Comparing Warriors to Survivors Pt. 1 by Mistystream

Mistystream compares Survivors characters to Warriors characters

Comparing Warrior to Survivors Pt. 1

Lucky=No one the reason I didn’t pair anyone up with Lucky is because he is always a loner at heart. He loves his friends but he knows if it comes to it, he can survive on his own. He never needed a pack before and he doesn’t need one now. He is extremely loyal to his pack and will give his life for it, but part of him will always be a lone dog. He is independent and smart. He is curious and creative.
Blade=Tigerstar not just because they are the main villains. They are both ruthless and ambitious. They seek control, and they don’t care if they hurt their pack or clan in the process. Blade tries to convince Storm to join her and to become evil. Tigerstar tries to convince Bramblestar to take over the clans and become evil. I debated matching him up with the Wild Pack’s old Alpha, Dog, because they both want power. They both betray the pack and clan, but I decided to rule this out, since Dog is willing to join Blade’s pack as Omega. Tigerstar would never to that, and Dog is to much of a coward.
Storm=Squirrelflight Storm isn’t quite as strong willed as Squirrelflight, but she isn’t swayed easily. They are both determined and don’t let other people stop them from doing what’s right. They both tended to fight out their problems when they were young, but they out grow some of their hard head. They start being less defiant, Storm starting to listen to Sweet. Squirrelflight never truly listens to anybody though. I was also debating comparing her to Firestar because they both have the best interest of their friends at heart, and they both a fairly nosy, and stumble upon things they shouldn’t. Storm isn’t nearly as annoying and bossy as Firestar, and I think Firestar is a bit of a Gary Stu. Not completely but sorta.
Sweet=Bluestar they are both leaders, and they love it. They are both natural leaders, and are ambitious. They both fight for their position, and no dog doubts their place as leader(well, whenever Bluey was mentally stable). They both care for their pack and clan with all their hearts. Sweet is a bit more fair and calm then Bluestar. Sweet is kind and gives mercy to those who deserve. But she doesn’t hesitate to punish anyone who misbehaves, and can cause turmoil in her pack. Bluestar cares for her position, maybe a bit tooo much. She was willing to give up her kits to be leader. She tends to more sever than Sweet, and is less even headed. But I think that they are fairly similar.
Bella=Mothwing they both are do not believe in the spirit dogs and Starclan. Bella is a bit more sassy and sarcastic, but Mothwing is also a bit sassy and sarcastic. They both are lax about rules, and they aren’t quick to accuse people. They are very sensible and logical. Bella is a great problem solver, and is a more assured of herself

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