims who were not medicines cats. Sol is Sol. Clawface did kill a medicine cat. And also Ashfur, he killed Willowshine. I had listed some villains and only three killed medicines cats. Let’s call this cats “true killers”,even all of them are cruel enough to have this title. So, she is truly evil. But, she had her own right. Those cats murdered by Mapleshade(except Spottedleaf) were guilty. Yeah, the truth became hard to swallow! Freclewish watched Mapleshade’s kits Petalkit, Patchkit and Larchkit drown when she could rescue them or bring help. Fireheart/star and Graystripe were Thunderclan cats, and they rescued Mistyfoot’s kits! That’s so ruthless! Ravenwing was mostly right, but he could just get over the prophecy! Appledusk was a horrible mate and a very selfish tom who deserved nothing and no one! First they were all happy and hopeful towards Mapleshade and her newborn kits. Then, when the truth appeared they started growing harsh towards her. Millions of arguments about Oakstar’s decision to exile a queen with her two moons kits. She betrayed her clan and questioned her loyalty, but you can’t exile a queen. I would be mad as well if my born-clan leader exiled me. I truly hate the way Appledusk thinks about her. Why you’d you like to have kits with a cat from another clan if you knew you’d hate her and bring her down? Appledusk is one of the most awful mates a She-cat can have. By the way, Reedshine wasn’t the the greatest second mate he can had but I find it Non-disturbing.
I cleared up my mind about Mapleshade and why she’s evil but also good. I’m so sick of Appledusk! You heard my thoughts now you could tell me your thoughts too! Have a nice day/night!

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  • Omg I 100% agree. Mapleshade did not deserve what she got for another cat’s betrayal. Oakstar had NO right to banish her with her kits. What kind of leader is that? Mapleshade WOULDN’T be a villain if Ravenwing hadn’t gossiped about her secret to everyone. Mapleshade is truly one of the best characters and didn’t deserve to have her life destroyed.

  • Frecklewish is innocent. Your argument is that she should have saved the kits? Well, when Firestar and Graystripe saved the kits, they saw no riverclan patrol coming to save the kits, and IT WASN’T RAINING. When Frecklewish was there, she only barely saw mapleshade and the patrol through the POURING DOWN RAIN. Also, if Frecklewish tried to help, she would most likely have to be saved as well, making it harder for the kits to be saved. Also, we barely know what happened. All we know is Frecklewish told nettlepaw (and maybe the whole clan. Probably the whole clan) that mapleshade was traveling across the river with a riverclan patrol waiting for her. She had no idea the kits where drowning. Ravenwing was being a loyal medicine cat and told Oakstar, not knowing he would exile a nursing queen. Appledusk cheated on his girlfriend, and is a big jerk, but that doesn’t deserve death.

  • Nice article! Frecklewish, in my opinion, isn’t that innocent. I understand why she didn’t rescue the kits, since she probably can’t swim, but why not find a patrol/go back to camp to ask for help, or even go to RiverClan camp for help since they’re good swimmers? Why didn’t she at least try to help instead of just watching them drown? Her excuse was that she thought they would be saved: but she shouldn’t have assumed, she should have taken action. Plus, it’s against the warrior code to reject kits in danger. Ravenwing… he might be a bit more innocent than Frecklewish: he wouldn’t have known that Oakstar would banish Mapleshade and her kits. Oakstar… why did he banish a queen and her kits? I’m pretty sure that’s against the warrior code as well, especially when Mapleshade and her kits hadn’t done anything wrong at that time. Sure, Maple had kits with a cat from another Clan, but there are many many other cross clan relationships where the two cats weren’t exiled. Actually… I don’t think any of them were exiled (unless I’m mistaken 😛). Even though Birchface (was that his name? Lol) was Oakstar’s son and Appledusk killed him, it wasn’t Mapleshade’s or her kits fault that happened, and they shouldn’t have been exiled for it, in my opinion. Appledusk is a horrible mate: period. He cheated on Mapleshade, rejected her when she asked for RiverClan’s help after the death of her kits, and literally threw her under the bus and blamed her for the kits deaths. Anyways, Mapleshade definitely did bad things because she killed three cats, and she does deserve the Dark Forest, but it wasn’t all her fault. I love Mapleshade haha 😅 Anyways, just my opinion! I respect everyone else’s opinions of Mapleshade 😀

    • There is no confirmation that she watched them drown. The rain was pouring, the river was extremely loud, and she might have called for help. All we have is a villains assumptions of an event where she was trying to deflect the blame from herslef

    • I agree that Mapleshade is certainly evil and that a leader shouldn’t exile a newly-kitted queen, and I also agree with Frecklewish! Nice article!

      *goes into defending Frecklewish mode*

      First of all, there is no actual confirmation that Frecklewish watched the kits drown, but if she did, she had every right to not swim in there! The river was flooding and Frecklewish either couldn’t swim or wasn’t good at it, so if she tried to rescue the kits (assuming she was even there) she most likely would have drowned, and 4 dead bodies is worse than 3 ones. When Mapleshade attacked Frecklewish, she attacked her based on figments of her own mad imagination. And what about when Frecklewish went to the Dark Forest? Mapleshade is skilled at fighting enough to kill 4 cats (included Spottedleaf) so Frecklewish wouldn’t just be in a horrible place, after a little bit, she’d be nonexistent. Though it was wrong to attack Mapleshade when ThunderClan found out, imagine your brother was killed and you think a she-cat is going to have his kits. Great, right? Then you are told that this she-cat is actually having the kits of the cat that killed your brother. You would feel betrayed and angry and would want to attack her. However, attacking a newly-kitted queen? This is wrong. And if Frecklewish is being sent to DF for ‘breaking the warrior code’ then shouldn’t Leafpool, Fallowtail, Reedfeather, Snookthorn, and all those other cats who broke it?

      That concludes my rant about Frecklewish. 😛

  • 🇺🇦~Yewell Is On Team Ukraine And Is Very Happy That People Are Adding Flags! Yewkit/leaf~🇺🇦 says:

    First: when I saw the cover for this I literally wanted to cry.
    I think that Mapleshade was really harsh in the end, but otherwise I would’ve preferred she was given a second chance…

  • i agree!! mapleshade did break the code and lie to her clanmates but oakstar didn’t need to exile her and risk the lives of her kits. appledusk had absolutely no right to leave her side, being the only cat she felt like she could trust and lean on. and ravenwing, cmon man. I get that he just told oakstar and didn’t influence his choice but he still could have stepped in and you know NOT let him exile a mother and her two month old children?? aren’t medicine cats supposed to help others no matter what?
    I really like her story despite everything, considering how forbidden relationships are now considered “good” in canon. It’s a creative twist on things 😀

  • I swear if you really think about it she’s not that bad she was just traumatized and she just made mistakes ( Killing Appledusk wasn’t a mistake at all!!!) and she thought it was unfair she ended up where she did.


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