Why I believe RiverClan has wasted potential by Jaguarpaw

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Jaguarpaw shares their opinion on RiverClan!

Hello everyone! Jaguar here and welcome to ”Why I believe RiverClan has wasted potential.”
Before we start, I would like to say that this is MY opinion. You can totally agree or disagree with me if you want to! ๐Ÿ™‚
Now, let’s start. For this, we need to take a look over the series and have a glance at how much attention each clan is given each arc.
For the first arc, I would say every clan is given equal spotlight (bar ThunderClan, as they are the protagonist’s POV clan) so we’ll skip that out for now.
Now, for the second arc. We have two ”RiverClan” protagonists, but one dies and the other joins the Tribe. WindClan is given quite a lot of attention with the whole Mudfur ordeal, so at this point RiverClan and ShadowClan are left in the background.
Next comes the third arc. In the first one or two books we have a friendship with Hollypaw and Willowpaw, so that shines a little light on RiverClan, but they are completely forgotten over the following books.
Next, the forth arc. In the first book they are slightly there with the whole drought and ”fish from the lake” thing, but, like the previous arcs mentioned, after the first book or so they are totally abandoned.
In ”A Vision Of Shadows”, I think they are the only clan that almost NEVER shows up. They even block off their own camp and territory. Thus, we see very little of them in the fifth arc.
In the sixth arc, they are the only clan bar WindClan that we don’t have a protagonist in. I don’t even think RiverClan has much of a role here, but I didn’t read the last 2 books, so I’ll leave the sixth arc at a grey area.

My problem with RiverClan is the wasted potential. Here we have a clan with zero protagonists, little spotlight in the series, but yet they have the coolest concepts. Cats who can fish and swim, cats who decorate their own dens with their own shells and pretty items, cats who live beside the water…
I have lots of hope for the oncoming seventh series as we get a new RiverClan protagonist. I can’t wait to get a peek into what Frostpaw’s day-to-day life is as a RiverClan medicine cat.
Thanks so much for reading this, and again, this is just my opinion, you can always agree or disagree!
By Jaguarpaw

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