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Icemist talks about the saddest Warrior lives by Icemist

Icemist lists characters who have gone through a lot in their lives.

Artwork by GoldenPhoenix

Hello! Here’s Icemist, ready to talk about the saddest warrior cat lives. I’m gonna start with one of my favorite characters here, Cinderpelt!!!(This list is kinda/not in order..)

1. Cinderpelt.
This is by far the saddest life in all of the Warrior series. In my opinion. First, she fell in love with her mentor & leader, Firestar. Then she got stuck in a trap made by TIGERSTAR(I hate him so much) and her leg was injured. Then she has to become a medicine cat and can never have a mate now. Just great, right? She then has a close bond with her new mentor Yellowfang, yet she dies again. Oh also she blamed herself for Silverstream’s death. Cinderpelt gains her apprentice, Leafpool, who is temporarily captured by the Twolegs. Then, Leafpool runs away with Crowfeather and Cinderpelt feels like she failed Leafpool. How worse could this get? She dies from a badger saving Sorreltail & her kits. Sad. She gets to watch Firestar and Sandstorm together, and Firestar never even knew!! Poor Cinderpelt.

2. Crookedstar.
This is probably the second saddest life I think. First, his jaw broke and his mother hated him. Then he runs out of his clan. Then his parents break up and Rainflower renames him Crookedkit instead of Stormkit. That crushed his hope of becoming Stormstar. Meanwhile, his brother Oakheart was favored by Rainflower. Also he was born in a storm. Rainflower dies, and he blames himself for her death. Shellheart dies. His mate Willowshine dies, and soon after his two kits Willowkit & Minnowkit die too. Then, his remaining kit(Silverstream, falls in love with a ThunderClan cat(Graystripe), and soon after dies in childbirth. Later, his mentor Cedarpelt died, and then Feathertail(his grandkit) died. (I realize now I’m not really in order I’m just saying all the bad things about his life. Whatever.) He was forced to be a leader by Mapleshade, and was taken into the Dark Forest. He was apprenticed late and Mapleshade was his other mentor. His brother Oakheart falls in love with a ThunderClan cat(Bluestar), and one of their kits(Mosskit) dies. His nephew Stonefur is killed and Leopardstar lets it happen. His grandkit(Stormfur) gets kicked out of the Tribe of Rushing Water AND RiverClan. Finally, Crookedstar dies. Wow so many people close to him DIE. Wow.

3. Leafpool.
Leafpool is one of my favorite characters! SHE’S AMAZING!! I HEAVY SHIP CROWXLEAF. Anyways… Leafpool had a sad life. She grew apart from her sister, Squirrelflight(those two are like the closest sisters ever..). Leafpool fell in love with Crowfeather. She felt like she wasn’t needed in ThunderClan anymore, because of Brightheart. She runs away with Crowfeather, and comes back to find Cinderpelt DEAD. Leafpool realizes that she is needed in ThunderClan, so she painfully breaks up with Crowfeather. Then, she has Crowfeather’s kits. Leafpool had to give up her kits to her sister and now her kits don’t even know their real parents. Is there anything worse than watching the one you love mate with someone else? No. Leafpool saw that. And Breezepelt too. Finally, she’s exposed at the Gathering that her kits are Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, & Jayfeather. Her kits hate her. Hollyleaf tries to KILL her. Then Hollyleaf “dies”. Leafpool can’t be a medicine cat anymore, so she becomes a warrior, although she misses being a medicine cat. Life gets happier! Her kits forgive her, and she’s a medicine cat again! YAY!!! But of course, now Hollyleaf ACTUALLY has to die. Eventually, she died(haven’t read Squirrelflight’s Hope). Leafpool’s life is sad. SAD.

