Dovewing x Briarlight: Why I Love It by Turtlepaw

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Turtlepaw explains why they like Dovewing x Briarlight

*Warning: Spoilers for Omen of the Stars are ahead! Please don’t read this article if you don’t want spoilers.*

Hey BlogClan! What’s up? I’m Turtle, and I’m back with another article! Today, I will be explaining why I ship Dovewing and Briarlight, and exactly why I love this ship so much!

First, let’s analyze Briarlight. Then we’ll analyze Dovewing, then I’ll explain exactly why these two characters would be a great couple!

Briarlight’s entire life was turned upside down after her legs were paralyzed. Suddenly, Millie fussed over her- way too much- (but my intense Millie hatred will be an article for another day) and she and her sister, Blossomfall, whom she used to have a close bond with- started to grow apart as Blossomfall started training in the Dark Forest.

Dovewing grew up with powers. She could hear basically anything- even if she was in the ThunderClan camp, she could hear what was going on in the RiverClan camp! Like Briarlight, she used to have a close bond with her sister- Ivypool- but that bond was shattered after cats started giving Dovewing special treatment because of her powers, and Ivypool started training in the Dark Forest.

Okay, so Dovewing and Briarlight actually have really good chemistry- a crucial part of a good ship!

For starters, they both know what it’s like to ‘lose’ a sister. Not through death, but through the Place Of No Stars. For this same reason, Ivypool and Blossomfall have great chemistry, too, because they also know what it’s like to be ignored and lose a sister- but I already wrote an article about that! It’ll probably be out by the time you’re reading this!

Another thing that Dovewing and Briarlight have in common is this: They both got lots of special treatment they didn’t necessarily want- Dovewing received it because of her powers, Briarlight received it because of her injury. While their experiences were different, they still probably understand what the other went through fairly well- again, chemistry!

Overall, I think that Briarlight x Dovewing is a great ship. They have some stuff in common, and well, they’d generally be adorable together! I love Dove x Tiger, don’t get me wrong, but Dove x Briar? It’s also a wonderful ship!

How do you feel about Briarlight x Dovewing? Do you ship them? If not, who do you ship both of them with?

I’ll be back with another article soon!


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  • I love it . It’s so disappointing that there’s barely any fan content for it. I want asexual lesbian demigirl Dovewing with pansexual Briarlight! Lack of interactions shouldn’t be a reason to consider it bad. It’s better than Jaybriar and Dovetiger or Dovebumble. Why? Well, Jayfeather became friends with Briarlight because it’s his job to help heal her as much as he can so their dynamic is a little awkward if you want it to be a romance. Jayfeather is aroace and no one can change my mind about that (yes I’m ignoring JayxHalf) We also do not need any more forbidden romances. Tigerheart manipulated Dovewing and used her as a tool and their relationship started WHEN SHE WAS STILL AN APPRENTICE! Why does everyone choose to ignore that? Bumblestripe is pushy and doesn’t care about Dovewing’s feelings and refuses to accept the fact that she doesn’t love him. He and Rosepetal and Blossomfall acts like she’s a terrible cat for not loving him. He says she’s using him when she rejects him. Dovewing is not obligated to love him because he’s nice. She has every right to break off their friendship because of how terribly he treated her. Dovewing deserves a sweet girlfriend like Briarlight who will treat her better than they did. She also stays in Thunderclan for her. Their personalities just fit together well. Briarlight loves Dovewing for who she is and not her pretty looks or powers. Dovewing treats Briarlight as equally as everyone and didn’t constantly fuss over her and act like she’s useless or helpless. Also, they give each other flowers, they are flower collecters and you cannot change my mind about that. Briardove for life. 🙂

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