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Warrior Cats I’m Not Fond Of by Crowshade

Art by xdatcatx

Crowshade lists some characters they dislike

Hey. I’ve been a fan of the Warriors series for a long time now, ever since I found those animation videos on them so long ago. Of course, over the course of reading the books I love so dearly, I found favourite characters, such as Crowfeather (as my most favourite character, I love his Super Edition the most!), Squirrelflight, Ravenpaw, and, in the current arc, Rootspring. But, alongside that, I found others I don’t like and this blog is meant to talk about that.
Let’s start with getting villains out of the way. I like Mapleshade purely for how she was written, but as a character, I dislike her for her actions. I can’t bring myself to understand why she shouldn’t be in The Place Of No Stars since everything she’s done points her to ending up there in the first place. Sure, perhaps she was drive by grief to kill Ravenwing and Appledusk and directly cause the snake to bite Frecklewish, but that isn’t an excuse. It’s a reason — that’s a stark difference.
Next comes the big bad, Tigerstar. As in, the first one, obviously. He’s disliked greatly for reasons. I feel that explaining this isn’t needed because anyone who’s read the entire series up to Omen Of The Stars knows why. Then, let’s go onto Darkstripe. Attempted kit murderer, Tigerstar’s and Ashfur’s lackey, and an overall piece of mouse-dung. I like Scourge as a villain too, but otherwise? It’s pity for him, but not actual liking for him.
Let’s add in Lionblaze. Not sure how “unpopular” nor “popular” this opinion is, but I like him the least out of the Power Of Three main cast. Well, I’m not fond of him. He’s just not interesting to me and plus, I find him annoying, almost. I was dreading Squirrelflight making him deputy in The Broken Code because I hated the idea of him being leader. Seeing how he acted in the story was a complete turn-off from the idea. As much as I put Hollyleaf low too, I don’t dislike her per se. Though, I love Jayfeather. I like entertaining characters to read about.
Then, I’ll add Tigerstar 2.0, though my opinion on him changed a bit from what I first thought of him. I didn’t like his Super Edition, but I started to like him just the tiniest bit in The Broken Code. I admittedly like him as a parent, but that’s it. Same as Dovewing, though I can’t say I can add her here. My former judgement was clouded and I realised eventually she isn’t all that bad.
Next, is Onestar. Oh boy, how I hate him. Well, hate is a strong word, but still. When he was Onewhisker, he was fine and an alright character. I didn’t feel too strongly about until he was made leader of WindClan. Which, by the way, is my second favourite Clan, only beat by ShadowClan. I’m not sure what snapped in him, but Onestar’s personality took a 180 turn out of completely nowhere and suddenly the nice WindClan became a fox-heart. He got on my nerves at times during Crowfeather’s Trail — he’s just an all-around annoying, unlikeable cat out of the blue and it’s strange to me.
Lastly, I’ll end this off with the current big bad, Ashfur. This reasoning may or may not be longer than the others, so let’s see. To start off, I liked him. At first. When he was an apprentice, he was alright. Didn’t have the biggest role, so I didn’t see much of his character. But, in Power Of Three, the Ashfur we thought we knew was different. I know Bramblestar isn’t all that great either, but Squirrelflight shouldn’t be with Ashfur either. It’s so obvious why: he’s obsessive and obsession isn’t love. It never will be. He was that messed up over a break up that he attempted to kill who he thought were Squirrelflight’s kits. Are you kidding me? If he takes break ups that hard, imagine them having a disagreement. It would be horrible. Then, after all these moons of him somehow ending up in StarClan (Yellowfang, I love you, but what happened to you when you joined StarClan? Your reasoning for Ashfur getting in makes no sense), he takes over Bramblestar’s body just to be with her and then kidnaps her later on, thinking she’ll stay with him in The Dark Forest? Ashfur’s delusional and it makes me mad to see that he really thinks Squirrelflight will want to be with him after the stuff he’s pulled.
Yes, there are other toms who didn’t end up with the she-cat they liked, such as Thrushpelt and Frogleap, but they moved on instead of obsessing over it. Thrustpelt remained a good friend to Bluestar and Frogleap found love in Mosspelt. That’s how you handle rejections instead of the lengths Ashfur did. Again, he really thought she would stay with him.
Okay, that did end up being longer than my other reasons for cats on this short list. I love how I planned to get villians out of the way first, but Ashfur ended up at the bottom of the list. I guess I just wanted to save my anger specially for the last one.
With that, this my first blog and I hoped you liked it. Crowshade, out!

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