4. Gray Wing.
Gray Wing’s life is so sad… I read Dawn of the Clans pretty recently and I have so much pity for Gray Wing. Ok. First, he has a crush on Bright Stream. But Bright Stream loves Skystar. I understand that, because I like Skystar & Bright Stream together. Then he has to chase Jagged Peak and leave the mountains. Then Bright Stream dies, and Skystar blames Gray Wing for her death. Talk about not cool. Skystar becomes evil, and now he throws Jagged Peak out. THEN, Gray Wing’s mate, Turtle Tail, goes to become a kittypet, and mates with Tom. Somewhere in this mix, Gray Wing meets Storm, who he falls in love with. But OF COURSE, STORM LOVES SKYSTAR. LIKE WHAT IS THAT? THEY LITERALLY JUST MET HOW??? Also somewhere, Gray Wing saves Skystar from a fire so he has asthma. Just great. Storm has 3 kits but she & 2 of her kits die, leaving one kit left. Skystar rejects Thunder so now Gray Wing is adopting Thunder. He’s also adopting Sparrow Fur, Owlstar, & Pebble Heart, Turtle Tail’s kits. Tom tries to steal them but then Turtle Tail gets hit by a car and then dies. Then he mates with Slate and this time he dies, barely knowing his OWN kits for once. Actually this is really sad.

5. Bluestar.
Bluestar’s life is such a struggle! Her father doesn’t care about her! Her mother dies! Her sister dies! Thistleclaw might become deputy, and he’s all about bloodshed! Bluestar’s forced to give up her mate, Oakheart, and her kits. Yet Mosskit dies! Her kits don’t even know that she’s their mother. Oakheart dies!

6. Briarlight.
Yeah, Briarlight had a pretty sad life. Like her back legs just go BOOM. No more legs! Anyways, she can’t be a warrior anymore, and has to just drag herself around. She feels useless, but then starts helping Jayfeather. Honestly I don’t really think her life is THAT sad, but whatever. She dies later.

7. Mapleshade.
Even though I hate Mapleshade, I have to admit her life is really sad. So first she loves Appledusk. Has his kits. Everyone in the clan thinks Birchface is the father. BUT RAVENWING HAD TO RUIN IT BY JUST JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS!! Mapleshade is exiled from ThunderClan, and decides to cross the river to RiverClan with her young kits. All her kits drown. Appledusk thinks it’s Mapleshade’s fault. Mapleshade also finds out that Appledusk is mating with Reedshine. CHEATER. Mapleshade gets kicked out of RiverClan, and avenges her kits’ death by killing Ravenwing, Frecklewish, & Appledusk. She’s bad, but she had reasons.

8. Violetshine.
Violetshine was separated from her sister, and that scene felt so cruel. Pinenose isn’t as nice to her, and she grew up in ShadowClan when it was falling apart. She becomes friends with Needletail. Rowanstar kicks her out. Violetshine stays with the rogues, who are reckless & violent. She leaves the rogues and goes back to ShadowClan. Twigbranch is held hostage for some time and Violetshine enjoys spending time with her sister again. But Twigbranch leaves. Then the rogues take over, and Violetshine stays with them. She realizes the rogues are bad and rebels against them. Although Darktail caught her and killed Needletail. Violetshine & Twigbranch both join SkyClan, but Twigbranch just leaves back to ThunderClan RIGHT before getting her warrior name. Her life isn’t nearly as sad as the others, but still pretty sad.

9. Stonefur.
MY BOY STONEFUR!! It’s SO SAD.. Stonefur died defending Stormfur & Feathertail. He also found out that his mother is Bluestar. (WOW) (SUPRISE SUPRISE) He has the saddest death I think. Leopardstar also doubts & questions his loyalty. LEOPARDSTAR JUST WATCHES HIM DIE JUST BECAUSE SHE’S IN LOVE WITH TIGERSTAR!!!! STUPID. Poor Stonefur.

10. Crowfeather.
Ah Crowfeather. He was never really close to his father, because Deadfoot died.. He lost Feathertail when he was only an apprentice. Feathertail was the only cat he could connect with on the sun drown journey. RIP, RIP. Then, Crowfeather fell in love with Leafpool, and they ran away together. But the badger attack came and all that. They broke up… 🙁 Now to prove his loyalty to WindClan, he mated with Nightcloud and together they formed something called Breezepelt. (EW) So he realizes he has 3 other kits, Hollyleaf dies though. RIP. Leafpool dies too. RIP. So yeah, he loses his two loves of his life and he’s just sad.

Well, that does it! Who do you think had the saddest life? Comment what article I should do next! Adios!

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  • I would not say that Briarlight had a sad life. She was happy for most of it. Yes it was hard to lose her ability to walk, but just because you are disabled doesn’t mean you cant be happy. I wouldn’t go around saying things like that, it could be seen as ableism

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